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Moon in House 6

Born with Moon in House 6 you have an emotional need to be useful, to work productively, to be organized and on top of things, and to lead a healthy life. If these matters are chaotic in your life, it’s a symptom of emotional unrest. You need a lot of variety on the job–to be stimulated and engaged in order to feel happy. Some of you might seem to change jobs often, forever in search of the “perfect fit” job. Acceptance that any job requires some level of routine is hard for you. You are very sensitive, and especially aware of minor health annoyances or body aches and pains. Some of you have hypochondriac symptoms. Some attempt to get out of things they don’t want to do by emphasizing health problems or even exaggerate illnesses in order to gain sympathy. At your best, however, you’re a person who always helps out and shows your affection for others in practical ways in order to help them solve problems and improve their lives. You have a sympathetic nature and instinctively reach out to people in need of help. You also have a deeply ingrained tendency to want to improve or “fix” other people’s lives, which can be annoying to the person who has no desire to be changed or “helped” in this way. For you, affection and caring must be expressed in tangible acts or service of some kind.

Natives with Moon in House 6 may possess a kind heart and caring nature. But, Moon’s placement in the house of disease suggests that you may spend more money on your health, resulting in mental stress. Natives of the 6th house Moon are usually happy to help even if they are not feeling well or dealing with health issues. You may have a self-made good image in society due to your own courage, self-effort, and dedication. You may want to be a part of other’s life as you are keen to solve their problems too. And this is how you show care and affection to others. Being the natives of the moon in the 6th house mother, you are hard-working and a perfectionist. In this process, you may be unable to take rest, and as a result, you may fall prey to anxiety or depression. However, if you refrain from entering the depression state, you may quickly get things done. This Moon placement may help you find your true love from your school days or college days. You may find your partner, who has similar interests like travelling and exploring new places. He or she could be from a rich and wealthy family. Thereafter, you and your partner may form a romantic love life. Individuals with a combination of the Moon and the 6th house are likely to find harmony in their marriage lives. But on the other hand, spouses’ and children’s health may give you more hiccups. You and your partner may provide enough time and space for each other to form fun-loving connections. Moreover, you two may go on holiday trips to foreign lands. If you get married after the age of 27, you may have long-lasting married life.

Moon in House 6

Individuals with Moon in House 6 may choose the right path to achieve desired career success. But, the Moon may have other plans for you. That is because you may have significant health concerns on your way. These health issues may hamper your career progress, and as a result, your success may get delayed. You achieve name and fame in the world of sports. Or, you may get employed as a government servant. You may get positive results in the field of law and justice. But if the Moon is under the aspects of malefic planets, it may defame you from a higher position. Also, you may earn a profit by establishing a small business related to dairy products. If you choose to work in the kitchen, you may not get better results as kitchen jobs are not made for you. No matter what, you may proceed in the right direction with the help of the Moon in house 6. The Moon in house 6 may cause a rise and fall in your life. It is suggested that natives with this placement should be careful with their health. You should stick to your food diet and exercise daily. Otherwise, you may fall short of success in your career and professional life. Apart from this, you may have likes of successful married life, but you should be attentive to your spouse’s health. Ultimately, what you get are a health-affected career and a successful marriage life.

The Moon represents the emotional response to surroundings, emotional connectivity or relationship with people. It signifies the mind, which is most important as per astrology as it defines a person and his acts in life. Moon also represents the mother’s influence on the native. The House 6 represents conflicts, enmity, diseases and the health afflicted by diseases, any obstacle in the native’s life, litigation, divorces and conflicts in the legal system. It represents small animals, social service for the welfare and the benefits of others. Moon in House 6 damages the relationship with the mother, and cause the native prone to depression and mind illnesses. The moon in this position cultivates emotional attachment to habits and routines. As well as an inner desire to help and be of service to others. In astrology, the Moon symbolizes the subconscious self, the emotions, reactions, instincts, and also feminine energy including the maternal influences of your life. The 6th house in contrast, governs your work life, jobs, co-workers, mundane tasks and chores, pets and health and nutrition. Those who have their Moon in House 6 of their natal charts are bound to have a strong emotional attachment to their employment, responsibilities to others, and general ability to take care of themselves and others. People with this placement will derive a lot of their emotional fulfilment and satisfaction from the service they can provide to others. They like to stay busy and productive and will likely find chores and everyday routines to be quite therapeutic for them. Those with this moon placement tend to have a predictable pattern of behaviour in terms of the techniques they utilize and how they order their operations. They are creatures of habit at heart and are happy sticking with what they know best as opposed to experimenting with a variety of different ways and approaches.

