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Mercury sextile Jupiter

Mercury sextile Jupiter gives you a skilful mind with a natural ability to flow and develop harmony between the details and the big picture of things. You are a curious person and question things, and your broad mind can take in a wide amount of knowledge. Your diplomatic skills will often be called upon to resolve disagreements between friends and within larger groups of people. You have a good common sense to back up your open-mindedness and good knowledge, and possess a broad outlook on life that can lead you to careers in the arts, or eve diplomacy, where the gifted communication skills of self-expression can gain renown. Rather than being simply an idea person or someone who is engrossed in practical details, you are more like a go-between who is adept at identifying examples or applications to support a general idea or theory.

Mercury sextile Jupiter

Too gifted to remain in the day-to-day operations for long, you are also not fully at home in the lofty confines of the board room or ivory tower of academia. You may move around a good bit, rising quickly and then shifting positions or moving on in order to keep from becoming pushed too high in the ranks for your comfort. You may eventually settle comfortably into a middle management role or make an excellent trainer or consultant, due to the diversity of your experience and skill set. As Mercury rules short distance travel and Jupiter rules long-distance travel, journeys far and wide will bring fulfilment and further knowledge. This is a very sociable aspect and you should enjoy a wide circle of friends. They will appreciate your keen interest and knowledge in many fields. Objective thinking and the ability to plan ahead are other assets, making you a good judge of character with excellent decision-making skills. Open and clear self-expression is a talent put to great use by many famous writers and actors, even directors with this aspect. Even if not in these fields, journal or diary writing should be important to you.

Mercury sextile Jupiter love academia


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