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Mercury in Taurus

Mercury in Taurus natives are plodders. They may take their time to arrive at a decision, but they get there, they are actually quite decisive, even stubborn with their opinions. Some may mistake the time they take over decisions for laziness, but look a little deeper and you will find that these people do think. Mercury in Taurus men and women may be slow to start a new project, but they see it through to the end. You may need to poke them to get them going, however. They have much common sense at their disposal. These people rely on their senses when it comes to processing information. Smells, noises, and mood are all employed. Their communication style may, at times, be slow and measured. You may get a sense that these people are quite deliberate in what they do. There is a placid quality to Mercury in Taurus natives, when they speak, they are generally not bubbling or scattered. As a result, others really listen to them. They take them seriously. The practicality of the sign often shows up in a rather sarcastic manner, although Mercury in Taurus people have an overall pleasing manner of communicating. In fact, they can be quite funny with their “say it like it is” style. Many people with this placement of Mercury have especially pleasant voices. The down-to-earth quality of Taurus often shows up in the speech, so it’s unlikely that their expression will be flowery or affected. Instead, it’s infused with a realistic tone that can be rather authoritative.

Mercury in Taurus

When Mercury is in Taurus, the mind slows down to take in sensory perceptions. Those with this fixed earth Mercury in the natal chart build up impressions carefully. They speak slowly, often choosing each word like a mason chooses bricks for a foundation. What this Mercury loses in speed, is made up for in thoroughness. They want a solid grounding in what they're experiencing, often in a hands-on way, as they shape perceptions. Mercury in Taurus likes to learn by doing, and to take slow, steady steps toward a practical goal. Whether it's a solidly constructed building, song or educational program, they want to see tangible results in the end. They work best in an unhurried environment where they're not pressed to make leaps of logic. This Mercury approaches progress with caution, planning out each step to make sure it's on solid ground. Like the tortoise in the fable, they patiently deal with what's in front of them, and progress slowly toward the finish line. When it comes to learning, Mercury in Taurus prefers demonstrations, concrete answers, and basic concepts. These natives learn best when they see real-world uses for the theories they’re trying to absorb. Not that they wouldn’t be able to comprehend the abstract–they simply process information better when they can personalize it (what use is it to me?) and attach it to the practical world. It’s interesting to note that Taurus is a sign that naturally assesses things in terms of what they can do for them. With Mercury placed in the sign, information is processed, and either accepted or discarded, with this kind of “screening” process. Well-developed sense of colour, smell, and touch are characteristic of this position of Mercury. These people have well-defined tastes, and these revolve very much around the world of the five senses.

Mercury in Taurus loses its restless edge, and becomes mesmerizingly grounded in Taurus. They speak with the authority of earthy wisdom, a knowing that comes from leaving no stone unturned. Their words come out full-bodied, rich, and rooted in the real world. They can be no-nonsense, which saves them time in the long run. They're not fantasizing about what could be, because they're enmeshed in what is. Sometimes this locks them into safe boxes, where the unproven or new is treated as suspect. Taurus is Venus-ruled, and as artists, they're apt to approach it as craft, becoming masterful at what they do. This Mercury lends the strong focus and discipline to make it through the apprenticeship period. Often they're graced with melodious voices, and shine in mediums in which the body is the instrument. In Taurus, Mercury seeks to create things that are enduring, tangible and stable. Ideally, what is created is a reflection of deeply held values. There's a need to have something to show for the effort, like growing wealth and possessions. This is a mind geared toward consistent effort over time, with the expectation of an abundant harvest. Your challenge is to live in a world out of sync with nature's laws, and all the frustration that goes with it.  When you're rushed in any way, you feel like you've lost control of an idea, or are in danger of making a crap decision. Watch out for the judgement of others, who may find your process to be needlessly slow.  You do well in fields and with people who allow you the time you need to fully flesh out your ideas.  

