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Moon in House 2

With the Moon in the second house you can spend a lot of your money in making gifts to those you love the most. It is normal to you to put other people's needs above your own, which is not necessarily the healthiest thing to do. You emotional happiness is strongly related to how stable your future seems and you need financial security more than anything, the more you are surrounded by high quality possessions and comfort, the more secure and happy you tend to feel. You need to possess many things to feel safe and loved. The Moon in second house is a good placement, but can indicate a hoarder because you feel emotionally attached to your possessions. Nevertheless, you are someone who is talented in business, especially is your establish business relationships with women, and this position indicates benefit from working with females. Given the changing nature of the Moon, when it is in this position it indicates fluctuations and periods of changes, with times when you have lot of money followed by financially less fortunate periods or times when you spend more. Working with food, land or real estate, architecture or interior design would be a good idea and will give you money. You love good food, fragrances or nice clothes and everything to be beautiful and high-quality around you, and if you feel that someone wants to take something away from you, you become moody and protective of your possession. Some financial gain through your mother, root family or other female family member is possible with your natal Moon in second house.


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