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Moon sextile Ascendant

Moon sextile Ascendant indicates you are a kind person, friendly, sociable, with a great sense of humour, deeply affectionate and caring. You intuitively understand other people’s feelings and are sensitive to their needs and changes in their moods, which gives you excellent social skills and also makes you a popular and well-liked individual. People appreciate your accepting nature and openness in sharing your feelings, and you would be a good salesperson or psychologist. You dislike conflict and may even fear it, using your perceptive skills to avoid confrontation, and your desire for peace and willingness to adapt and compromise means you would also make a good negotiator or diplomat. Your emotional nature has an important influence over your path in life, as you feel intuitively drawn toward resources aligned with your purpose. You are at your best when you care about the work you are doing, as it allows you to become fully invested with your emotions.

Moon sextile Ascendant

When you feel passionate about your work, your full emotional involvement leads you to notice relationships you can connect with that bring you the support you need. Your way of receiving impressions and relating with others complements your instinctual way of moving through the world, making you an effective communicator who can express your ideas and purpose to others in an inspirational way. Your strong subconscious is connect to others at the emotional level and you can not only be very effective communicating your own ideas within your community, but you also are capable of speaking on behalf of a group or association you are involved with due to shared ideals and interests. You can gauge the mood of groups of people and the general public, and as well as supporting public and social causes, you can act as a representative for others to open up opportunities in public relations and politics. This also means that others will come to rely on your support and guidance. You like to keep healthy and enjoy domestic duties such as cooking, looking after the house and caring for children. Moon sextile Ascendant also gives a vivid imagination and often an interest in mysticism, philosophy, and religion.

Moon sextile Ascendant are sociable individuals

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