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Moon square Venus

Being born with the Moon square Venus means that you are someone whose relationships will be a driving force of change in your life. Though you are capable of cultivating stability in your material circumstances, sometimes a change in your desire for whomever you are in a relationship with will indicate you are entering a process of change in which numerous aspects of your life will become transformed. Though letting go of old attachments and having to release the comfort of keeping things the way they have been can feel difficult and upsetting, in the end, you are more likely to choose to follow whatever change in heart is occurring for you and leave the old for the new. You have an openness and curiosity willing to explore newly emerging interests, and can at times become extremely fascinated, even obsessed, with pursuing whatever is holding essential value for you. This aspect indicates inner stress and tensions related to your social and intimate relationships. Your emotions are a battleground, and tend to feel extremely powerful, and your fear of losing control over them may result in repressive behaviour through which you tend to avoid relationships that awaken deeper emotional responses. Yet, at the same time, you need this emotional involvement and those intense feelings.

Moon square Venus

With your emotions and feelings being polarized, you often prefer to retreat from commitment, rejecting the personal obligations that may be required from relationships. Because you often refuse to acknowledge the depth of your feelings, deep-rooted fears begin to rise. These can include fear of losing freedom, fear of another's power over your emotions, and fear of experiencing love's transformative fires. Once a partner begins to need things from you, their expectations awaken a rebellious attitude within you. Your insecurity and fears result in oppositional behaviour that can create relationship conflict just when real progress could be made. Your reactionary drive for independence and their demands for your exclusive loyalty shatters any possibility for the relationship to grow. While there may sometimes be valid grounds for rejecting excessive relationship demands, your reaction mainly reflects inner fears and unresolved personal issues, and tends to be exclusively negative, resulting in heartbreak and disillusionment for yourself and your partner, and the reinforcing of an increasingly bitter and cynical view of the nature of intimate affairs. Other behaviour patterns associated with this square include self-indulgence and sensuality. You may become involved with indiscriminate affairs and unsuitable partners as a consequence of lacking self-understanding, coupled with a deep need for intimacy. Often, attempts at breaking free of threatening restrictions only propel you into other, equally unsatisfying relationships.

Moon square Venus emotions could be polarised
Your emotions often blind you to the real feelings of your partners. And in social relationships you often misinterpret the honesty and sincerity of others. You can lack understanding of their motivations, so that your judgments are seriously affected. This also springs from your lack of self-knowledge. Take note: getting to know yourself better will help you to understand others too, and this will enable you to avoid unsuitable relationships. By analysing the types of people that attract you and the resulting types of relationship, you can expose your hidden needs and behaviour patterns, and become aware of the unconscious traits which shape your choices. At some stages in your life, you may need to withdraw a little to gain these perspectives, especially when you are trapped in a repetitive whirl of failed relationships. Your needs are still urgent and pressing, but transforming your attitudes through self-understanding is crucially necessary. Making the right choice of partner is extremely important, and the key to relationship success, but the art of choosing a suitable partner depends on self-knowledge. Your early choices are likely to be unwise, and any early partnership will probably run into troubled waters due to your inner confusions and unresolved issues. New perspectives on yourself and your needs may be achieved through a transformative period of relative isolation from relationships, allowing a pause to dissolve patterns through greater understanding. This can enable insight, emotional maturity, and greater independence. 

Moon square Venus makes it a struggle for you to satisfy your need for love and affection. Above all, this is what you want most in life, a loving, harmonious, and drama-free relationship. Your emotional well-being depends on the loyal and regular emotional nourishment and support of loved ones. You may even measure your own success in life by your intimate relationships and the amount of loyalty and devotion you receive. You can go to great lengths to find romance if you are single or your marriage is unsatisfying. You may try to fill the gap with one-night stands and affairs but eventually, this fails to satisfy your ceaseless need for love and affection. You are socially popular, charming, and very attractive. You are a beautiful person and love being surrounded by fine things. You aspire to be well off and to live a simple life of comfort and ease. You should enjoy the company of a wide circle of friends and have plenty of admirers. However, In your quest for pleasure, you have a tendency to be ignorant of the needs of other people. You need that euphoric feeling that comes from the release of pleasure chemicals in your brain. Sometimes nothing else matters and you may appear greedy and wasteful. "I never said, ‘I want to be alone.’ I only said, ‘I want to be left alone.’ There is all the difference"

Frivolity, inconstancy, the sense of moral shame practically does not exist. Too much sensuality characterized by vulgarity, takes excessive care of himself and his outward appearance


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