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Mercury opposition Neptune

With Mercury opposition Neptune, your perception of reality is weakened. You can hear and process information, but by the time you interpret it, the information may have changed. This is often because you can filter out the clutter in the world and get to the important information. You tend to get hung up on things that aren’t all that essential. Your weaker processing skills also cause you to communicate information in a way that seems untrue. Others may think you’re lying, even if you intended to be truthful. The way that Mercury opposition Neptune causes problems for you will depend on the signs of the aspect. These issues could arise more when you’re communicating, listening, reading, writing, etc. For example, one person with Mercury opposition Neptune may struggle in communication and speak too much or too often, while someone else may have a learning disability or Dyslexia.  Others simply have a hard time with spelling, math, or following clear formulas. These folks tend to exist on a slightly different mental plane, but they tend to have trouble living on earth. With Mercury opposition Neptune, it’s important that you keep your flaws conscious in your mind. Otherwise, you will forget that you’re even perceiving things differently. Learn how to double-check your words and perceptions. Turn to those you trust to see if your perception is reality. Be careful that you don’t fall into the trap of thinking your way is always right. It’s easy for you to feel a bit egotistical and feel that your thoughts must be correct, but they’re actually distorted quite often. With Mercury opposition Neptune, it’s really important that you learn to determine when your ego has jumped in. That is when your thoughts and perceptions will be influenced. Ultimately, you have a hard time separating fantasy from reality, or you may swing back and forth between intuition or logic. You never really know what to believe because there are two truths at any one time. Your mind is often foggy. You simply don’t know what’s real. However, it’s important that you learn to integrate your logical and imaginative minds while knowing which one is talking. Focus on your deepest emotions with Mercury opposition Neptune. You probably have unpeeled layers that influence your logical thoughts, so when you dig deep and work through your feelings in a logical way, you’ll be able to see reality much more clearly. You will know you’re on the right path with Mercury opposition Neptune when your intuition and logic start to agree.

Mercury opposition Neptune

Mercury opposition Neptune aspect considerably complicates practical life. Eccentric artists and spiritual explorers sometimes have this aspect in their horoscope. These people change their opinions often and unexpectedly. When they get in trouble they do not hesitate to use lies or deceive themselves or others. These people do not express themselves very well and they tend to be dreamers. In order to grow they need to have creative people around them. They often close themselves in their own fantasy word and they do not have a very good short-term memory. They are aware of their special abilities but they are not always able to use them. Depending on other aspects, other people may take advantage of them. Others may find it hard to deal with their chaotic thinking and lack of order. Your communication style may be unusual, perhaps with many pauses or digressions. Natives of Mercury opposition Neptune may be deliberately vague or unintentionally so, depending on your nature. Because your mind is changeable and you believe in the fluidity of life, being definite and concrete doesn’t come naturally. Besides, it’s not always easy for you to express and quantify your ideas and ideals. Some of you are great storytellers. You might watch for making wild assumptions about others or situations, as your imagination can often run ahead of you.

Born with Mercury opposition Neptune, you might have problems concentrating because your mind is often wandering. Your thinking is exceptionally imaginative, intuitive, and creative. Stretching the truth, whether done consciously or not (or a bit of both), is associated with this position. Bored with anything dull, routine, or lifeless, you often dramatize or connect higher meaning to ordinary events and situations. You are often vague in your communications, purposefully or not, as you resist being pinned down to any one opinion or stance. This is partly due to your ability to see so many different points of view and perspectives. Logical, detail-oriented work and studies are not designed for your way of thinking and learning. Creative presentations, ripe with images and imagery, grab your attention and interest. Your style of communication, or possibly thinking, is often self-defeating, and you should consciously avoid a tendency to give up on projects or plans before they even get off the ground. Planning ahead is not a preference; you prefer to move along, running on the fuel of inspiration and intuition. Mercury opposition Neptune combination symbolizes a state of dynamic tension between your day-to-day stream of consciousness and your more refined artistic, imaginative, and idealistic side. This is the signature of the dreamer, with your head in the clouds. You may have trouble focusing on the practical daily matters because you are constantly drawn to inner worlds of imagination or your high idealism won’t let you engage in anything that feels like a debasement. Separating and clearly delineating time for your religious or artistic urges may help to define and structure them, and alternating these periods with normal activities may be necessary. You can soak up emotional and psychic impressions from all around you, and so there may be trouble understanding or defining where your own personality ends and something else begins. Some basic psychological training in therapeutic practices may be necessary and helpful to figure out what is yours and what simply flows through you.

