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Neptune transit square Mars

Neptune transit square Mars tests your willpower. It challenges the validity of what you do and your effectiveness. You can’t rely on others now. You’re forced to rely on your inner resources and self-confidence. Depending on your character and what you’re already used to, this can be quite difficult. Don’t get involved in doubtful schemes or unrealistic projects. Avoid dealings with any dishonest or corrupt person, for you’re likely to be the one to lose. Situations can turn dangerous. Or you may simply end up doing work without any gains, not really knowing why you got involved. For example, you may be sucked into fighting for an overly idealistic cause that leaves you feeling unsatisfied and drained. You may be asked to surrender your individuality for a higher purpose, which may just be someone else’s ego. Defeat can make you feel especially weak during Neptune transit square Mars, but do not take it too seriously since it will pass. The lesson now is to not identify with what you do, but rather with who you are deep inside. The more you identify with what you do, instead of who you are, the more problems this transit will cause you. It is a physically difficult period with low energy so you must take extra care of your health.

Neptune transit square Mars

When Neptune transit square Mars, the forces at work in your life this year will seem to intentionally thwart your efforts to promote your own interests and succeed in your projects, and you may go through periods of intense discouragement. We all have a need and a right to assert ourselves in the world and go after what we want, but the obstacles you face now force you to examine your motives. You may become extremely frustrated, but lack the necessary physical energy or perseverance to push through. Or you may become disillusioned about your career path and confused about your direction in life. During Neptune transit square Mars, you may lack the confidence and courage that you know you have and feel more apathetic about success; confusion is normal now, even though you are uncomfortable. External forces are also less cooperative and finding solid support will be more difficult.

Neptune transit square Mars time has a sort of dissolving quality that causes resources to slip through your fingers and you cannot count on financial stability now. You also need to avoid any endeavours that involve deception or illegal activities, and choose your partners carefully. Try not to be swept away by delusions of grandeur or the promise of great rewards, as they are likely to be exaggerated. These obstacles will seem more defeating now, even though they may be a normal part of doing business. Try not to take setbacks too personally and know that these circumstances are temporary. Your physical energy is extremely low and you are more susceptible to chronic fatigue or depression. You are re also more sensitive to the effects of alcohol and drugs and should be careful when taking medication; make sure you are getting the right prescription in the correct dosage.

Neptune transit square Mars challenges your energy levels

With Neptune transit square Mars, you'll likely feel very sincere about wanting to help others now. But you might encounter others who either question your sincerity or leave you questioning theirs. You might be deeply offended by this. Perhaps you strike out at others in passive-aggressive ways to get what you want. Or alternatively, to punish those who blast away at your carefully crafted image of yourself as a virtuous, courageous, and compassionate crusader. And this is likely where you'll miss a key lesson of this transit: The work you do can't be about you. That doesn't mean you don't take care of yourself, just the opposite.  It's easy to dismiss that you must adapt to how others conduct themselves, without losing your own sense of principles and boundaries. You hold to your mission as an act of service, and boundaries keep you focused. Otherwise, you can easily become drained and dissipate your energy in unsavory ways.


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