Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Moon trine Jupiter

On your birth chart Moon trine Jupiter indicating an open-minded, optimistic and positive attitude, you are sincere, genuine, loyal and seem to attract to you individual with the same qualities. You are empathetic, giving and have nice and good intentions to other people, and are always ready to give a hand to those in need. Your emotional well-being is likely due to the positive example shown by a specific woman in your life, usually your mom. Self-belief also comes from your strong intuition and faith in your future. You may experience prophetic dreams or “feelings.” Moon trine Jupiter makes you creative, imaginative, and idealistic with a strong moral compass. You may also have strong religious feelings and believe in God or a higher power. Meditation and spiritual practices should appeal to you and help grow your subconscious abilities. You are outgoing and broad-minded, so you can expect to make friends easily and enjoy healthy relationships with all kinds of people. You are honest and will attract these same qualities in your friends and romantic partners, but this will be emotional comfort and support more than a smothering kind of love. You respect personal boundaries and a degree of emotional independence. The emotional nature of your relationships ensures your continuous emotional growth and self-understanding. You should be popular in your social group, which can indicate wider fame. You can at least use your high public profile to your advantage in your career. You can lead by example, if not as an actual teacher, simply by being yourself. People respect your self-belief and positive attitude. You rarely complain and can always see the funny side of things. You love being around people and would be great at hosting parties right up to managing large organizations. You can be talented at many things. Your talents are expansive, just like you, generous and larger than life.


Being born with the moon in a trine aspect with Jupiter, you have a generous, optimistic, and visionary personality that is able to find something positive to work towards even when undergoing difficult experiences. As a result, you are a stabilizing presence to others, someone known for being able to provide emotional and material comfort for the people you care about. You are the type of larger than life personality who can inspire others and provide an uplifting presence to any endeavour or collaboration you become involved with. This makes you popular and sought after by others to become involved with, making it important for you to develop discernment for who you choose to work with as well as a clear sense of your boundaries so that others do not take advantage of your good nature. Due to your gift for finding hope during challenging times, you also need to balance this tendency sometimes with a healthy dose of skepticism that allows you to notice problems that need your attention to be resolved.


Jovial, euphoric, friendly, honest, sincere, humanitarian, hospitable, generous, read, kindness, feeling, fantasy, expansiveness, understanding, fairness, rectitude, honorability, open manner of being. In feminine theme culinary gift and love for good food. Masculine theme gastronomic tendencies and joie de vivre