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Neptune transit sextile Mars

This period of time softens your ego drives and you may be less concerned with serving your own interests. At the very least, you are less inclined to put your interests over the needs of other people. You are very sensitive to their moods and feelings and will be more empathetic and encouraging in your interactions. You may not feel as ambitious and spend more time contemplating the meaning of your work. You may become involved in charitable ventures or projects that are compatible with your spiritual values, or incorporate more idealistic activities into your present business. You may feel confused with these new motivations and question whether or not you are fulfilled in your work. Know that events during this period of time will make you more aware of the true motives behind your actions, which gives you more inner clarity and a feeling of balance between your success in the outside world and your need for spiritual satisfaction. Your physical energy level is low during this time, and you may need to pace down your activities and rest when you need to.

Neptune transit sextile Mars indicates a time in which your life serves higher principles and goals, and is not focused on your own advancement. Your energy is directed at serving others. This transit calms the desires of your ego. You don’t care about getting what you want or being successful. You’re more concerned that your life serves a higher purpose. You now express your individuality in ways that help others. You want to do charitable work, or help those with disabilities. This transit favours spiritual or mystical work, in which you can help improve the lives of others. Don’t worry that you will be unsatisfied. You will feel satisfied after working with others, when you find that their needs and desires are not so different from your own. Even if the common ground is small, working with others towards a higher common purpose will give you a fulfilment that you could not find if you were working only for your own advancement. You realize that many times you have done things that had no meaning for you, things you did only for others, and it made you feel better about yourself. Increased understanding of spiritual truths and empathy. You will discover a metaphysical side in your consciousness that you were previously unaware of. You easily intuit others. You’re aware of their ins and outs and mistakes. You understand them and accept their flaws. You find a higher truth and discover how your individual identity fits into the universe. The small bubble of your own individuality now expands greatly.

Thanks to Neptune sextile Mars, you likely feel tasked to put your key values, principles, and ideals into practice. This is especially true if doing so allows you to prove your guts, capture some measure of glory, or show that you have a heart of gold. You perhaps dream of showing off what you can do when push comes to shove. And now, in a competitive environment, your bite is nearly as good as your figurative bark. You especially prove more courageous when someone or something violates a cherished value or principle. In fact, it's perhaps easier for you to be an advocate for others than it is to hold firm to your own boundaries. This is likely because you're more attuned and sensitive to a set of given circumstances or the company you keep than any concern about your own needs or self. You're more willing to dissolve your sense of self for a grander sense of mission and accomplishment. Yet, you can only dissipate so much of yourself before you lose yourself.



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