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Neptune sextile Pluto

Neptune sextile Pluto is a generational aspect and is commonly present in people born from the 1950s into the 2030s. Those born with Pluto in a sextile aspect with Neptune have a gift for not only imagining a vision of the life they would like to experience, but also generating the desire and willpower to initiate action that will lead to a manifestation of their long-term vision. Yet this powerful visualizing and manifesting capacity can also lead to self-fulfilling cycles within the collective culture. Certain ideas become infectious like viruses, influencing and manipulating the behaviour of many. For example, it is interesting that mass media and advertising developed amongst the current generations born with this aspect. Neptune sextile Pluto gives a pioneering spirit, making you unafraid to challenge the accepted way of thinking and doing things. You can deconstruct any aspect of life, a system, belief or procedure. You can remove political, religious, cultural, and gender bias and reconstruct it in a more advanced and unadulterated state. You are inspired by truth and human potential. You tap into the collective subconscious and can gauge the prevailing thoughts of humanity. You share with your generation a sense of where humanity is heading as a collective in an evolutionary sense. You may even take this shared sense of destiny to life in general, the planet, and ultimately to all of existence. You are a compulsive organizer and control freak of the highest order, yet others may see you as something quite different. You may show compulsive tendencies in daily life, but your higher thought processes seek order in chaos and simplicity in complexity. Humanity is undergoing an evolutionary leap forced by powerful change. You have a role to play in adapting humanity to survive extreme change. A major part of this role is transforming everything from communication to spirituality, creativity to sexuality. The ultimate aim is to bring people closer, not in the physical but in the spiritual sense. You are realizing that only through a mass movement sharing one superconscious can humanity evolve fast enough to avoid extinction. Intense sensitivity to the destruction unleashed by industrialization will transform energy generation and slow the degradation and depletion of shared resources. Your input to the collective consciousness transforms how we communicate and live with each other through political, religious, and cultural renewal. Old systems and beliefs based on empire and superiority are disintegrating. In their place, you are dreaming up, or imagineering, a more humanitarian approach and shared responsibility for the welfare of everyone and everything, the collective dream.