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Mercury square Jupiter

Mercury square Jupiter aspect is a seat of inner tensions. The tension of the square gives us motivation. Squares are dynamic aspects that give us the drive to succeed. What begins as an inner problem is overcome or accepted, and then becomes a door to understanding. Mercury rules the mind, mental energy and the power of mental purpose. Mercury is the sign of mental telepathy, the thinking mind and things compartmentalised in the mind. Jupiter is lucky, adventurous and abundant. Jupiter is very benevolent, generous and philanthropic. Jupiter rules religion and higher education. This square is quite a challenge to say the least. Mercury naturally rules Gemini (the 3rd house) and Jupiter naturally rules Sagittarius (the 9th house). Gemini and Sagittarius are opposing signs, as do the 3rd and 9th houses. So not only do these two planets represent a natural opposition, they are squaring each other at a very sharp right 90 degree angle like someone sticking their elbow in your side and grinding it. Both Mercury and Jupiter rule the two signs of communication, talking, speaking, writing, publishing, travelling, transportation, learning and educating. These two planets also rule these subjects at different levels of communication, learning, expression and moving about the locale, country or world

Mercury square Jupiter

Mercury square Jupiter gives a clever mind with a broad philosophical outlook on life. You have the potential to grasp abstract ideas and acquire a good understanding of any subject you wish to study. The only problem with this aspect of acquiring knowledge is sticking to your studies without being sidetracked. Concentration and self-discipline may hold you back from reaching your full intellectual potential. For example, you may show promise and get off to a flying start at high school or university, but the lazy nature of Mercury square Jupiter could then see you slacken off, with a resulting drop in your grades. Sloppiness may apply not only to your thinking but all in your writing style or how you organize and plan other aspects of your life, such as filing or keeping up to date with bills and tax returns. With Mercury square Jupiter, your total potential can be realized by consciously working on your concentration level. This would be significantly helped by doing crosswords and becoming an avid reader. You certainly have the capabilities and will keep learning and improving your skills.

Under Mercury square Jupiter, you normally promise more than you can deliver, you tend to exaggerate with your communications with others. You tend to have good intentions in what you are doing but you also can lack common sense at times. You really like to express yourself and your ideas with others, but you can lack discrimination and critical thinking. It is easy for you to be misled or deceived by others as you tend to trust them without following through on the details. While your intentions are generally good, you might overestimate what you are capable of, and promise more than you can deliver. Be careful not to develop a reputation for being unreliable, simply because you desire to make others happy with what you say or promise. You may also become bored easily and you avoid responsibility. If there are other difficult aspects to Mercury or Jupiter, the problems with this aspect could be worse where you may start to manipulate the truth when it comes to getting your way as you prefer the easy road and may be jealous of other people. Even if you don’t lie to others, it’s also easy to deceive yourself in believing you are better than you are and deserve more than you think you do. With Mercury square Jupiter, you need to realize that life is not an easy road to riches and that hard work, persistence and dedication to your work will allow you to succeed. You just need more patience to realize this, your impatience can make you want everything too quickly, or wonder why you are not successful yet. You are capable of learning and studying, with Jupiter expanding your mind and expression, you can accomplish a lot when you put your mind to it. Consequently, it is possible for you to become successful in fields such as Education, Teaching, Marketing, Law or Media. Basically, anywhere where your mind and communicative talents can be utilized. You possess an acute but disorderly mind; you can come to rapid conclusions without knowing all the facts. You must learn to be more disciplined, to concentrate more on details and to be more persistent with your projects. 

With Mercury square Jupiter, you love to express your ideas, sharing them with others quite readily. Jumping to conclusions can be a problem in your life. You often overlook details, preferring to discover the “big picture” quickly. Your thinking and studying habits are not always orderly or disciplined, and this can of course result in sloppiness. Especially with the opposition, you might vacillate between logical, precise thinking and an optimistic conclusion-drawing bent of mind, and in the process, it can be challenging for you to truly get to the heart of a subject or to focus for very long. You may confuse others with a critical flaw-finding conversation one moment, and an overly faithful and unrealistic opinion the next. While your intentions are generally good, you might overestimate what you are capable of, and promise more than you can deliver. Be careful not to develop a reputation for being unreliable, simply because you desire to make others happy with what you say or promise. You are inclined to exaggerate, often without meaning to, and you might have a hard time putting your ideas into practice. In an attempt to attach greater meaning to your thoughts and ideas, you might frequently overstate or overestimate. You can be extraordinarily funny and interesting. Borth with Mercury square Jupiter, you possess an acute but disorderly mind; you can come to rapid conclusions without knowing all the facts. You must learn to be more disciplined, to concentrate more on details and to be more persistent with your projects. You are very generous and optimistic though your optimism can sometimes distance you from reality.

