Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Moon in Taurus

At the moment of your birth the Moon was in Taurus, which gives you strong conviction and stability in your emotions and appreciation for the pleasures of life, for luxury, abundance and sensuality. You feel the world around you with your senses, touch and smell are important for you, and you are a strong-willed person, very much fixed into your own strong feelings and in your ways. You are very perseverance in your positions, especially if you have an emotional connection to those positions, and is very difficult for others to convince to do something different from that which you feel is right.

Your affections are steady, firm and strong, and you are very loyal with all those partners to which you made a commitment. You are a very romantic person and, given the fact that your emotions run deep in you, you will find very painful any break-up with partners.

 Moon in Taurus



You enjoy the pleasures of life and have the magic ability to somehow attract sensuality and abundance to you, finding that you always have enough of that which you want. With the Moon in Taurus you know how to enjoy the sensual world around you and can overindulge yourself in sensations related to touch and feel.


Obstinate, stubborn, solidity, decision, calm, simplicity, sweet, kind, taste for simple and natural things, powerful sensuality but with overwhelmed MA