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Moon in House 8

Natives with Moon in House 8 in their birth chart will experience hardships in their life, just like almost everyone else, but with the Moon in House 8, these individual are gifted with fervent empathy and compassion for others. This astrological placement makes natives naturals in healing careers such as teaching, yoga, astrology, or art, they are the type of people who can turn their own emotional suffering into a light for others. These people understand how to turn the emotional ups and downs of life into an emotional transformation. Additionally, because this is the House of death, it also represents re-invention, people with key planets in their 8th house find themselves drawn to the unknown and will often reinvent themselves several times throughout their life. The eighth house is a fascinating house, but by no means an easy (=cheerful, upbeat) one. With planets here, you are drawn to the darker side of human existence. Especially such important planets as the Moon here make you somewhat Scorpionic. And as we all know, the life of a Scorpio is packed with intense emotions, mysteries and ups and downs. You want to find the root of the problems and you love to investigate under the surface. With the Moon here, you are a survivor. The good thing about the eighth house is that it gives you strength to rise when you fall and transform pain into something better.

Moon in House 8

The Moon in House 8 generally means that you are introspective and feel more secure within yourself when you are alone. You may have your own personal set of morals that differ from what your cultural groups believe. You may have a strong need for independence, and a reluctance to commit or open up to others. Moon in House 8 natives are highly sensitive and receptive individuals which allow them to easily sense the feelings of others, and they generally react with great compassion. This placement makes you a very compassionate individual who will readily pick up on the emotional needs of others. Yet, you may be unaware of your own emotions or simply refuse to acknowledge them. Your development hinges upon keeping your own emotional responses under close observation. You also possess the ability to view life from a distance and see it for what it is as well as observe its real meaning. Once in a while, something occurs or someone crosses your path so brightly that it makes everything else pale by comparison. Moon in 8th House individuals see the world through bigger lenses, eager to explore the other dimensions of their own horoscope. Moon in House 8 are blessed with a powerful psychic gift, to see beyond the obvious and reveal hopes and fears that others may not even realize are there. These individuals can speak honestly without censorship or compromise – like an emotional guide, they point out hidden truths and offer perspective on a situation that others might miss or dismiss. Bold and passionate, you are capable of amazing achievements. You have tremendous ambition and drive and a great amount of energy. It is likely you’ll make a name for yourself with hard work or conquest.

Moon in House 8 can bring out the daredevil in you if your confidence is central to your public persona. This placement will make it easy for you to be happy now, no matter what the future holds. The Moon in House 8 is a significant position to have in one’s chart. This placement of the Moon indicates a deep connection between an individual and the unseen realm, which some call the unconscious. People with Moon in House 8 may have psychic abilities and can work as a medium between this world and the other-world. The Moon in House 8 indicates that the native will have a passionate nature, an inner emotionality, and an active subconscious. The individual may have intense feelings toward shared possessions or investments of all sorts. There may be a possibility of extended periods of loss or deprivation. This placement tends to be found in natives who are involved in water sports, as well as those who have issues with addictions. It also relates to those who work with others in very dependent capacities, such as nurses or social workers. The Moon in House 8 reveals that you are emotional and intuitive, but you may struggle to express your emotions or to set clear boundaries with others. Ultimately, it suggests that through finding a boundary, large or small, you will feel more secure in yourself and connect with others more successfully.

Moon in House 8 are gifted with fervent empathy and compassion for others

Moon in House 8 speaks of extreme sensitivity. The eighth house is a water house. Planets in water houses emphasize intuition, sometimes to the level of psychic abilities. If you have your Moon in the eighth or in the twelfth house, pay special attention to your dreams and gut feelings, because this is how your higher self wants to communicate with you. This sensitivity can often make it hard to recognize what is your emotion and what comes from others. With planets in water houses, it is beneficial to spend enough time alone and recharge. You have an innate insight into human nature. People can’t really lie to you, because you recognize it in no time. This placement often attracts people who are going through pain. However, when you feel that you can’t help them, help yourself first. Moon in House 8 often suggests a person who is involved with other people’s money. Financial gain can come into your life through some female relative or through marriage. In astrology, the Moon represents your mother. With the Moon in the eighth house, it often happens that your mother was absent from your life. This placement also suggests that your relationship with her is intense and not without hardships.

