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Mercury sextile Venus

Mercury sextile Venus is one of the more common aspects in astrology because of the similar orbital speed of the planets. These are both very sociable planets, with Mercury ruling communication and Venus ruling love and relationships. So the harmony-seeking and adaptable sextile make this the greatest aspect of friendship and diplomacy. Mercury sextile Venus gives excellent social skills and makes you a pleasure to be around. Being in a pleasant environment is important because of your aversion to anything coarse or aggressive. This is also one of the reasons you make a good facilitator or diplomat, bringing people together and encouraging cooperation. The one drawback of avoiding conflict is that you may miss out on some of the challenging experiences that need to strengthen your character. Fortunately, you can talk and charm your way out of just about anything. And if that does not work, you can enlist the support of someone with the fighting skills to defend you. A career in business, entertainment or politics would suit you, but your communication and numeric skills would be an asset in any field. An ability to work well in groups means you would probably prefer not to work alone, but if you did perhaps an artistic or creative field would allow you to express your natural talents. This aspect also gives skills in reading music, playing musical instruments, poetry and singing.

Mercury sextile Venus

With Mercury sextile Venus at the time of your birth, a love of language, words, and ideas enables you to connect your mind and heart through speech and learning. You enjoy making knowledge personally meaningful, not only for yourself but also for others. Throughout life, you will find yourself forging friendships and fellowship with others who share your ideals and values. You will often form important relationships when pursuing learning or developing your skills in whatever craft holds your interest. You are charismatic in conversation and/or the written word, able to magnetize the interest of others through your crafting of charming language. You also have a talent for teaching others. You are able to communicate in a language that inspires people while helping them learn by simplifying complex material into a more understandable form. As you are able to blend your artistic and mental abilities, you likely have a talent for design—a creative field that aligns with your inner sense of values and aesthetics. Whatever creative arena you engage with, you are an innovator within it—whether it’s a medium using your hands, such as weaving and painting, or one utilizing your mind like graphic design and architectural drafting. You are polite, choosing your words with care and love so as not to offend anyone. Your tactfulness stems from a distaste for disharmony and conflict. You are not always direct and honest as a result of this desire to please, appease, and keep the peace. You are able to understand others and make a great conversationalist. You aim for fairness in your dealings with others. You have a true appreciation for the arts, and strive to achieve balance and harmony in your social relationships, your writing and speech, and your personal environment. You might do business in the areas of art, design, relationships, counselling, or beauty.

Mercury sextile Venus are socially charming

Mercury sextile Venus makes you a smooth social operator. You can charm and seduce effortlessly and are not at all afraid to use these talents for your benefit. Your social skills guarantee you many friends throughout your life. You don’t like uncouth behaviour or aggression in others, but, as you tend to avoid conflict, you are not the one to speak against it. This tendency to avoid conflict is likely to hold back your development, as to avoid conflict is to avoid challenge, and every challenging task we face helps us learn and grow. Usually you charm your way out of any difficulty you face. It is a great sight to behold, but to become the person you could be, you will have to ask more of yourself. Sometimes are greatest talents are that which hold us back the most. In the intersection between communication and the arts, you have many other talents. You like to appreciate art and communicate that appreciation to anyone who will listen. Classic aesthetic forms entice you the most, and you long to have a life in which you can surround yourself with them. You could be a great politician or leader, but you would have to ask yourself first what exactly it is that you stand for. With your social guile, it is easy to maintain a superficial outlook on the world. The depths of your soul remain unexplored, but doing so would be transformative for the possibilities that lie in your future.

Mercury sextile Venus promises sweet connections and hints at the potential for togetherness. It’s also an indicator of creativity. Mercury and Venus can have a helpful influence on each other: Mercury helps articulate the support and desire for connection that Venus strives for, while Venus helps sweeten Mercury’s insights, so they become pleasant and more-ish. I’ve also noticed this pairing tends to indicate an artistic or creative quality. Like, Venus helps the writing or business interests of Mercury become more successful, as if Venus helps to connect Mercury in the marketplace with those that really want his wares or are willing to pay for them. On the other hand, Mercury adds an expressive quality that helps Venus juggle logistics and find the right skills or talents to help make manifest whatever vision of beauty or togetherness she has in mind.