Mercury opposition Neptune is an indication of an inability to distinguish clearly between the real and the unreal, and of a blockage of the creative and imaginative faculty. The key to resolving these issues appears to lie in your relationships with others, and especially in those projections from your own psyche that you are overlaying onto the world and thus distorting your own perception and insight. It is often your own sensitivity and impressionability to environmental influences that causes inner insecurity and fears of over-stretching yourself. There may be an unconscious telepathic ability which transmits to you others' thoughts and motivations, and this can lead to confusion in your relationships, such as at times when they may be saying one thing and you are 'receiving' an entirely contradictory set of impressions on a more subtle level, which you register as a feeling of unease, disquiet and a lack of trust in them. In that context, you find it hard to believe the evidence of your own senses, and this has a direct impact on how you communicate to others. When reality becomes confused and distorted, some respond by imagining conspiracies and enter a paranoid state, and this is a reaction to such intangible senses being operated and distorted by an unintegrated Neptunian imagination. You are often socially 'touchy', strongly reacting against real or imagined social slights, and this acts as a weak spot in your personality, especially as you lack a strengthening inner confidence. Competition is not your style, although that does not make you immune to the influences of other competitive spirits in your environment, such as those at work who can easily ride roughshod over you in their scramble to reach the top. Sometimes you act as a victim, drawing out such tendencies from others, and then begin to bemoan your fate as they succeed and leave you only with disappointments.  Your mind is highly imaginative and creative and you possess dramatic, artistic, or musical abilities. As a child, you enjoyed daydreaming, fantasizing, pretending, and probably lived in “your own little world” a good deal. You perceive things which are not obvious to other people and you have an uncanny ability to “read” people and situations without being told anything about them. However, you must learn to discriminate between a true psychic perception and your imagination. Learning to discipline and focus your mind is necessary if you wish to use all of your creative potential. Otherwise, you could be simply a dreamer. Communication with others is difficult for you because you often find words frustrating and inadequate to express your experiences and perceptions. Also, you may purposefully mystify or deceive others.

Mercury opposition Neptune is an indication of an inability to distinguish clearly between the real and the unreal

Mercury opposition Neptune gives a vivid imagination and creative talent but can cause disappointment in close relationships. The fundamental problem here is mental because your perception of reality may be weakened. You hear and see what everyone else does, but when it is processed in your brain, you get a different picture. Your mind cannot filter out the clutter or background noise, so you are bombarded by too much data or information. This over-sensitivity to your environment confuses you when you interact with others and share messages. Miscommunication is common and can quickly spiral into accusations of deception and lying. Actions and responses based on the wrong information can lead to further complications, arguments, or a total breakdown in communication. This makes it challenging to maintain healthy relationships because of confusion, mistrust and suspicion. You may also incorrectly perceive another person’s character traits or intentions. Therefore, you are more vulnerable to deception and scandal, being used, abused, and ripped off. Conscious awareness of this potential flaw in your perceptive skills will go a long way to averting confusion in relationships. You will learn to double-check, ask for advice, and take extra care when communicating. Seek a second opinion and understand the other side of the story because you tend to believe in conspiracy theories or ideologies and religions based on fantasy. A quick scan of famous people with Mercury opposite Neptune in their chart reveals a talent for the arts like music, drama and writing. Your imaginative view of reality may even see you rise to the top of politics.

Mercury opposition Neptune own gifts may flower more effectively once you have withdrawn from the employment rat race. Perhaps exploiting latent creative talents may be the key or entering some form of employment where co-operation is the underlying dynamic may offer you more satisfaction; but as human nature intrudes even there, the only answer may be a detached and sensible self-employment. Cleansing yourself of deceptive influences is essential, not just those outer influences affecting you, but also that pattern of creating them in your own perception and evaluation. Unrealistic daydreams which are unachievable or never manifested are symptomatic of deception. For example, you create imaginatively high aspirations which because of their 'perfect nature' soar beyond everyone's grasp yet glitter in their pristine purity. Ultimately there is no real value in self-deception. It is a waste of valuable time and never leads to satisfaction. Perhaps it helps to avoid facing an empty, aching inner void, but that can more profitably be filled by something real, achievable and personally meaningful. Effort is needed. Anyone can dream, millions do, but trying to achieve those dreams at least offers a direction to focus along. False naivety needs to be dropped, as do the fictitious aspects of your life and your approach to self-evaluation. A more straightforward type of communication, inner and outer, will reap benefits and break the stranglehold of illusory deceptions, leading to a greater understanding of your own and others' natures, so that in your own life you move from illusion to reality and increase the quantity of light in the world. Personal 'redemption' is always positive within a larger social context. 


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