Moon in House 6 show a lot of care and concern for others and put a lot of effort into the quality of their work. You show a lot of commitment and reliability when it comes to your work ethic and sense of loyalty. A lot of your emotional stress will likely come from this sector of your life. When your work life is not going well, it can be a major strain on your emotional balance. Your sense of serenity depends heavily on how gratifying your job is and how appreciated you are for doing it. Additionally, people with this moon placement may find that they are inclined to box themselves in a bit with regards to their comfort zones. They tend to rely on what they are familiar with and avoid venturing outside of that with regards to the types of jobs they seek and methods they employ. Nevertheless, those who have their moon in the 6th house in their charts do have a concern for self-improvement and bettering themselves in many ways. They exhibit a more open and receptive mind with regards to health and nutrition and may often find themselves trying out the latest health trends or fads sweeping the neighbourhood. With this moon placement, there is likely to be a high interest in consuming food that serves to support and strengthen their ability to work and do their job well. For that reason, they may have a strong aversion to unhealthy foods and unhealthy habits like smoking and poor hygiene that can ultimately sabotage their health and shorten their lifespan. These individuals enjoy feeling needed for their expertise and are typically eager to help others who are in need of their assistance. They can be very generous and caring and display strong nurturing instincts towards others. In their youth, it is likely that people with this placement have always been eager to help around the house and pitch in wherever needed. They may have often displayed a bit of precocious industriousness that’s earned them approval from adult figures. The types of work that they are most likely to be drawn to may center around the health services, food services and also customer relations. They may also enjoy working around pets and animals of some kind. Taking care of animals as a veterinarian or professional groomer may be a couple of some jobs that they would particularly enjoy.

When it comes to dealing with co-workers, Moon in House 6 are amenable and easy to work with. You may find that you are someone who willingly does more than your share of the task. You’re able to deal with customers well thanks to your receptivity to their concerns and ability to intuitively identify with where they’re coming from. Regardless of what mood you experience and what you are feeling inside, your love of working routine makes you exceptionally reliable and dependable in the performance of your duties. Until you can find work that is sufficiently satisfying to you, it is likely that you will change jobs repeatedly. Once you find something that works for you however, you can be content to stick with that for a very long time. Money is not your primary motivation and because of that, you seek to find something that fulfils you emotionally and also satisfies your need to feel productive. Your physical and mental health is very sensitive to your reactions to your job. A lot of what ails you can be psychosomatic and manifest as a result of the repercussions of emotional stress. A lot of this stress may affect your stomach and digestive health. You have a strong interest in mothering people and enjoy doing things for them such as cooking, cleaning and doing laundry and errands. You likely possess a temperament that can make for an excellent restaurateur and can fit in well as a waiter or waitress or as a chef or line cook. Although, people with this moon placement are highly concerned with health and nutrition, they can also be prone to emotional eating. They may need to show extra caution in watching their diet especially when they are stressed, overtired or emotionally disturbed. With the Moon in House 6, your private world has nothing to do with a whirlwind! Your selective and demanding sensitivity does not leave your life setting to chance. You observe and deliberate for an extended period of time, weighing up your options with precision before committing to a decision. You are sometimes criticized for your prudishness and your excessive reserve. Actually, you need to digest and to slowly integrate the specificities of the circle where you move before you can feel comfortable.

Moon in House 6 posses a kind heart

With Moon in House 6, your Moon is in the house of Virgo. The Moon here shows a down-to-earth person who finds safety in an organized and rational lifestyle. This placement can indicate a real workaholic person! The Moon is one of the most important planets in astrology (even though it’s not a planet). Most astrologers look to the Moon among the first things when they are reading a birth chart. It represents how you react to the world, your emotions and coping mechanisms. To understand the irrational side of someone, you need to understand their Moon. Here the Moon is in an earth house. Earth houses are focused on the material world and creating prosperity. The Moon in the sixth house shows that your emotions and inner world is focused in the here and now and solving problems, instead of dwelling on the whys. How this Moon will solve problems depends on its sign. A Libra Moon will utilize its negotiation and diplomacy skills, while an Aquarius Moon likes to come up with an out-of-the-box solution. Do you know those people who are always ahead of their duties and all their day-to-day chores are taken care of? Or do you happen to be one of them (which is quite likely, sine you are reading a description of the natal Moon in the sixth house)? Well, this placement suggests a person just like that. Daily routines give them a sense of security. You can expect a disciplined and persistent approach when you find the Moon in the sixth house.

A person who has Moon in House 6 turns emotions into productivity. Working is a coping mechanism here. This placement is somewhat similar to a Virgo Moon. This person appreciates efficiency and productivity. They are hard workers, and they expect their co-workers or employees to work hard, too. The sixth house is about being rational, analytical and solving any problem that occurs. A Moon located here finds comfort in all these things. It loves to take care of their loved ones. A lot of energy is allocated into self-improvement and being organized, too. Some people with the Moon in sixth house choose to be self-employed. If the Moon is well-aspected, it can happen that you get along with your clients better than with a boss. In the birth chart, the Moon also represents your clientele. The sixth house is the house of health in astrology. If your natal Moon is in the sixth house, you can experience illnesses, especially those related to stress and issues in the workplace. If you have this placement, make sure to let go of problems and relax often. Luckily, this placement suggests that health issues tend to be psychosomatic illnesses. This is good news because the key to changing your life for the better is in your hands. A Moon in the sixth house can also show a person whose career is related to healthcare. The Moon represents compassion and nurturing in astrology, and the sixth house is about service. This placement suggests that helping others and providing service is important to you. You simply want to be of help to others, or even you might get sick! An issue with this placement is the chase for perfection. Too much Virgo energy in your life can lead to an obsessive-compulsive attitude. This puts even more pressure on you, because it’s impossible to live up to the ideal of perfection. The sixth house is the house of routines and daily habits. They play a big role in maintaining your health. Wherever you see the Moon in a natal chart, you can expect fluctuations. The Moon in the sixth house suggests that you don’t really stick to your routines. Sometimes this placement shows a person who changes even occupation or their workplace often. This might be because of their need for perfection.


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