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Moon sextile Mercury

With Moon sextile Mercury, the Mercury qualities are often more emphasized, as this aspect is associated with the mind, information, understanding, and communication. The lunar personality foundations are usually well established and not disruptive or unduly intrusive. You should be able to express your Moon's qualities in ways which also enhance Mercury qualities. Information and knowledge will be especially appealing; perhaps you will have an almost insatiable curiosity and need for wide and extensive intellectual exploration. For you, the world is like an immense storehouse of fascinations, your mind lighting up with interest as every new one comes into view. You could become a 'perpetual student', loving to explore each topic to the greatest possible depth, and perhaps becoming expert in limited areas of knowledge. Alternatively, this could result in a dilettantish tendency, sampling many varieties of knowledge but rarely exploring deeply. Both memory and comprehension are likely to be above average, thus creating a well-stocked intellect. What can emerge as a motivation is a need to be socially useful by contributing to your community. To achieve this, you hope to discover ways to transform thoughts and ideas into practical results. The sense of value and pleasure this gives serves to encourage increasing your knowledge. The issue of right direction may arise in this context and you may decide to become involved with civic and social groups, pooling your assets and abilities with those of others to achieve group objectives.

Moon sextile Mercury

Born under Moon sextile Mercury, you look at ideas as sources for practical action and possibly personal profit, as you possess an effective business and organizational ability which could also be successfully exploited. You can be an effective communicator, conveying ideas and presenting them in a clear and persuasive manner, being articulate and literate, entertaining and interesting. This can manifest in writing and lecturing, and can be beneficial in social communication, especially in activities which increase contact with groups. This can extend your influence and increase friendships; your personality is sufficiently flexible and tolerant to relate to many types of people. Moon sextile Mercury may possess a sensitivity to others' thoughts and feelings, almost like a psychic intuition, but which operates through a Moon affinity of sensitivity and emotional rapport. This can act as an 'early warning system', indicating when people or situations are less genuine than they appear, so trust these inner sensations and feelings whenever they arise. This sensitivity helps you to be tactful and diplomatic, whether in social contexts or within the family. Others can recognize your thoughtful and caring nature and, provided that you do not become obsessive about manifesting your ideas, you should be able to co-operate and harmonize well with partners and family. Fortunately, your emotions rarely enter into direct conflict with your mind and ideas, but usually work with them in tandem, so that positive attitudes assist optimistic plans to become productive. This emotional and mental accord minimizes distracting inner conflicts and enables problem resolution to be achieved more smoothly.

Under Moon sextile Mercury, your Moon's emotional warmth and protective concern is an asset for family members and intimate relationships and domesticity will be well organized, founded on close and effective communication. Home is important, but wider social involvement will be equally so, as this is often the environment in which you intend to apply your ideas practically. Both emotions and mind are recognized as offering valid messages, but ensure that neither becomes imbalanced through overemphasis, as each performs an important role in different circumstances. Intimate partnerships, marriage, or love affairs will involve a high level of mutual communication and sharing; enriching both participants' lives and contributing to achieving personal aims. You will be attracted to similarly intelligent and optimistic partners who are able to exploit innate talents, especially those who conceive ambitions and then strive to achieve them. A danger is that, if two people are chasing individual goals and dreams, then conflict may occur if their paths begin to diverge rather than run parallel.

Moon sextile Mercury makes you an engaging and outgoing person. You are easy to talk to and get along with, even though you can sometimes be opinionated. You may prefer to be around people and may have many friends. You have good people and social skills because you intuitively understand people and quickly form emotional connections. Above all, though, you are an excellent communicator. You are intelligent but not seen as intellectual because of your distinctive touch and lively nature. Your curiosity and good memory make you a quick learner and able to hold conversations on almost any topic. You make a great friend because you can openly share your feelings. People can share their feelings with you because you listen to and understand them. This talent to engage at an intimate level extends beyond one-to-one interactions. You subconsciously act as a conduit in groups of people, giving everyone a feeling of belonging or team spirit. Moon sextile Mercury have a playful mind and a youthful spirit. You should make a good parent and enjoy the company of children. You may act as a representative or agent for other people or groups. You are the one who would speak for your family and give toasts at parties. You have a way with words and would have been a lovely letter-writer or pen pal in the past few days. Your handwriting should be neat, pleasing, or at least easy to read. Writing is your particular skill but would be wasted on technical subjects. You are a storyteller, a poet, a songwriter, and a novelist.

