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Moon in House 4

With Moon in House 4 you have a strong attachment to your mother and to your native origins, being a family oriented person without any doubt. In fact, any person that you come in close contact with through your life needs to be aware of this emotional link of yours and accept it. You feel emotionally safe in your original home, and often return to it when you feel challenge and in difficulties in your life. For you it is very important to have an harmonious relationship with members of your family, and you feel insecure when there is conflict with your closest relatives.

You have strong need for emotional security and have a special interest for your family roots and ancestry, preserving your family legacy like documents, objects and properties is very important to you, and you feel dishearten when you have to let them go. Traditions and customs related to your family is something that you follow very emotionally, but changes in relation to these traditions are both desired and at the same time feared.

Moon in House 4


When the Moon in House 4, like on your case, you show a strong identification with family and domestic interests. You have an emotionally supportive and great relationship with your mother, a connection that provides a solid sense of safety and inner direction in your life. This strong feminine influence comes from an older woman that most likely will be your mother but it could also be an ant, and elder sister or your grand-mother, they tend to look after you dearly and have an emotionally positive influence on you.

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Moon in House 4 have a strong attachment to their mother


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