Moon sextile Neptune

With the Moon sextile Neptune you have an active imagination that gives you a creative way of interacting with life and you have an unmistakably compassionate and understanding side to the nature of the human beings. You have a natural affinity to music and while everyone enjoys music, people born with Moon in harmonious aspect to Neptune respond to music as a vehicle to heal, relax, and to uplift the soul. Some laziness and contemplation is associated with this aspect, and there is an emotional need to escape into the world of imagination and to withdraw from others at times when you need to re-centre yourself, largely because you can become deeply emotionally invested within your relationships and tend to "take in" a lot of the mixed energies from your surroundings. You tend to merge your personality with those you are around you, and you mould your personality based upon those you have looked up to unconsciously most of the time as role models. You are compassionate, willing to be of service to those in need, and are an idealistic who needs to feel emotionally connected to your work in the world. Your magnetic attractiveness is just one reason of your popularity, and you share and care in such a way that can leave you vulnerable to being taken advantage of, this should be a small risk because you tend to attract only positive people, and this aspect offers a level of spiritual and psychic protection. However, you do need to be careful of a tendency to numb or dissolve difficult emotions through over consuming food or substances, as well as engaging in escapist behaviour. You can fall into an illusion about your life at times, projecting the way you wish things were rather than piercing into the actual reality. It will be important to cultivate skills in developing discernment and boundaries with others. A rich imagination and dream life can give rise to many creative talents, such as poetry, dance, painting, singing, and acting. You are a people person, so whatever your chosen field, you should be around others. You will, however, need your quiet place to dream up your projects and not be distracted. Besides artistic pursuits, any role in which your empathy is required would suit you, such as work in non-profit organizations, charity, or customer relations.

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