Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Neptune sextile Midheaven

Thanks to Neptune sextile Midheaven in your chart, you learn early that life isn't always going to make sense. But it is understandable. Others likely won't understand how you travel your course in life. You also might not always be able to explain it suitably to them—or even to yourself. But whether it proves right, wrong, or sensible, you often intuit a path that seems best for you. You have a certain reverence for the spiritual, idealistic, or purely ideological, even if you're not inclined toward any orthodox beliefs in religion or tradition. In fact, at times, what might be most unnerving to you or others is how much you seem to stew in your own reveries, imaginings, or enchanted states of mind to perceive the world and how you want to function in it. This likely means that carving out your own career path is more about what inspires you than what is solely practical.

This aspect signifies that you aren't particularly interested in being self-assertive, that you prefer to live in a quiet and peaceful world of your own making. If you cannot find anyone else who shares your attitude, you don't mind living alone. You do not really care that much about being with other people, because they interfere with your excursions into the private world of your dreams and fantasies. But you don't dislike people; in fact, you are very sensitive to their needs and wants, and you feel that you should be of service in some way. In youth, you are very interested in ideas that others of your age usually ignore, such as religious ideals (at a rather simple level of understanding while you are young), and even occult beliefs; a love of the mysterious and supernatural. Because you are quite sensitive, you need to be with very positive and supportive people. If you are with people who harbor many negative thoughts, you will become a victim of their negativity and feel very unhappy. Also, such people would make you feel suspicious of others, when you really want to see their finest, most spiritual side. Your parents should support your efforts to see the good in other people, so that you will grow up to be a loving and unselfish person whose presence makes everyone's lives more beautiful. Without this support, you will be a rather retiring and shy person who avoids contact with others for fear of being hurt.

Neptune sextile Midheaven gives a gentle, graceful and non-combative disposition. You are generally not ambitious in the sense of wanting to scheme for power and to amass material possessions. And this can make you appear unambitious, sleepy, or even lazy. Early in life, this may have been so and could have resulted in mediocre results in school. Yet you do have aspirations to make a difference in your career. This aspect helps you achieve your dreams and your ideals through your career. A strong intuition gives an inner feeling of confidence that things will work out for you. You should also enjoy the sensitive support of your parents and superiors. But to others, it may seem as if you achieve success with the minimum of exertion. Perhaps fate plays in part in rewarding your altruistic intentions to serve others and not yourself. Whether it be entertainment or public service, you can have a positive, healing, and spiritually uplifting effect on others. Just as you share a special spiritual bond with your family members, you feel a spiritual connection to work colleagues, to your community, the public, your fans, and perhaps even the entire mass consciousness of humanity. It is also likely that you have the ability to connect to the ordinary person on the street. As mentioned earlier, Neptune sextile Midheaven gives a non-combative disposition. But you can be very rigid on matters of principle. So you will learn how to deal with hostile reactions in order to get your point across. But most often you use your courteous and gentle nature to negotiate and compromise in order to succeed. Sometimes you will sacrifice your career goals to assist your family. And if you have to, you will sacrifice time with family to focus on your career, but usually only in order to help others. Your success does not generally arouse envy in others. Though you do seem to attract more than the average amount of satire and scandal.