There is a strange duality to a person with Moon in House 8. This placement suggests a romantic and gentle soul, but at the same time, this person wants passion and intensity in love. The Moon here craves depth in a relationship, as it provides a form of emotional safety for them. The Moon is the quickest celestial object. When it is placed in the house of sex, you can expect a need for many partners. There might be some insecurity in this aspect, and even though the person craves deep love, they are afraid of it at the same time, and often choose to ditch the relationship. How the Moon in House 8 manifests depends on multiple factors: its sign and the aspects with the rest of the chart all have an influence over this. One thing is for sure: sex and affection play a big role in a person’s life with the Moon in the eighth house. Whether you tend to use these energies constructively depends on the condition of the Moon (and your free will, of course). With such an important planet in the natural house of Scorpio, your emotions are often extreme. You go from love to hate in no time. There are no greys here, you tend to see (feel) the world in black and white. Moon in House 8 suggests that you are drawn to the great mysteries of life. If you have this placement in your birth chart, you are interested in topics others find morbid, such as death, for example. You find these things fascinating, and you love to read about the occult or even astrology! However, you often feel that you can’t share your emotions with people around you because they wouldn’t understand them. This can be a lonely placement. The Moon in the eighth house tells that the chart holder is a private person when it comes to feelings, sometimes even labelled as secretive.

Moon in House 8 people are very sensitive, highly intuitive, and deeply psychic. They either tend to avoid the world in their pursuit of knowledge or they drift in a drug-like ecstasy of sensitivity. The Moon is about feelings, relationships, and dreams. This placement’s idealism may become unrealistic or even romanticized. The person may seek fulfilment in offbeat ways or extra-marital affairs. The person often seems to have experiences of cosmic unity. Sometimes there is some type of betrayal by a lover. Moon in House 8 is a very sensitive person, but there is also an unusual coolness. The emotions can be so deep as to be almost hidden under a layer of personal privacy. They are quite inspiring and people look up to them, even while taking their advice with a grain of salt. This is a sign that can be intensely intuitive and creative, but which can also be mired in self-doubt. If you have your Moon here, you may feel protected by someone older or wiser than you, yet haunted by a feeling that what they protect you from is somehow connected to yourself. This placement gives a keen interest and insight into all that touches on death, mortality, psychology and psychiatry, occultism, the question of past lives and karma, hidden motivations behind human actions and decisions, mediumship and spirit contact. Also strong powers of observation. Moon in House 8 makes you intuitively aware of other people’s emotional states. You feel what they feel and, furthermore, you seek to understand what produces these feelings.

Those born with Moon in House 8 are deeply sensitive to hidden undercurrents in the environment, and there is also an unusual insight into the inner life of other people. There is deep sensitivity to all 8th house areas - taboos, loss, death, abuse, sex, occult, shared resources and love. Moon in House 8 needs to merge emotionally with others, and they become deeply and intensely attached to people, and it takes a very long time to recover from hurts, rejections and losses. They may have come from a family background where these same intense and passionate feelings was frustrated, and so blackened the emotional atmosphere of their childhood. These people tend to love with all of their soul, and have profound insights into helping and healing others. Sometimes this placement represents an inheritance from the mother; the 8th house represents what we inherit from ancestors and signifies deep dark secrets, and all the kinds of abuses that have been poisoning the lives of many generations. Unfortunate situations often destroy love and security, and this is painful, but they need to be careful not to let these experiences of loss destroy that natural passion they have in relationships.

The Moon in House 8 can be a symbol for powerful and unconscious complexes existing below the surface of life, and they may have to dig up painful memories from the past. Ordinarily, they express extreme forms of hatred, passion and jealousy, as well as depression. A “heavy” emotional nature is often present and there may be confrontations of many sorts, such intensity means that they cannot just skim the surface of life. They often possess a more honest and profound understanding of life than most people do. Difficult aspects to the Moon may indicate emotional conflict in separations and perhaps becoming entangled in power-games, but they will instinctively explore all that is forbidden, hidden and mysterious and there may be some psychic ability. The overwhelming need is to feel intensely and probe the dark depths of the soul, and those with this placement often possess strong healing techniques, powerful gut instincts and nurture growth in others. Moon in House 8 has an awareness of danger and over-protective instinct, and on an emotional level responding in a deep, sexual level within partnerships. The 8th house rules the resources of others and so wealth and possessions may be accrued from others and planets here are often associated with business people, especially if organizational abilities are also shown in the natal chart.

Sexual unrest, or an apparent need to constantly change sexual partners or to challenge yourself sexually, may be a symptom of emotional insecurity. Connecting with another person intimately is an emotional need, but your changeable emotions might often get in the way of your goal. Jealousy and possessiveness might also be qualities you struggle with. At your best, however, you are a person who is intimate, deep, and intensely loyal to a partner. Though you want closeness very much, you often close yourself off and do not really trust others who may wish to get to know you. You are very wholehearted in your feelings and responses to people, and you want all or nothing from the people you care for. While you have a strong need for emotional security, you are also a person who is drawn to pushing your own limits, and many lifestyle changes can be the result of this need to challenge, or reinvent, yourself emotionally. You are always fascinated with how people work, taboos, secrets, and all that is forbidden or hidden.


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