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Mercury transit conjunction Venus

When Mercury transit conjunction Venus, it stimulates your artistic and poetic senses. It also enhances your ability to appreciate beauty and communicate your feelings. These transits help you understand your relationship problems, experience harmony, and recognize universal patterns. They greatly facilitate social interaction and communication with the public. During these times, you will have pleasant days where you can enjoy yourself and the company of others. However, it’s important to avoid unpleasant places and people who may not appreciate your sensitivity and balance. Socializing is highly recommended during these transits, as you will likely make a positive impression on the people you meet. During Mercury transit conjunction Venus your appreciation for beauty and art will be stimulated. You will have pleasant conversations and feel more inclined to express your feelings. This is a favourable time for financial matters.

Mercury transit conjunction Venus

When a Mercury transit conjunction Venus is going on, people are more logically creative. If this seems like an oxymoron, don’t worry: I’ll explain it all. Mercury is the sign of intellect and of mental knowledge, but Venus rules love, creativity, and all things beautiful. When there’s a Mercury conjunct Venus transit going on, we will all feel more creative in a way that’s productive. For example, you might be able to come up with a new ideal that is the exact solution you’ve been seeking. Your creativity helped you to come up with the idea, not your intellect, but it is your enhanced logic that will put it into effect. The Mercury transit conjunction Venus t is a great time to work hard if you have been stuck on something for a while! You can expect to get brilliant ideas that simply aren’t natural for you. When Mercury transit conjunction Venus is happening, it’s a great time for socializing. Everyone will be more outgoing and more tactful. I find that this is a wonderful transit for large group events. It’s also a great time to negotiate any new deal or bargain. If you’re working on negotiating anything, wait until the Mercury conjunct Venus transit if possible. I know that you can’t always put off big matters until the astrology is right, but this is a really good transit for these types of deals.

Mercury transit conjunction Venus encourages personal interaction, making communications more harmonious and pleasant. It helps you share your love and affection, ideal for socializing, making friends and dating. You are in touch with what you love about a person and can more easily express this than at other times. So this is the right time to tell someone you love them or show your appreciation through a gift or other display of love. It is also likely you be on the receiving end of someone else’s love or appreciation, and you could also receive a compliment, letter, invitation, gift or money. Mercury transit conjunction Venus brings people together and encourages cooperation. It gives diplomatic and negotiating skills to resolve conflicts, finds peaceful settlements to disputes, and break down barriers to progress. This conjunction also enhances your artistic and creative skills. You might enjoy making something with your hands or voice, such as poetry, music, and crafts. Doing business is also favoured because of a good head for numbers and the ability to find win-win situations. You should be confident about signing contracts. Evasion, pleasant encounter or charming stroll are on the pipe for Mercury transit conjunction Venus. The Tradition underlines the pleasant aspect of the astrological influences you are experiencing. If you are single or lonesome, it is time to get ready for an unprecedented adventure and a different lifestyle... Outings, change of air, here are the events that may lead to a new deal in your romantic life! For well-established couples, the climate is more perilous. It is wiser not to blindly and thoroughly explore adventurous paths.

Relationships made during Mercury transit conjunction Venus can be potentially significant and develop into friendships or romances

Mercury transit conjunction Venus is also a great time to close deals. Most of the time, both parties feel very satisfied with what they get. For example, if you’re thinking of dissolving a business relationship with a business partner, the Mercury conjunct Venus transit would be the time to do it. On a personal level, this transit is a great time to start new relationships. Friendships blossom when they begin under this transit because everyone is tactful, polite, and charming. Romantic relationships also do well when begun under the Mercury transit conjunction Venus. First date conversations will be enjoyable, and the beauty of the other person will be enhanced to each individual’s date. If you’re planning out your calendar for the Mercury transit conjunction Venus, you probably won’t want to be sitting at home alone on this day. This is a great opportunity to get out and socialize. Whether you need to use this transit for business or for personal pleasure, almost everyone can gain something during this transit.

There are two different kinds of Mercury transit conjunction Venus. During normal direct motion (not near a station) transit, Mercury makes quick one-hit conjunctions to Venus that happen yearly and represent an opportunity for understanding your values and the natural inner magnetism that draws you toward some things and repels you from others. If you are valuing or rejecting something out of a sense of social obligation (because someone else told you to), then you might have experiences that cause you to question this arrangement. Sometimes, direct Mercury makes close conjunctions (within a few degrees) to natal Venus, while also conjunct the transiting sun, only at much longer thirteen-year intervals. These rarer conjunctions represent a significant realization of higher-level values via experiences that can overpower you with a desire to understand and merge with some new ideal. During this transit, contacts that blossom into important relationships can be made. The retrograde conjunctions from Mercury transit conjunction Venus will occur in groups of three (with a direct conjunction before and after) only every six to seven years, or more often, thirteen years apart. These are opportunities for major adjustments to our inner sense of self-worth and may inspire the desire for long-term investment in self-improvement. Under this transit, you may feel a strong desire to change your image or beautify your life in some way. Relationships begun under these conjunctions are more likely to require major changes at some point, or be possible because of them.

A Mercury transit conjunction Venus typically happens very quickly. However, it can have a powerful impact on your life. Relationships made during this transit can be potentially significant and develop into friendships, romances, and working relationships that can transform your life. These relationships will require a lot of change down the road. They might not take the same form as when they started, but their impact will be strongly felt. You might also develop the desire to express yourself in new ways during this transit. Mercury is always looking for ways to communicate, and a Mercury transit conjunction Venus is the perfect time to reinvent your fashion sense. Mercury transit conjunction Venus is also an excellent time to work up the courage to talk with someone close to you about an issue that you have bottled up for a while. It could be a positive declaration of affection or the beginning of a series of significant diplomatic discussions.


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