Moon sextile Mercury are good at articulating their thoughts and emotions, making them effective communicators

Moon sextile Mercury is an amazing aspect to have in the natal chart. They indicate that your mind and your soul support each other and work together. You express your emotions with ease. This sextile suggests good mental health, even if you feel blue for some time, you are able to get over it quickly, unless the Moon is in a fixed sign. You understand yourself well and you know what you need to do to feel better. In one word, your intrapersonal intelligence is high with the Moon sextile Mercury in your natal chart. This also helps you understand other people better. This aspect is wonderful for interacting with others. People who have this natal aspect are usually great conversationalists. They find it easy to understand others and they are very good listeners. You intuitively know what to say in any situation. This aspect suggests that you are brilliant at negotiating. If the rest of the chart supports it, you can be a pretty popular person. You can make good use of the Moon sextile Mercury in any profession where you work with people. You get along with young people particularly well. This aspect between the Moon and Mercury can also be great for work related to administration, trade, anything related to documents, transportation, media, marketing (as these are ruled by Mercury). People with this aspect often enjoy literature and reading. They are often well-educated and they are life-long learners. In school, this aspect suggests exceptional performance, these people are excellent students and they are very smart. You enjoy learning. This aspect is characterized by a very good memory. You remember the small details. In the birth chart, the Moon also tells about your mother. Mercury in harmonious aspect to the Moon suggests that she was an intelligent, resourceful, tactful person. Sometimes this aspect suggests that she works with the youth or a people-oriented job.

Being born with Moon sextile Mercury makes you a smooth communicator who can harmoniously interact with others through finding a way to relate to them in a way that resonates with their communication style. You are curious and open to new ideas and alternative perspectives and points of view that give you a new way to understand the subject matter you are interested in. You can be a mental sponge who is able to soak up and absorb information from diverse sources if you can form an emotional connection or socially relate to it. Your creative mental approach enjoys finding connections between a variety of sources, but at times, you will need to focus on becoming more skilled at making distinctions with what information to take in and what information to tune out. Through developing your ability to discern and discriminate the most relevant information you will amplify the effectiveness of your synthesizing skills.

It is easy and natural for those born under Moon sextile Mercury to make easy conversation, to be inquisitive and interested in the world around them, and to express themselves well. With the ability to make sense out of emotions and feelings, these people have common sense and help others out readily and willingly. Need some good advice? Turn to these people. They factor in emotional considerations, and tend to treat you as an individual, hearing your problems in this manner. In other words, they won’t be quick to judge you. Moon sextile Mercury people believe that problems can be solved with logic, but their answers are not insensitive or “too” rational ones. It is not everyone who can call upon the head and the heart and come up with something coherent, without dishonouring either faculty. These people are attracted to the written word, especially poetry and imaginative stories. Many possess talent in writing and/or speaking, as they are able to weave considerable imagination and animation into either. Most are wonderful listeners. They do enjoy talking, but they are curious and interested enough to truly listen when others speak. They pick up others’ feelings and body language readily.

With Moon sextile Mercury, the individual experiences a wonderful integration of their emotions and intellect. This harmonious blending allows them to easily comprehend new ideas and concepts, fostering a deep appreciation for knowledge. An innate thirst for learning is insatiable, and they eagerly devour books, articles, and courses that captivate their interest and challenge their intellect and spirit. This aspect sparks their imagination, opening up new possibilities for knowledge and understanding. Like a wellspring of inner illumination, they are constantly seeking and absorbing information that stimulates their mental faculties. Curiosity drives them to explore various subjects, and they find great joy in unravelling the mysteries of the world. In their home, there is likely to be an abundance of books and reading materials, reflecting their voracious appetite for knowledge. Engaging in writing, recording, journaling, or other forms of expression, they share their insights and thoughts with others. When engaging in conversations, they demonstrate thoughtfulness and consideration, creating deep emotional connections with those around them. Due to their nurturing mentality, they tend to be empathetic listeners and supportive communicators. Genuinely valuing the ideas and perspectives of others, they find fulfilment in exchanging thoughts and experiences with like-minded individuals. Moon sextile Mercury individuals thrive on mental challenges and intellectual stimulation. Drawn to clever creations, innovative ideas, and anything that pushes the boundaries of their understanding, they have a natural curiosity and appreciation for the unconventional. In such environments, they shine, contributing their own unique insights and perspectives to the collective knowledge.

Under Moon sextile Mercury, articulating their thoughts and emotions makes them effective communicators, and they may excel in fields that require clear and empathetic expression, such as counselling, teaching, writing, or public speaking. This aspect also encourages a deep connection to the emotional world, as their empathy and understanding allow them to relate to others on a profound level. Finding solace in providing and receiving words of encouragement and support, they thrive in nurturing meaningful connections with others. Offering a listening ear and kind words is natural for them, and they are genuinely interested in helping others grow intellectually and emotionally. Overall, those with the Moon sextile Mercury possess a beautiful balance between their emotions and intellect. Through their loving nature and insatiable curiosity, they live a fulfilling life full of new experiences, deep connections, and intellectual growth. Being beacons of inspiration and understanding, they bring light to the lives of those fortunate enough to engage with them. Individuals with a Moon sextile Mercury aspect possess exceptional memory capabilities. Connecting with others who share a love of knowledge and learning is easy for them because of their ability to balance their emotional and intellectual needs. With a natural curiosity that keeps them up-to-date on a wide array of fascinating topics, they effortlessly attract others with their engaging presence, much like the magnetic pull of the Moon on a late-night sky. In conversations, they often show interest in discussing the past, matters related to home life, or even seemingly mundane topics. However, beneath the surface, their intuitive sense helps them gauge when their audience is ready for new information, what subjects they would be interested in exploring, and the most appropriate timing for sharing it.


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