Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Neptune transit House 3

During the cycle Neptune transit House 3, you learn to rely on your intuition. You may have some problems arising from your inattention to details, practical matters, and facts and figures. Others may find you less reliable in terms of making appointments on time or remembering them at all! Some challenges putting your thoughts into words likely leads to a stronger appreciation for such things as musical lyrics, poetry, and other art forms that experiment with modes of expression. You are likely to discover more imaginative means of expressing yourself. Neptune stimulates your imagination and intuition. Your words are more poetic and perhaps even inspirational.

House 3 is the house of communication, so having Neptune transit House 3 can impact your ability to understand and to be understood by others. You may not realize you’re not being clear, or others may feel that no matter what you say, they don’t get it. You may have a hard time dealing with logic, facts and figures, and get lost in your imagination a lot. Focus can be difficult, and dealing with anything you find boring can be a challenge. You can also fall prey to someone who sounds really good, but is really bad. How to survive: Your imagination is more active, so let it have an outlet. Give it time to run wild regularly. This might mean taking time on a daily basis to write, read, watch a movie, or just daydream. When you give your mind the time it wants to fantasize, it makes it easier for you to deal with the practical here-and-now. This can also help to protect you from the pretty-speaking swindler. ​As for being misunderstood, this is where having an artistic or creative way of expressing yourself can be a super helpful. Communicating like normal may become too challenging under this transit, so you need to find a Neptunian one. This may be through music, poetry, painting, whatever suits you. When you communicate this way, people are more likely to respond favourably and understand what you mean.

During Neptune transit House 3, you may experience difficulties in everyday life, because it might be difficult to focus on simple, routine tasks. Intuition and imagination will dominate your life. You will have difficulty arriving on time and keeping to your schedule. You will also find it hard to think logically and rationally because you will absorb information through intuition and emotion. Communication with others will be full of misunderstandings. This transit will teach you to rely fully on your intuition. You need to be more aware of how you are communicating with others during the time of Neptune transit House 3. You need to be as clear as possible as misunderstandings will be seriously disruptive to your life right now. Any business or other contractual negotiations should be looked over with extreme detail to avoid misinterpretation. In a good way, this time will alter your way of dealing with the world and cause your thinking to be transformed dramatically. You should be more concerned with spiritual truth and understanding and it could be a good time to undertake some study in this topic. Your creativity can also be greatly increased; it is important to ensure this great imagination does not obscure your thinking. If your mind is too structured or inflexible, you may feel confusion, doubt and uncertainty. When this occurs, it is best to avoid major decisions and to reflect on your inner nature. Try to be more flexible to different ways of thinking.


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