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Neptune transit House 2

Neptune transit House 2 has the effect of changing your value system. You may be careless with your money during this long-term cycle. Some financial insecurity may be part of the picture. Watching out for scams or risky speculative investments is necessary. The 2nd house is the house of money, so having transit Neptune in the 2nd house can impact you financially, and you can be swindled by someone who wants your money or valuables (watch for the Ponzi scheme!). You may have a hard time keeping track of your finances, and this can put you in a bad position financially over and over again. You can also be more insecure, and this can impact your ability to create stability. How to survive: Being more aware of your finances is important under this transit, and staying grounded financially. Focus to keep rainy day funds to protect yourself if you get hazy. This transit is really about releasing unhealthy attachments to money and possessions, and finding a spiritual connection to them instead. Use your money to do good things for others - donate more to charity, put a relative through college, buy items for a shelter - as well as good things for yourself that enrich your life (taking a class, travel, joining groups to meet new people). If you feel you have a negative view of money or rich people, work on changing that to something positive. Work to let go of the negative feelings you may have toward money or about money. Also work on being more confident and believing in yourself. Having a healthy dose of confidence can help you stay grounded and improve your security. This transit can be more prominent in your life when you have another transit planet in the 2nd house, hard aspects to the 2nd house cusp or ruler, or a Neptune aspect.

Neptune transit House 2


When Neptune transit House 2, there will be subtle and fundamental changes of attitude with respect to money and possessions. It is not that you will lose everything, but that you will experience a lot of confusion about property issues and may incur a lot of expenses. The truth is that if you identify with your material possessions and give them priority, this could bring you serious problems. Because transiting Neptune teaches us the mystical principle of detachment and not getting too involved in the things of this world. By not giving too much importance to material things, you will find the opportunity to exercise your imagination in finding ways to make money. You may find yourself working in businesses related to art, music, entertainment, psychology, photography, or hospitals. If Neptune forms difficult aspects while it travels, you will lack realism and discipline in financial matters. You need to have a completely realistic attitude towards any business during this time.

Neptune transit House 2 may affect your finances

Neptune and the 2nd house don’t get too well. Neptune is the planet of illusion, glamour, deception, and dissolving of boundaries. Its interested spiritual, otherworldly things, creativity, dreams, and intangibles, like extrasensory perception and meditation. The 2nd house is interested in the here and now tangible results, like the state of your bank account. It’s the house of money to put it bluntly. It can spell trouble when Neptune comes up to your supply house. It tends to dissolve boundaries and confuse everyday realities like how to earn money from your job. It can make you open to strange, impractical money making schemes. Everyday reality simply doesn’t seem that important through the Neptunian glamour lens during this transit. It’s possible you lose everything material now. On the other hand, your dreams concerning money can come true as well now. Neptune is the planet of dreaming, and backed up by reality-grounding planets like Saturn, you could make your dreams come true, but only as a result of discipline. For your dream to manifest, you have to dream it up consistently and deeply. You can be caught in the Neptunian glamour while it transits the 2nd, live beyond your means to project the right image, and want to be seen with the right, glamorous crowd. Beware or deception and illusion during this time, both in your own behaviour and in how others behave. Behind the mask of rich playboy and movie star just might be fake diamond earrings and a leased, dented Lamborghini. It takes 164 years for Neptune to come back to the same place, so some people never experience this transit, it all depend on your rising sign and where Neptune was at the time of your birth. It spends 13 to 14 years in an average size house, but house sizes can be very large or very small depending on where you were born and the astrological house system. In any case, its influence is strongest when it is almost on the cusp, right on the cusp, and then slowly getting less.


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