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Moon conjunction Saturn

Moon conjunction Saturn people can be seen as cold and detached because of how disciplined you are with your emotions. This aspect in your natal chart can point towards a deeply emotional and moving journey. Struggle, effort, hard work are often laced with sorrow and resignation. This can make it seem like it is extremely difficult for you to move forward in your life in a meaningful and healthy manner. However, your urge towards routine, change, stability yet flexibility and growth can allow you to overcome your circumstances through a good harmony between your intuition and your effort. This harmony can arise due to the Moon conjunct Saturn aspect, whose closeness can result in positive change, rejuvenation and optimism. The things that you might have grown out of can remain behind in the past and you can work towards the things calling out to you in the present and future. It is important for you to obtain some kind of emotional support and stability in life, especially if this is something that has not been given to you in the past. Making decisions through a solely emotional lens might not be healthy either, so make it a point to allow logic and emotion to hold your hands and take you a step forward. Your private and reserved nature might make it difficult to maintain your relationships, which is why you should figure out what you want and learn how to share that with others around you.

 Moon conjunction Saturn


Moon conjunction Saturn burdens the emotional life with hardship, sadness, and guilt. This aspect can be made more difficult if either parent, especially the mother, was cold or mean towards you while you were young. Building up a feeling of emotional security is most important because you have a tremendous urge to feel needed and valued. You may have grown up quickly, striving to learn all you could about close relationships to receive the nurturing we all deserve. Unfortunately, because this primal urge for emotional nurturing relies so much on other people, you likely adapted by learning coping mechanisms if you did feel alone when young. In your adult life, this can result in very objective or unemotional responses and reactions in your relationships. Being too strict on yourself can be an asset so long as guilt is taken out of the equation and you aim for emotional maturity. Overcoming shyness and lack of self-respect should be seen as significant life goals. Through positive reinforcement and leaving your comfort zone to open up to others, you can master the skills needed to maintain long-term intimate relationships. Showing others your deep emotions will turn isolation into companionship and depression into satisfaction. As a parent, you can express the very best of Moon conjunct Saturn’s maturity and bonding for the benefit of your children.

Moon conjunction Saturn are very good at disciplining their emotions


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