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Moon sextile Venus 

Born with Moon sextile Venus you’re someone who knows how to get along with others and make a personal connection when you need to, even if you have an introverted personality and enjoy spending time by yourself. You naturally gravitate toward mediating conflicts with others, bringing people together, and are adept at being a soothing and comforting presence for loved ones. You have an interest in music and the arts and identify strongly with the artists you admire. For example, if you enjoy the perspective of a storyteller, you will immerse yourself in their creative process by reading about their life story, deepening the impressions you receive from their work. You have an affinity for blending interests and aesthetics, and most likely have a talent for some sort of creative expression in which you can draw from the work of others who have inspired you. Due to enjoying comfort, you may need to push yourself to take risks and create change in your life at times when you notice you have become stagnant.

Moon sextile Venus

Those having the Moon sextile Venus aspect in their birth chart have a need to develop happy relationships. They don’t mind sharing feelings and communicating with their loved ones in order to make themselves feel better. Their social life is usually busy because they’re always prepared with something nice to say about others and people are inviting them to any social gathering. While open to discuss any problem, they’re too optimistic to ever have a serious worry. Their feeling that everything will work out is usually accurate, so it’s rare for them to get disturbed in their endeavours by any misunderstanding. Charming and attractive, they can immediately attract others, which means there’s no need for them to be pushy in order to have things happening their way. Being sincere and open when talking about their own feelings, natives born during the Moon sextile Venus transit are popular, able to develop strong friendships and a joy for the public eye. They need their family and friends in order to feel secure, which means isolation and dangerous surroundings can’t bring them any good. Open and knowing how to have fun, it’s easy for them to attain success from a very young age. It always seems like their wealth and good luck are well deserved because their personality is so great. Possessing a rich imagination, they could be successful artists or interior designers. Any career that requires creativity suits them perfectly and at home, they’re the best at communicating with all the members in their family. When meeting with their friends, these natives are relaxed and fun, not to mention many will appreciate them for being able to keep their domestic life very happy. These people are extremely talented chefs, also good peacemakers and the best judges of beauty. They seem to attract monetary opportunities when interacting with as many people as possible. The women born during the Moon sextile Venus transit are graceful, sweet, domestic and capable of supporting their husbands, no matter what. The men with the same aspect seem to be very successful in attracting members of the opposite sex, also in politics and sports. No matter their gender, all natives born during this transit are optimistic and enjoyable. They have an inner understanding of what compromise really means, also of how affection should be expressed and peace instilled. Their feelings are balanced and they’d hate to have someone or something interfering with them.

The Moon sextile Venus aspect in their birth chart makes them able to keep their personal and professional lives working together in harmony. This means their domestic life is usually fun and peaceful. Many may think of them as passive because they’re capable of understanding a lot, especially when trying to avoid conflicts, which they can resent with all of their hearts. Their sex-appeal and tolerant attitude will always have these natives attracting new friends and many members of the opposite sex, not to mention they’ll be appreciated for the consideration they’re giving to their loved ones. More than others, they can appreciate beauty and fine things because the sextile in their birth chart makes them softer, more sensitive to aesthetics, lovely, sensitive, compassionate and exquisite in their tastes. While they can attract many people by their side for being nice, most will appreciate them for knowing what’s truly pleasurable. People born during it are serene and pleasant, which means their charm can’t be seen in others. Having a creative mind and being genuinely worried about their loved ones, they’re often wanted for their peace-making abilities. The Moon sextile Venus aspect is feminine, which means men having it in their birth chart enjoy a lot of popularity among women because they’re romantic and kinder than other members of their gender. The goodness coming from inside their hearts makes them the most enjoyable company. It’s like they’re mirroring the needs of their loved ones and can make any secret desire become a reality.