Mercury sextile Venus in birth is common as a result of their same speed on the Orbit. Having orbits that are both inferior and as well elliptic, the sextile and the conjunction are aspects considered major. Mercury and Venus have sociable characteristics, as Mercury is the ruler of communication and Venus of love and relationships. Therefore. The energy and the expressive nature of the sextile between these two planets is one based on friendship and diplomatic partnerships. People born during it are good friends and true charmers, but they also have a tendency of superficiality. More than this, they seem to have a nice voice with which they can soothe others. Calm and having a healthy mind, they’re able to judge characters and to compromise, just so that others are collaborating with them. For this reason, they’re considered to be the best negotiators, who can organize great parties. They seem to have the talent of finding the middle ground, no matter where they may be, and they can agree to build up from there up. These people are always on their own two feet and sincere, especially when making an effort to convince others they should follow their suggestions and lead. This aspect is known to bring about many opportunities because sextiles are all smooth and reflecting the characteristics of the planets forming them. It’s only a matter of people’s choice how they’re deciding to handle them in their birth charts. These opportunities can be revealed when the circumstances are the strangest. Those who were born during the Mercury sextile Venus aspect should understand how the first planet mentioned is the one of reasoning because it rules over intellectualism and is related to how people are learning, teaching and communicating. Venus is the planet of beauty, love and relationships, meaning it has artsy characteristics and elegance. The sextile between the two is about communicating with love and in a smart manner. The thoughts of people born during it are only good, meaning they’re speaking in a thoughtful manner, making them talented at writing. Because Venus is the ruler of art, the natives of this sextile are also great artists, also a beautiful voice. More than this, they’re sociable and a pleasure to talk to. For this reason and because they aren’t aggressive, they should only spend their time in pleasant environments. As well, they’re amazing diplomats who can bring people together and encourage their friends to cooperate. All this can bring them many advantages from a social point of view, not to mention it enables them to express themselves more naturally and to be convincing, which can bring many opportunities. However, in order for this to happen, they need to be able to use their artistic abilities, or why not, the mental ones. These natives are sure to make a lot of money with their friends and at home too. They should cultivate their minds and improve their social status, no matter what. More than this, they should use the same transit to travel and make good changes, what’s bringing them happiness and the power to make all their dreams come true. People born during the Mercury sextile Venus aspect can benefit from many engagements that are expanding their feelings and helping them live in a higher state of mind. At least they’re all the time peaceful and kind. When it comes to their social life, they can easily learn matters of protocol and are mannered, knowing how to things correctly. It’s easy for them to adapt to any social norm. These natives don’t want to offend, meaning they can understand subtle messages without struggling. Their tastes are the most refined, and they’re all the time paying attention to how they look and the way they’re delivering. Always hurried to go to parties and make new friends, they can find themselves being too busy and asked for their presence at any gathering. They know how to listen, meaning their friends can always trust them to give some good advice. Others are getting along very well with them, not to mention they’re hard workers and a pleasure to be around. However, they can miss on some great challenges that are only meant to strengthen their character. Luckily, they can charm others into doing just about anything they want. In case this doesn’t work, they’re always ready to accept the support of those who can fight the same way as them. Natives born during the Mercury sextile Venus transit can have a successful career as business people, entertainers or politicians, but when it comes to communication and calculus, they can use their talents, no matter what field they may be working in. Having the ability to collaborate with others in the most efficient manner, they don’t want to spend their time alone, but they need to use their artistic talents and creativity in order to express themselves.

Common sense, open, sympathetic, cordial, optimism, pleasantness, uprightness, finesse, balance, youth in appearance and behaviour


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