Mercury square Saturn

When Mercury square Saturn you have a big challenge to overcome. The challenge is in the mind and with communication, as Saturn restricts and inhibits these basics of life. This aspect has been associated with lying, verbal abuse, theft, scandal, and slander. But it can also give a subtle, studious, keen, and profound mind, interested in occult or serious subjects. A larger view of the world must replace narrow-mindedness and paying too much attention to minute details. Shyness can be overcome by stepping out of your secure little comfort zone, such as joining the debating team at school or speaking in public. Step by step though, learning how to make friends and gaining confidence on a one-to-one basis is a good starting point. Negative thinking can often be exacerbated by having to deal with too much responsibility all at once or suffering through painful hardships, separations, and loss. These things, plus isolation, loneliness, and insecurity, can often lead to depression which must be addressed via medical help, counselling, or other forms of support. Do not suffer in silence. The more you talk and share your dark thoughts, the lighter the load becomes. With natal Mercury square Saturn, you will tend to attract older, male mentors, whom you will learn to trust and value, even though you may not always show that respect initially. Do not blame others for a rejection or their apparent confidence and ease compared to yourself. Until you master this aspect, you could give off insecure and fearful energy, picked up by others. Any resentment on your part makes your aura darker, potentially leading to nastiness. Replace negative thoughts and words with positive ones by using mantras. Repeat positive phrases about yourself before you go to sleep. This combination signifies a dynamic tension between flexibility and rigidity, stream of consciousness and structure, impermanence and permanence. You may start out constantly oscillating between needing freedom and structure, making real progress difficult. Later, there may be areas of life where you refuse to be tied down at all and still others where a strict routine is observed. A higher integration occurs when you begin to realize that either choice may be applied to any matter at any moment, depending on where the thing itself is in terms of needs and development. Healthy boundaries are semi-permeable, which means allowing some things to flow through and keep most others out. In this way, learning to modulate your boundaries becomes another way of understanding and controlling the amounts of fluidity versus structure that you are working with at any time.

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