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Moon trine Venus

Moon trine Venus makes you a kind, honest and beautiful person. You like to care for people and should have good maternal instincts regardless of your sex. Most of all you like to love and be loved. It is easy for other people to like you because of your charming and harmonious nature. You intuitively know how others feel and they find this comforting and very reassuring. Friendship, companionships, family, and lovers are very important in your life and relationships to bring out your best qualities. Your loving emotions have a calming influence on others and this means there is less anger in your life compared to most people. Your sensuality and physical beauty should attract many potential lovers as well as gifts and offers of help. This is an aspect of comfort, pleasure, and quality. You certainly dislike violence and will make big concessions to avoid conflict. However, because of your peace-loving nature, you may have a tendency to concede more than you should when faced with an argument or dispute. Uncaring, unloving people will see your loving, emotional qualities as a weakness. If threatened, rejected, or subject to violence, you are deeply affected and need a lot of time and emotional support to recover. Natal Moon trine Venus gives artistic, musical and creative talents. Your flowing, harmonious style is a great asset for singing and playing instruments, especially stringed instruments. But you could just as easily be a novelist, illustrator, gardener or interior decorator. You should live in beautiful surroundings and always look elegant, handsome and very attractive. Your fashion sense would suit a career in cosmetics and beauty treatment, hairdressing, or selling clothes and accessories, especially jewellery. The Moon rules your digestive system and Venus rules food so you understand how important healthy eating and a healthy lifestyle are. You care about your health and appearance but if you become depressed or unwell you could easily gain weight.

Moon trine Venus

Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with Venus, you are someone who understands how to attract your desires into your life as well as nurture whatever or whomever you love. You experience an easy flow between your emotional expression and your ability to identify and form a caring relationship with whatever you find attractive or valuable. Embrace your talent for nurturing and harmonizing with the emotional needs of others, for you will be able to be successful in anything that draws on this strength of yours. Maintaining your relationships is an important aspect of your life that gives you a feeling of stability, and you are valued by your friends for your ability to be a supportive and enlivening presence in their life. You have a strong sense of style and aesthetics and can harmonize the way you present yourself to the world with your inner emotional and imaginal life. This helps you attract relationships and opportunities that align with your inner values.

All people born during the Moon trine Venus transit are sincere, gentle and attractive. They care a lot about their loved ones because their maternal instincts are strong, regardless if men or women. These natives seem to live for love and are well-liked by many due to their charm and balanced nature, not to mention they can guess what others are feeling and thinking. Natives having the Moon trine aspect in their birth chart are family-oriented, great friends and amazing lovers. Furthermore, they seem to possess only warm feelings and to calm their loved ones whenever these are angry, meaning they’re less angry than others.

Moon trine Venus are friendly people

Exalted distinction and elegance, friendly, conciliatory, sweet, friendly, cordial, often attractive appearance, even temperament. In feminine themes, the feminine qualities of sensitivity, grace, elegance, charm, love and tenderness are exalted. In masculine subject it is receptive to what the woman has of better. Aspiration to the pleasures, joys and distractions of life


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