Moon sextile Venus have beautiful healthy feelings

Moon sextile Venus gives a sweet, charming, and adorable nature. You are a genuinely loving, kind, and caring person with excellent social skills. The Moon and Venus are both soft, sensitive, and passive but the sextile aspect is energetic and expressive. So while you are friendly and peace-loving you are no pushover. You will stand up for yourself, your family, and your values. You can win people over with your charm and beauty. There is no need for you to apply physical or psychological force to get your way. Your openness and honesty in sharing your feelings and affections bring good friends, popularity, public appeal, and sometimes fame. Family and good friends are very important to your sense of security. You do not function well in isolation or in unpleasant, dirty, or dangerous environments. An outgoing and fun-loving person, you should enjoy success relatively early in life. It may appear that comfort, popularity, and wealth come easy but you earn and deserve your good fortune.

Moon sextile Venus is a favourable aspect for domestic and partnership issues, and intimate relationship will be especially important and meaningful for you. Finding a successful relationship is a powerful motivator in your life, and much of your early adult social contact may be directed toward this aim. Maintaining close family connections is important to you. Temperamentally, you can sustain long relationships, and once your feelings have been committed to someone, rarely will that commitment be broken. You seem to possess an innate knowledge and understanding of relationships, and can usually identify whatever is necessary for them to continue. Communication is vital within your relationships, and this sextile indicates an ability to clearly express what you think or whatever is affecting your emotions. You prefer to share and talk through any individual or relationship difficulties, as this helps create clarity and mutual understanding. Your genuine loving concern for your partners builds a foundation which is secure enough to withstand passing storms. Faith in the power of mutual love and your optimism that all will be well are vital factors in your relationships. They will ensure that energies are used creatively and productively rather than dissipated in anxiety and insecurity. You have a sense of life direction, and, in your relationships, this helps to generate mutual purpose. Considerable relationship benefits emerge from discussions and sharing the journey together. Yet you are also willing to compromise or adapt your ways if clashes of will or habit patterns begin to disturb equilibrium. You expect your partner to do likewise if necessary, as you view continuing the partnership as being of greater importance than individual assertion. For relationship benefits, you are always willing to apply your qualities, so that your innate sensitivity, love, and affectionate understanding are ready to be shared as often as possible. You hate misunderstandings or personal frictions and will be eager to resolve any that may arise over time, using common sense, reason, and mutual concession to heal any contentious situation. In your social life and career, you have considerable confidence in your abilities, and mix easily and fluidly with many others, preferring to see the good qualities in all you meet. Your imaginative and artistic abilities may prove invaluable to your progress, and it may be advisable to discover a life path that makes use of your talents. Financial acumen is likely, although you may be biased toward caution, which may discourage you from taking advantage of all opportunities. Children are likely to play an important role in your life. Hating to see unnecessary suffering in life, you may try to share your life experience, knowledge, and understanding with maturing children, hoping they may get a leg-up on life and learn the lessons you have learned the hard way. You recognize that these are the adults of the future and that if their future is to be positive and constructive, they need careful guidance during childhood. 

When Moon sextile Venus amiability is a distinct characteristic of those people who have the sextile or trine of the Moon and Venus in their natal charts. There is something soft and yielding about them, and their natural charm is usually obvious. Highly imaginative and sympathetic, these people make excellent mediators and go-betweens. They are keenly aware of their need for relationships and for intimacy. Whether male or female, these people have well-developed respect for qualities typically associated with the feminine. As such, men with this aspect are often unusually popular with women, as they seem to be in touch with their softer, sympathetic side in a most natural manner that takes nothing away from their “masculinity”. People appreciate both sexes for their tender hearts and friendly, diplomatic disposition. Unless afflicted, these aspects usually promise a good measure of personal popularity and success. Although generally considered “lucky” with relationships and with money, this is less about luck than it is about a certain level of inner peace and positive energy that attracts pleasant situations. The only real downside to these aspects is a tendency to be somewhat complacent, downright lazy, and over-indulgent in the “pleasures” of life. If unchallenged, there may be a tendency to expect things to come to them without much effort, perhaps relying too heavily on charm. However, people with these aspects are often peace-makers at heart and have an unusual ability to help and heal others.


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