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Moon square Ascendant

Born Moon Square Ascendant your emotional nature is not aligned well to your expression of personality. Sometimes it is not so easy to express yourself the way you want to, and you can be extra sensitive to those around you and react strongly to negativity. A lot of the problems with this aspect come from your own understanding of yourself and learning how to deal with other people’s responses. The common theme is emotional understanding. You need to improve your understanding of your own emotions and of those of the people around you. With a mixture of introspection and empathy, you can make great strides forward. Life can be treated like a learning experience, but it may take some time for you to truly be open with others and not let what they do or say affect your inner emotional security and well-being. With patience and grace, however, you can get there. Not to mention: no small amount of equanimity. Learn to not label the good and the bad so quickly and unambiguously. You have strong ties to your parents and family, and this can make you feel more dependent on others to feel secure. This can become extreme to the point where you will attract people who can make you entirely dependent on them. Work on your self-worth and inner security and break free from past feelings of sentimentality. Also give your values a re-evaluation, so you’re sure that you are doing what you want to do with your life, not what others want you to do.

Moon square Ascendant can make you appear overly sensitive and moody. You have some difficulty in understanding the emotions of others. You can easily misinterpret how other people feel towards you, or misjudge their body language. It is also possible that you give the wrong impression to others. Your feelings toward others are also likely to be quite changeable, often due to your own changeable mood. This can all be very confusing and upsetting for you and your partner, close friends, and family members. On top of this, it is difficult for you to hide your true feelings for another person which can result in embarrassing or awkward situations. It is easy for you to become overwhelmed by your conflicted emotions. To avoid relationship problems you may try to hide your true feelings from others. But this would only increase your inner tension and result in either emotional displays you cannot control or emotional withdrawal and isolation. Finding a safe place to feel emotionally secure will make you feel better in the short term. But it is important for you to develop a strong sense of emotional security, independent of your mother or any other person. More harmonious relationships will come from understanding your own emotional reactions.

With Moon square Ascendant, the way that you express yourself conflicts with how you truly feel emotionally. Your words, tone, or even body language is inaccurate or off. It’s easy for you to misinterpret how others feel about you, especially when you first meet them. You typically interpret others’ feelings to be stronger than they actually are. For example, someone may dislike one thing you said, but you interpret this to mean they dislike you. Because you’re so sensitive to the energy of others, you quickly blow things out of proportion. Depending on the signs involved in this Moon square Ascendant aspect, you can also take rejection quite personally. You react to rejection based on the signs involved, as well. You typically don’t express your true emotions with Moon square Ascendant, at least not in public. You’re scared of how others would respond to your authentic feelings, so you hide them away. Although you sometimes shield your emotions, because you don’t want to elicit a negative reaction from other people, you also hide them to avoid relationship problems. However, this increases your inner tension. At some point, your emotions will come out sideways, either through passive-aggressive behaviour or angry blowouts. Moon square Ascendant usually develops because you couldn’t show your mother how you truly felt, at least some of the time. She probably reacted in the manner of the moon sign; for example, with Moon in Aries, the mother would have gotten angry when you revealed emotions that she didn’t like. Your mother unconsciously taught you that your emotions should not be seen by others. Her reactions also taught you to be extra sensitive to the emotions of those around you in order to avoid causing upset. However, as an adult, this no longer serves you. As you grow with this placement, you must learn to be less self-conscious about saying what you feel. Sure, your expression of emotions may elicit a negative reaction from someone, but learn to discern whether this reaction is towards what you’re feeling or you as a person. Ultimately with Moon square Ascendant, you need to develop a sense of emotional security within yourself. Learn that it’s alright if others don’t approve of you as long as you approve of yourself. You will feel much more content within yourself when you finally express what you authentically feel.

The Moon square ascendant aspect is full of challenges when it comes to processing emotions. Individuals with this aspect experience tons of emotions and they can often be more powerful than with other people. This combines with the fact that these individuals often also struggle to interpret the Motions of other people to create some serious conflict. To be very up front about this, it’s this conflict that creates the potential for something truly good. Overcoming these emotional difficulties in the frustration they bring can help this person to be very in touch with their internal world. Let’s travel to the Moon to learn a little bit more about what’s going on inside ourselves.

Being born with your moon in a square aspect with your ascendant means you are drawn toward roles in life in which you are able to be protective or nurturing of others. You will need to find a balance in your life between your work in the outer world with the inner life you cultivate at home, as the same care you give to loved ones you are also able to express in your career and workplace. Your emotional needs and feelings can dominate your personality at times, and you tend to place a great deal of importance on doing whatever it takes for you to feel secure as well as sustain security and stability for those you care about. You will benefit greatly from creating consistent routines for physical exertion and exercise, as working out and getting your body moving will help you release emotions, including feelings of anxiety when you are feeling stressed. As you grow up, developing inner security will be paramount, as your insecurities make it difficult for you to make grounded decisions.


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