Neptune in House 1

With the planet Neptune in House 1, your personality acquired a touch of mysticisms. This position of Neptune in the first house you are an extremely sensitive person, very intuitive and gifted with a high imagination that can easily touch ground with reality. You despise all sort of competitions and are not always clear about what you really want in life, finding yourself often confused about your own identity. There is magic inside you, and you are imaginative, gentle, peaceful and a highly artistic person who loves painting, poetry and music. One of the reasons that you may feel attracted to art is due to your need of escaping reality. The day to day tasks of society can easily overwhelm you, with too much sensory input that greatly affects your acute sensitivity, hence you tend to retire to your inner fantasies and your world of imagination. It is essential that you take good care of your mental health, preventing your emotions from taking over your life.

 Neptune simbolises Fantasy


The 1st house in Astrology defines your personality, and whichever planet in that house has a great influence in your character, especially if they are in conjunction to the Ascendant. With this position you are a very spiritual person and are attracted to all sort of religions, feeling a true love for them and for the Universe, having a sort of intimate connection with it that could marvel other people.

With Neptune in House 1 you tend to follow your inspiration when you are face with new situations or people that are challenging and out of your comfort zone. You don't take decisions based on your analytic thinking but you leave it to your intuition to tell you what to do, which can be magic but also very dangerous, given the fact that sometimes you are unable to properly asses the facts and reality of the situations where you are in involved. You tend to act following the feelings of your moment, following the flow and your mood which later on can bring confusion to your inner decision-making aptitude once your mood changes.

Neptune is the ruler of Pisces , meaning that the sign of Pisces and its core qualities of sacrifice, surrender and an unexplainable pain-to-live, to be abandon and rejected, are embedded within you.


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