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Moon square Midheaven

Being born with Moon square Midheaven, you are drawn to work deeply about caring others, and whatever gives you opportunities for being nurturing and supportive through your work. When you are emotionally invested in your work, you are someone who can resiliently persist through obstacles and is willing to push ahead with dedication toward your goals. You will feel very protective of whatever you create with your work, whether you run your own business or work in a support role to superiors. No matter your position, you will have an intense focus on nourishing and cultivating the development of whatever you are working on. The intrinsic drive and determination you feel about your work will be the key to you being able to make a positive impression on others and enhance your public reputation. With Moon square Midheaven, you will need to cultivate balance in not becoming excessively consumed with career pursuits to the extent that it pulls you away from developing emotional connection in your personal relationships.

Moon square Midheaven

Under Moon square Midheaven, your emotions are quite strong and are very important to you, but certain tensions within them need resolving. First of all, your needs and feelings may be in conflict with what other people seem to expect of you. And you often feel like going one direction even though you know it would be better to go the opposite. The problem is, there is no one answer as to which way you should go each time. Your feelings are sometimes more correct than rational judgments, which may be based on ideas learned from others which don’t take your unique situation into account. You have to live with others, but at the same time you have to be yourself. If reason tells you to go one way and emotion says the opposite, think about your choices carefully. If the 'reasonable' path helps others but offers you very little, then your emotions may be trying to tell you what your real needs are. On the other hand, your feelings may come from old, outdated ideas and silly childish fears, so it's worth keeping them also opening to questioning. You may be reluctant to face the world of growing up. You often need the advice of a faithful friend, perhaps one of your parents, who can show you which choice is best for you without having a stake in the result. As you get older, you should be able to make these decisions more easily. Your emotions and ideas about your life should reinforce each other. However, you may need to take your time growing up. As you have farther to go, you may take longer than others. With Moon square Midheaven you can develop strong attachment to people and object, which might become a substitute for emotional security. There is a conflict between your need for emotional support and your presence in the world and in your career, and things will gradually get better once your reach maturity, and you stop carrying your past as a ballast weight. The emotional issues formed in your early years conflict with your professional career, especially when it comes to your need to feel supported and part of a community. This might express either in a need way or by withdrawn into isolation. It is best o find your roots and emotional support inside yourself, which in the long run will allow you to jump into the world and be exposed to the large public without fear and fully grounded to your inner self.

Moon square Midheaven are supportive individuals

With Moon square Midheaven, you feel a lot of emotional confusion about your career and your image. Your emotional self may get in the way of your ambition or direction. You tend to feel stressed easily when you’re working towards a goal. You lack the confidence to totally follow through; your old fears may bubble up the second something goes wrong. It doesn’t help that others seem to expect things of you that don’t align with your own feelings. You tend to follow the path you think is better instead of doing what feels right inside and might listen to outside resources instead of your intuition. You need to remember with Moon square Midheaven that no one else really knows what’s good for you. You need to trust your gut feelings and your rational judgments. Moon square Midheaven is all about the struggle between logic and intuition. You probably feel like you can’t trust your gut feelings because they are clouded by your emotional reactions. You must first work through your emotions then examine your gut feelings. Over time with Moon square Midheaven, you can figure out how to discern the different between feelings and intuition so that you can make decisions for yourself. With this aspect, you may have rapid mood swings, so you feel that you can never really see what’s real. After all, your decision could just be a product of your latest mood. However, these mood swings often arise when there is an imbalance in your life. Maybe you’re following a career path but ignoring your own personal needs. Perhaps you’re spending too much time on the personal self or too much time on your outer, public persona. You need to find balance with Moon square Midheaven. This is the first step to getting your feelings under control so that you can access your intuition. Look for a career that will work well with both your professional and your personal, inner needs. It may take you a long time to figure this out, but that is completely natural. Ultimately with Moon square Midheaven, you need to keep pushing and working on your intuition. Learn how to hear your deepest gut instincts instead of ignoring them in favour of rational choices. You must also learn how to control your emotions by dealing with them privately. Otherwise, your mood swings can create issues for you at home and at work. Take positive action to create change when you feel it’s right. This square isn’t easy, but it can help you to create a much more satisfying life, both personally and professionally. You will learn a lot about yourself and your emotions as you change your professional responses for the better.


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