Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Moon opposition Mercury

You were born with Moon opposition Mercury, and the main challenge of this aspect is an inner conflict between your thoughts and your feelings. Your emotions and instinct are often out of alignment with your rational thoughts, and you may find that your heart tells you one thing while your head says another. You can appear over-emotional and even irrational one moment, and then overly analytical the next, and all this can make you very sensitive, anxious and confused. An inability to find inner balance and reach a tranquil state of mind can leave you highly strung with a tendency to addiction. The polarity between rational thinking and intuitive feeling can also cause an inability to understand and express your true feelings, and it can distort your perception of reality and cause problems with judgment and decision-making. The key to resolving these problems is learning to blend your intuitive insights with your analytical intellect. This will lead to better self-standing, clearer self-expression, and more direct communication. Keeping busy and productive will also help. Being born with the moon in an opposition with Mercury gives you both gifts and challenges in analysing emotional and unconscious patterns. Over time, as you learn from life experience, you will be able to develop skills in counselling and helping those you are in a relationship with gain greater objectivity toward their feelings. However, the complexity of this natal polarity means that you can appear overly rational and disassociated from your emotional expression sometimes, while other times you can become so overly emotional that you have difficulty accurately perceiving what is happening. You have a tendency to project your inner issues into your external relationships, so it will be worth your time to develop techniques and practices for becoming aware of your own subconscious material. When life becomes dramatic and your emotions begin to feel overwhelming, you will benefit greatly from going on a hike or hitting the gym for a workout, anything to get your body moving and the emotions flowing through you to be released.


Moon opposite Mercury