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Neptune conjunction Ascendant

You were born with Neptune conjunction Ascendant which makes you an extremely sensitive and spiritual person. You are caring for others and see the worlds from a totally different perspective than other people, as if you were walking in between the real and mundane world and some higher dimensions whose vibration you so clearly perceive. For you facing the reality of every day life may be difficult and you seem to be stuck in between the crude reality of the mundane physical world and a plane of dreams, spiritualism and idealism that may cause you confusion, with the danger of detaching yourself from reality.

Trying to understand who you are and how you fit into the larger picture can cause you pain, low self-esteem and isolation. Forming normal meaningful relationships can be a struggle for you because you don’t really understand how you should act around others, and you may experiment with different personas from different people and different situations. You are a shapeshifter and can melt away into a crowd if you don’t want to be seen, and there will be times when you indeed want to disappear or become invisible. Being such a highly sensitive person means it is very easy for you to become overwhelmed by too much sensory input, and that is not only due to negative environments, but things such as disturbing sounds and smells greatly affect you. A nagging parent or people invading your personal space can be too much for you to cope with, and sometimes you have to remove yourself or lock yourself in a room in response to sensory overload.

Neptune conjunction Ascendant

It is normal with Neptune conjunction Ascendant to feel different or strange. Your soft, caring, and sensitive nature means that you are easily upset by bullying, violence, and anything harsh or hurtful, especially to others. Try not to feel like a victim or feel anxiety for your need to save other people. You cannot help others if you do not look after yourself first. Your sensitivity can affect your health in the form of skin rashes, allergies and infections. Misdiagnosis and hard-to-diagnose illnesses are possible. You may try to block your reality or the spiritual realm through drugs or alcohol. Unfortunately, you are more susceptible to addiction than others, and to poisoning and overdose, and you need to mindful if using substances that detach you from reality. Your sensitivity to higher vibrations can be scary too, and you must develop skills of discernment and learn how to filter out negative energies or spiritual entities which you see, hear, or in some other way sense. With age and self-confidence, you will learn to trust your dreams and strong intuition, and harness your psychic abilities. Ideals and morals are important to you. You may look to religion, spirituality, or philosophy as a framework or moral compass. Neptune rules mirrors, cameras, the stage and the screen, meaning that acting and music are ideal outlets to project on them your unique style of creativity and great imagination.

Mysteries and secrets fascinate you and you could easily work as a spy or detective. However, it is important to stick to some moral code otherwise you could abuse your gifts and deceive people. Lying and forgery would eventually end in disappointment. With Neptune conjunction Ascendant, you might have been born into this world, but with this configuration some part of you always seems to belong to another world. Perhaps you feel both present in the world...and not. Others might find you hard to figure out or box you in their concepts. Yet, you seem able to pick up and absorb so much about the people and vibes around you that you're probably overwhelmed sometimes. It'll be important for you to learn ways to stay grounded and present, so you don't confuse and conflate your own feelings and experiences with others. Similarly, there are also ways that you don't want to be known or understood. You appreciate having some kind of "screen" between yourself and others so that others don't come too close, and you might do this by donning personas through creative means, like acting or writing. It's also possible that you will go by a name or identity other than the one given to you at birth.

Neptune conjunction Ascendant are extremelly sensitive

The Neptune conjunction Ascendant aspects make you seem really elusive and dreamy, and it can be hard for others to pin down exactly who you are. Sometimes, you may have an inconsistent look or vibe. Although you’re very magnetic and other people are drawn to you, they can never quite figure you out. With Neptune conjunction Ascendant, you appear soft and dreamy. You may have illusive eyes that are watery in some sense. Neptune is much like a higher version of Venus, so Neptune conjunction Ascendant means that you have a lot of sex appeal. However, your sexuality is less visceral and more elusive. Others project their own images onto you, and you seem to take on these qualities, regardless of who you truly are inside. Your “real” self can be a bit of a mystery. People see what they want to see, and you may be very successful in acting, music, or other creative careers. Many people with Neptune conjunction Ascendant have a flair for entertaining others because people are able to project what they desire onto the individual.

Neptune conjunction Ascendant means that you also have a distorted image of yourself. Just like others project their own opinions onto you, it’s easy for you to take on their wants. You are vulnerable and other people have the power to change how you feel about yourself because it’s hard for you to see your “outer” self clearly. Some people with Neptune conjunction Ascendant tend to have low confidence, if they aren’t careful to build themselves up, because they don’t know who they truly are. You are easily overwhelmed by harsh things in the world and can’t hide your feelings from other people. You have a sensitive aura that is almost childlike. Your sex appeal might be a bit childlike too, and you seem almost otherworldly and appear young yet wise at the same time.

Neptune conjunction Ascendant is a really curious placement because you can be so many things! Ultimately, you’re very malleable person based on what the people around you want and think, so it’s hard to pin down exactly how you appear, and it is as if you exist halfway between the real world and another world or higher dimension. The physical world can feel harsh to you, so you escape by changing yourself or dreaming up an alternate reality. While you’re very spiritually connected with Neptune conjunction Ascendant, it’s also a tough placement because you struggle to live in reality. You spend a lot of time trying to figure out who you are and how you can comfortably exist in the world. Although people are typically drawn to you, these Neptunian feelings can also cause self-esteem issues, so you might retreat from the world altogether when you feel overwhelmed. It’s hard for you to connect with others in a way that feels real and authentic, because you’re never quite sure who you are.

Sometimes, people with Neptune conjunction Ascendant experiment with different personas and personalities in an attempt to find who they really are. With this placement, you’re a bit of a chameleon or shapeshifter. Other people are never quite sure if you’re showing them your true self or are reflecting what they want to see. You’re probably not sure yourself! However, this can make others feel a bit nervous around you, even though they’re also intrigued by your dreamy nature. With Neptune conjunction Ascendant, you may want to disappear or escape. You’re very sensitive, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the harshness of the world, and you are easily upset by violence or anything hurtful. Try to learn that you’re not a victim and avoid saving other people to the detriment of yourself. After all, you cannot help other people if you don’t first look out for yourself. Put on your own oxygen mask first. You may try to block out reality or your unlimited access to the spiritual realm (which can also be terrifying) through drugs, alcohol, or other addictions. With Neptune conjunction Ascendant, you’re more susceptible to these types of things than most because you want to get away. Alternatively, you may try to escape into your dreamworld and withdraw from reality. It’s easy for you to do this because your imagination is strong, but this is actually a blocker to discovering who you truly are. You can be a bit of an escapist with Neptune conjunction Ascendant. You tend to either idealize things or avoid them altogether. Ultimately, you need to learn balance.

Neptune conjunction Ascendant means that you’re very sensitive to higher vibrations. You can easily access the spiritual realm (whether or not you realize it), but this can draw negative or terrifying spirits to you. I strongly recommend that you learn how to ward yourself spiritually. Your energy is constantly overloaded by the energy of spiritual beings and other people. When you’re able to ward yourself and protect your energy, you will also be able to work towards developing your own sense of self. With Neptune conjunction Ascendant, you don’t have the natural shields that most of us are born with, but you can create them. You need to develop discernment by learning how to filter out negative energies, entities, and people. It’s hard for you to judge what is good and what is bad for you, but these are skills that you can develop over time.

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