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Neptune in Sagittarius

Neptune in Sagittarius is intuitive and may have psychic talents. You want experiences that expand your senses and spirit. You have the potential to understand the meaning life on a deeper level and, at the same time, you may be challenged to develop sound judgment or be overly emotional or indecisive. You are idealistic, love grand ideas and usually enjoy sports. Travel, religion, politics, philosophy and spending time with others like you bring you much joy. With Neptune in the archer sign, you know how to refine facts and belief into a tolerant, free environment. You can be very sensitive to these matters. You are normally tolerant, but sometimes it is because you are so blinded by your ideals that you can’t see reality. You have the ability to overcome these challenges if you are willing to work on it.

Neptune in Sagittarius

With Neptune in Sagittarius you will be miserable if you dream only of distress or danger. These fears can take over your life if you are not careful. You much prefer the vision you have of enlightenment reaching into the realms of religion and philosophy. You may also find yourself fascinated by UFOs, prophecy and other forms of unusual phenomena. This can lead to speculation or fantasy that may be taken more seriously than it ought to be. Neptune in Sagittarius can become a fanatic about your causes unless you learn that delicate balance, which can be difficult for you to do. You much prefer to hear one answer, one truth, and acknowledging there may be more to an answer than black and white can be very challenging for you. Once you meet this challenge, you can be more compassionate towards the plights of others.

Neptune is boundless, and Jupiter is ever-expanding. Therefore, Neptune in this position has been known to tap dance over boundaries. "Should" and "could" mean nothing in the face of their so-called universal truths. Similarly, Sagittarius Neptune can become philosophically lost in the sauce and unwilling to hear others out. The transcendental nature of Neptune paired with Sagittarius' magnetism can be a recipe for disaster. At their best, these natives' words can fill others with hope and faith, but they can just as easily be weaponized for their own benefit.

Neptune in Sagittarius are intuitive individuals

When the planet of transcendence meets with such an exploratory sign, the result is an excess of free-spiritedness. Compared to its precursors, the Neptune in Sagittarius generation is a considerably less self-conscious one. Whether their beliefs fall in line with the status quo is of little consequence to them. Ultimately, these Neptune natives trek through life in pursuit of some ultimate truth or ideal upon which they can build their philosophies. For them, the ultimate truth is always just in reach, and they aren't particularly bothered by the length of the search. Neptune in Sagittarius takes things as they come. Life is a vacation, and Sagittarius Neptune doesn't do schedules. These folks live from moment to moment constantly in pursuit of their next great adventure. Take their hands and experience life to its fullest. Boredom is nearly an impossibility for Neptune in Sagittarius, particularly because they're always on the go. Travel—physically or philosophically—is the default state for these intrepid explorers. Throughout their impromptu adventures, Sagittarius Neptune is apt to pick up quite a few new and old ideas, so theirs is a knowledge that seems endless. Languages, religions, and even niche cultural practices are all the domain of those with their Neptune in the sign of the Archer. This placement both attracts and brings the party. A sense of wonder permeates all of their undertakings. These are the individuals who "see heaven in a wildflower and eternity in an hour."

Accentuated taste for adventures. In MA anguish, negative forebodings, deep but indeterminate and strange type fears


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