Mercury square Jupiter can have many ideas, but they can’t be very practical because they don’t have balance and aren’t realistic

The difficult "Square" aspect is something few people want to see in their astrological chart, and Mercury square Jupiter is not an exception. Even though they have a bad reputation Squares are common to most astrology charts. Squares occur whenever two astrological "planets" like Mercury and Jupiter are positioned at a "square angle" of 90-degrees. Astrologers regard any planetary positions within 84 and 96 degrees to also be Square aspects, although the greater the distance from a true 90° angle, the less relevant the Square. Planets which are Square with one another don't "cancel" each other completely. It's usually better to think of this angle less like a speeding vehicle crashing into a wall, and more like a constant level of drag or tension. Each of these two astrological "planets" acts as an "obstacle course" for the other one. The tension indicated by a Square aspect in an astrology chart means we may be compelled to settle for the energies of one planet rather than the other. This choice of 1 planet's energy may not be entirely optional: If we try to avoid making the choice somehow we may experience a never-ending series of conflicts and tensions over the years. Because gargantuan Jupiter and fast-moving Mercury are Square to each other, they can be described as promoting friction . As you can see in the 2 columns below, each of the influences of Mercury (shown in the 1st section), creates tension with the energy profile of Jupiter (final section) in some way, and the same dynamic is true in reverse.

People born with Mercury square Jupiter are inquisitive, eager to take action, good at bluffing, giving, kind, highly optimistic and undisciplined. All the time active, they can forget things and make attempts that are overcoming their capacities. People born during the Mercury square Jupiter aspect are smart and philosophical. They can an idea about any abstract notion and can understand any subject they want to learn about. The problem that appears is sticking to studies and not feeling in competition. For this to happen, natives born during this aspect need to focus and to be disciplined because if not, they wouldn’t reach their intellectual best. Mercury square Jupiter can have many ideas, but they can’t be very practical because they don’t have balance and aren’t realistic. Most of the time hurried, they can make promises they can’t deliver, not to mention their rationality and emotions can clash when it comes to matters of religion. This is an aspect that’s having people born during it more prone to making errors in judgment, as well as more worried and anxious. These people need to protect themselves from hypocrites and deceitful persons, as well as do anything in their power against getting defrauded. More than this, they should pay attention to their correspondence because they may get into trouble when writing and speaking. When it comes to the way they’re acting, they should be discreet because they can get into trouble and be involved in litigation. Besides, they should pay attention to what they’re promising and not rely too much on what others are saying. Their inferiors may act in a hurtful manner and cause anxiety, especially with those who don’t have a wise speech, because the influence of this aspect is known for bringing about scandals and destroying reputations.

When Mercury square Jupiter in birth charts, its people are promising more than they can deliver, not to mention they’re exaggerating when it comes to communication. Their intentions are good, but their common sense can completely be missing. They really love expressing themselves and their ideas, but they can’t be discriminating and criticizing. Others can set them in the wrong direction or be deceiving with them, because they’re trusting everyone and aren’t paying attention to details. Whereas their intentions are most of the time the good ones, they can end up overestimating what they can do and make vain promises. For this reason, people born during the Mercury square aspect should avoid being known as unreliable, just because they want to make their loved ones happy. Whereas they can get easily bored and avoiding when it comes to responsibility, the difficult aspects between Mercury and Jupiter could get worse when the truth is being manipulated because the people having them in their birth charts are preferring to take the easy way out and can be jealous.

Nobody can say they don’t know many things, but Mercury square Jupiter just don’t know as much as they think they do because they can’t be bothered with details. If someone is contradicting them with better evidence, they’re not hesitating to present what they know. Therefore, they should be less confident in themselves and look for evidence before talking. Exaggerating can be a problem because no one wants to be impressed by their stories. These people can learn many languages, but they want to speak their own, most of the time. If they want to be appreciated, they need to continue being modest and to have fun while studying. This is because while they may have a good start in school, they can easily become lazy under the influence of Mercury in square with Jupiter. This wouldn’t be noticed only in the way they’re thinking, but also into their writing and discipline, as well in the way they’re filling up orders. People born during a Mercury square Jupiter aspect can realize their true potential through hard work and by focusing. For this reason, they’re good readers and talented at finishing puzzles. They’re capable enough, not to mention always ready to improve their skills. More than this, they’re giving and eccentric, but they don’t have enough common sense. Indiscretion is characterizing them, not to mention they can say the wrong things when they shouldn’t. Talking too much, they may need to pay attention when signing documents. Having a clouded judgment and making decisions too fast, people born during the Mercury square Jupiter aspect are in fact procrastinators and very proud of their way of thinking.

Mercury square Jupiter combination suggests a dynamic tension between the general and particular, the local and far off, or the boots on the ground versus the generals back at headquarters. You will have to learn to make clear choices between theory and practical realities. You may be able to cut through obscurities to reveal underlying problems previously undetected. At the same time, because of the opposed nature of these two planets, you may feel compelled to draw clear contrasts where none truly exist. Sometimes it pays to remain as objective as possible and keep the amount of spin to the necessary minimum, in order to avoid a reputation for calling wolf when the problem is merely a stray mongrel. At other times, it may be necessary to inflate estimations of the problem in order the shake off complacency. The key is in understanding the general mood and amount of energy and resources available.

Very versatile, prone to disorder, negligence and thoughtlessness, hastiness, problem-creating carelessness, restlessness. He tends to be somewhat arrogant and self-sufficient, trying to hide all his fears and his own insecurity.


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