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Mercury sextile Midheaven

Mercury sextile Midheaven brings intelligence and flexibility to your public role and career. There’s a natural ability to harmonize with complimentary contacts from the business, non-profit, or spiritual communities in a way that brings mutual benefit to you and the public. Developing a wide array of contacts you can call on for help keeps you from becoming too beholden to narrow interests and also broadens the scope and reach of your efforts. There can be great magic in bringing together groups for a common purpose who might otherwise not really know about or work with each other very much. Allow these things to develop naturally, out of mingling during your natural movements. Just make it a habit to talk to people about what’s going on and let them see for themselves the opportunities for help that you can facilitate. As you go through life, you tend to stay in touch with your own and other people's inner feelings and psychological currents. Mercury sextile Midheaven rational mind is more influenced than most by feelings and intuitions, which deepen your understanding of the world. It is often, however, not easy to tell people about what you see so clearly.

Mercury sextile Midheaven

With Mercury sextile Midheaven, people may think of you as somewhat reserved and secretive. You are not trying to be mysterious, but you have already learned that if you don't choose your words carefully, taking the time necessary to speak as sincerely as possible, others will misunderstand you, with some unpleasant results. It may take time before your ability to express yourself catches up with what you already know intuitively. As you like to examine secrets, you are attracted to mysteries and puzzles. In fact, you may build up your own secret universe to wander around in, not just for idle play but as a way to express your creative insights. You use your mind to help understand human nature. Mercury sextile Midheaven are a natural psychologist, and developing the abilities to communicate your ideas in speaking or writing will serve you well. You will spend a lot of time in your head planning and arranging your future. Instead of falling into a career by accident, you are more likely to work out everything you must do to get where you want to go. You are able to study hard to achieve your ambition, and you should be a good student in any subject that engages your passions.

With Mercury sextile Midheaven, your thinking is clear and logical, empowering you to refine your plans for the future. Seek conversations with authority figures who can offer guidance and support in achieving your goals. Relate well to these figures, sharing helpful suggestions and innovative ideas. Acquire new skills that benefit your profession or enable you to impart knowledge to others. Engage in interviews and expand your business ventures. Your communication skills are heightened, making it easier to convey ideas and connect with potential partners or clients. Mercury sextile Midheaven facilitate the exchange of information, promoting fruitful discussions and fostering growth within your professional sphere. Network, explore new prospects, and take steps towards achieving your ambitions. Reflect on how you can harness your clear thinking and logical approach to navigate your future path. How can you use your ability to relate well to authority figures to further your aspirations? In what ways can you expand your skills and knowledge to benefit your profession and potentially teach others? As you engage in conversations and seek growth opportunities, maintain an open mind and stay receptive to the ideas and perspectives of others. Embrace the potential of this alignment to enhance your professional endeavours and create a solid foundation for your future success.

Mercury sextile Midheaven are great communicators

With Mercury sextile Midheaven, your career and professional life are likely to involve learning and/or teaching. You have clear ideas about your career and you plan your life carefully. From an early age you wanted to develop skills useful for your professional life. Discipline, steadfastness and perseverance are your traits when comes to mental and intellectual tasks. You want to connect the intellect with something practical and factual, not only theoretical. You like to learn from people in high positions and from older people.


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