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Neptune in House 8

People with Neptune in House 8 tend to have deep spiritual connections, and they are more in tune with the supernatural. They’re more likely than the average person to have paranormal encounters, and when it comes to forming relationships with others, they can be picky and discriminatory. Because they are always on the lookout for hidden signs and the deeper meaning in things, they are also analytical and highly observant, so you won’t be able to get something past them easily. They try to understand the information they get from others, the world around them, and even their dreams. There is a spiritual longing with Neptune in House 8 position. You might often experience deja vus or other psychic phenomena. You pay attention to dreams and you might enjoy analysing them. Sexual fantasies or role-playing can be strong themes in your life. You might yearn for a spiritual form of ecstasy on a sexual level–a soul connection. You might feel that your needs on this level are always just out of reach. You might be a giver in bed, and perhaps feel that you give more than you get. Alternatively, you could be in the completely opposite position in which you seek partners who are exceptionally giving on a sexual level. Either way, there is an imbalance and you could be left wanting.

With Neptune in House 8, it can be especially important to be discriminating when it comes to selecting sexual partners if Neptune is challenged. You may not see your partner clearly because of a deep need for extraordinary or fantastical experiences. There may be times when you give more than you take with money. If a more aggressive personality seems to want something more, you might cut them a better deal. Your shared finances may be chaotic in some way. You may be taken advantage of on a monetary level in partnership, or you might keep poor financial records and end up paying or owing more as a result. There can be a blurring of boundaries when it comes to finances and partnership, whether that means you allow a partner to control your own finances or you adopt a “what’s mine is yours” philosophy without following up on or enforcing the “what’s yours is mine” part. In this way, you may leave yourself open to deception or even fraud. Over the years, you will likely learn to take more responsibility for your finances and learn to be less timid about taking ownership of what is rightfully yours. It’s possible that you’re a bit sloppy with accounting. You may have problems collecting inheritance and could encounter difficulties on a financial level through the marital partner. However, you are very creative and imaginative sexually, and you understand and accept a wide range of styles and preferences on a sexual level.

Neptune in House 8

Neptune in House 8 is a placement that can indicate a capacity for fear and irresponsibility surrounding debts to others. People with this placement can easily find themselves in trouble when it comes to other people’s money. They can sabotage themselves with unrealistic notions about what people owe them or display a tendency for being too lax about paying people their dues. However, they have a great capacity for understanding emotional pain and may often be able to use it as inspiration to convert their trauma into something fruitful and creative. Neptune in House 8 can be truly chameleon-like in their ability to transform their own perspective especially at pivotal moments in their lives. Certain events can often serve as a catalyst for an important point of growth in their self-development. In the process however, they may suffer a number of setbacks and problems often brought about by their own doing. They can sometimes be their own greatest enemy. Falling into self-sabotaging habits due to a lack of clear and realistic perspective. To protect themselves, they can sometimes engage in self-denial and also compartmentalize unpleasant truths that threaten their sense of power, control and wellbeing. Additionally, having Neptune in House 8 can signify someone who can harbour a number of psychological pathologies involving lying, denial, delusional thinking and irrational fears. These individuals can be remarkably sensitive and sometimes hold onto resentments and pain that can linger on for far longer than it ought to. Anger and hurt can sometimes be sublimated into self-sabotaging behaviours rather than directed at others. Neptune in House 8 may have difficulty expressing and sharing their problems with others and instead often choose to suffer in silence.

Sometimes, time to themselves is just what they need to overcome and get through what they are dealing with, but their solitude can also be a cage or prison in which they entrap themselves. People with this placement are able to reframe their perspective to see a situation however they want to see it. Addictions of various sorts can be their pitfalls. they can sometimes latch on to the things that offer them a sense of relief and vacation away from the misery, responsibilities and obligations of the real world. Occasionally, Neptune in House 8 may resort to escapism as a defence mechanism and means of healing themselves during emotionally difficult and tragic circumstances. The pressures of the outside world and the demands it places upon them, can be difficult for the Neptune in House 8person to manage. This placement in the birth chart ultimately serves to teach the individual how to set aside the demands of their ego when it comes to managing their debts and obligations to others. Under this placement there is a potential for money being inherited as a gift or act of charity. There is also potential for losing or mishandling money as a result of accidents involving addictive substances and poor life choices.

 Neptune in House 8 can be truly chameleon-like in their ability to transform their own perspective

One of the most prominent characteristics of individuals born with Neptune in House 8 is their insatiable drive to contribute and assist others. They can foresee the wants of others, frequently before those others can articulate precisely what they require or desire. It is easy for them to fall into a routine of constantly hyper-analysing others, picking up on their tiniest indicators that they have a need, and t hen supplying that need without asking. If they are in a co-dependant relationship, particularly with a self-centred or a narcissistic individual, the other person soon starts to expect their generosity. People with Neptune in House 8 are inclined to engage in problematic relationships from childhood well into their early to mid-thirties. They are not native, they simple like to offer and please. Fortunately, with time and experience, kids will notice the pattern, learn how to establish and enforce limits, and have higher expectation for themselves. They never lose their feeling of kindness or generosity; rather, they learn to rein it an d reserve it for those who genuinely deserve it. Neptune in House 8 improves with age, and a further advantage of Neptune in House 8 is a sense of decisiveness and heavenly guidance. People with Neptune in House 8 are endowed with an intuition so strong that it is as if their ancestors are there in the room with them, guiding them through life.

Neptune in House 8 placement suggests a person with deep emotions. Neptune, a watery planet is in a water house here (the natural house of Scorpio), which feels relatively familiar to it. Neptune in eighth house people have an intuitive understanding of the great mysteries in life. In the birth chart, the house of Neptune usually represents a life area with imbalance. Here, you have a tendency to give more than you receive. For you, the life area where this manifests is often intimacy. Neptune in House 8 people want their soul to merge completely with their partner’s. Neptune has no boundaries, and you tend to lose yourself completely in a relationship. The aspects of Neptune are very important here. A harmonious Neptune suggests that you can experience a connection with the divine through intimate relationships. However, challenging aspects suggest self-deception and being attracted to people who take advantage of you. Abusive relationships are a frequent issue here. Neptune in House 8 tend to find themselves in relationships that hurt them. When Neptune is placed in the houses that deal with partnerships (the 7th and the 8th), you don’t see your partner clearly. You don’t notice the warning signs that this person might not be suitable for you, or might have bad intentions. With this placement, building up a solid self-image and setting emotional boundaries is extremely important. A natal Neptune in eighth house suggests that you give in too easily. There is a tendency to be the martyr in a relationship and victimize yourself. Unfortunately, this is often a magnet for people who take advantage of this. A Neptune in House 8 in the natal chart can indicate trust issues. Generally speaking, heavy placements in the eighth house indicate traumatizing experiences, betrayal, loss of trust you put in others. This can be a very painful placement. In some cases, a natal Neptune in House 8 can even suggest being involved with pornography or prostitution.

The individual with Neptune in House 8 has a water planet placed in a watery house. Neptune dissolves boundaries in the areas of sex, intimacy, shared finances, and death. Neptune can create confusion, deception or disillusionment in all of those areas. This person may feel over-whelmed and susceptible in transactions with others. Love may be use as a way to transcend ordinary reality, and to heal emotional wounds from the past. Sexual fantasies longed to be fulfilled through merging with others in a spiritually satisfying way. Neptune’s longings are difficult to achieve, and sometimes there is a death-wish or suicidal longing in the personality. Those with Neptune in House 8 may be interested in psychology, occult subjects and yearn to explore the hidden dimensions of life. Some astrologers believe the individual is very open to spirits, poltergeists or other eternal unseen forces. Death and spiritualism may exert a powerful fascination over the personality. A mysterious darkness surrounds death and it is also surrounded with confusion, and some people with this placement may be confused by their sexual identities and find it difficult defining sexual needs. Sex may also be disappointing and never live-up to their fantasies. Death, reincarnation, astral experiences, and anything connecting the secretive, mysterious, or hidden side of life are attractive. All types of therapy and healing methods may be sought; the longing for complete transformation through sexual merging, healing and other symbolism may also be explored with the placement of Neptune in House 8.

Neptune in House 8 woman loves to dream, is a visionary who seeks perfection and has a powerful imagination. She has a capacity for profound, spiritual experiences that link her with the ultimate mystery of life and with those forces which lie beyond the bounds of time and space. Her perceptiveness may make her psychic or clairvoyant. The Neptune in 8th House woman is capable of deep sympathy, understanding and idealism. While she may be supportive of you, she’s not apt to understand or take an interest in your current career path. She could have experienced a loss during her childhood, her parents may have separated or divorced when she was young, or her mother may have died prematurely. A Neptune in eighth house woman is a dreamy, imaginative soul who would give anything to be loved. She finds it difficult to accept love from others. This is why she is usually hard on herself and often suffers low self-esteem. She meets her needs with fantasy and daydreaming rather than through reality. She can be highly psychic and intuitive and seems to have a very good idea of why people are attracted to her or why they keep their distance. Neptunian’s are always wanting something more, and in this case the women want romance, but they rarely experience true satisfaction with men or sex. The Neptune in the 8th house woman can be extremely sensitive. She feels all the things that happen in her surroundings, including the energy of other people and their surrounding. They might feel all the things that even people around them do not realize they are feeling. Neptune in the house of partners shows that an individual is a highly creative person and has an emotional and idealistic approach towards love and affection. A person having this Neptune placement has an unusual kind of beauty. She may have good looks but he or she is also a bit weird in his or her appearance. Neptune in the 8th house shows a woman who is enigmatic and mysterious, often hiding her emotions and feelings from others. She does not like to be emotionally dependent on another person. They are often attracted to men who disagree with them.

Neptune in House 8 men are very spiritual. People of this sign consider themselves to be like the wise men of old. They are highly spiritual and have strong psychic inclinations. Neptune in 8th house individuals are deeply philosophical and can be very intelligent and insightful. They delve into past lives at an early age, often getting into trouble for it, but often becoming great mystics and being spiritually attuned later on. However, Neptune is notoriously difficult to get a handle on. Neptune represents the imagination, dreams, intuition and denial of reality. As such, Neptune’s influence will tend to lead the person into the arts or far off places from a young age. The Neptune in 8th house man tends to develop an interest in religion and mysticism. This type of man will feel a strong connection with the idea of the afterlife, revelation, and reincarnation. He has a mind which is willing to explore on spiritual and mystical things. He is somewhat of an artist with keen imagination and artistic flair. He is often found to be preoccupied with his own feeling of power and this makes him ignore the needs of others. He often tends to think big and may often create an illusionary picture in his head rather than working towards realizing them.

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