Mercury in Taurus has different ways, and yours is fixed, which is to do with stabilizing, and building on solid ground in general.  Your gift is to build an art form or idea that's enduring.  Your weak point is being flexible enough to adapt to change. You'll want to watch out for stagnation in your thinking, and this is when Taurus gets depressed.  That's when life feels heavy and not worth it, and uninspired. Mercury is a neutral Earthy planet and when it sits in Taurus, which is also a fixed Earth sign, the person tends to be fixated in views. It is difficult to budge these individuals once they have made a decision. Taurus is ruled by Venus, which also shares a friendly relationship with Mercury so this placement proves to be fruitful for the native. Such a person seeks stability in life. They are practical beings who believe in logic. Their concentration power is exceptional. They are in fact quite dependable and loyal too, especially in money matters. They excel in money management.

Mercury in Taurus people have an overall pleasing manner of communicating

Mercury in Taurus natives have strong business acumen. They can however be conservative in their views, because they do not like change in life. These people are good organizers and do well in managerial roles. They like to live a luxurious and secure lifestyle. They like beautiful objects, jewellery, and flowers, things that appeal to their senses. They are quite soft-spoken and polite to others. On the love front, sexual satisfaction is important for the smooth running of their relationship. Mercury relates to muscles and Venus represents beauty, an amalgamation of these energies makes the native fond of physical exercises. These people pay attention to how they loo. With Mercury in Taurus, you have a good relationship with your elders. Mercury has come to the house Taurus, ruled by friendly Venus. This combination yields many positive traits. In particular, you are fated to have many positive relationships with elders in your life, such as parents, uncles, aunts, teachers, or mentors. This is very fortunate, as we can learn so much from the wisdom of those who have greater life experience than our own. You will have good money throughout life. You are a hard and dutiful worker and you can make good money in your chosen profession. You will never suffer poverty in life. You are likely to belong to the upper middle class, and you will enjoy sharing your wealth with your family members.

Mercury in Taurus like to exercise. You are physically active and you like to workout several times per week, whether at home, at the gym, or at the park playing a sport like tennis, basketball, etc. Your love for exercise keeps you fit and healthy, and this also boosts your sense of mental well-being as well. You will have a happy marriage. Venus is the planet of marriage and romance, and the benefic planet Mercury has come to bless the sign of Taurus. You will have a stable and friendly relationship with your partner, and you may have children as well. You know when to take advice from others. Although you are a successful person in your own right, you also know when to get help and guidance from others. This is a winning trait that has contributed much to your success in life. After all, others often have experience that we don’t, why learn the hard way when we can learn from others? You will have good money throughout life. You are a hard and dutiful worker and you can make good money in your chosen profession. You will never suffer poverty in life. You are likely to belong to the upper middle class, and you will enjoy sharing your wealth with your family members.

Mercury in Taurus may experiences a lot of frustration with expressing things in the moment. This is a Mercury that doesn’t try to say things in one conversation or do things that should take 10 years over the course of a day. A Mercury in Taurus doesn’t see the point in talking about trust; instead, they set out to prove their trustworthiness with you over the course of a lifetime. This is a Mercury that is more interested in doing instead of saying. Mercury in Taurus can get tongue-tied in intense conversations. They get frazzled when they are assigned too many tasks at once. They’re not interested in multitasking and consider their commitments too carefully to put their feet in different shoes. Mercury in Taurus people build things over the course of long periods of time. They must do things in order to understand them. They are physical learners who put their whole body into their commitments and their decisions. When a Taurus Mercury commits, they commit. This is a Mercury placement that looks at your actions to judge your character, not your words.

Being born with Mercury in Taurus gives you a solid way of thinking and interacting that makes you especially practical and reliable. You aren’t one to jump to conclusions -- or jump to anything for that matter. You like to take your time and get all your thoughts in order before sharing them with others or taking action on your ideas. You have a calm and deliberate manner when you communicate. You get straight to the point and convey your thoughts with intention, making it easy for others to understand what you’re saying, clear and productive conversations are your speciality. While some may see you as stubborn, you see yourself as strong-minded and confident in your values and perspectives. Being honest and real is important to you. Your mind and body feel closely connected to nature and the world around you, and you’re very attuned to your five senses. One thing you need to watch out for is being or coming across as close-minded. While you like to focus on practical ideas, this can limit the way you think and see the world. Taurus is known to be a stubborn sign, so you may dig in your heels when someone brings up an idea that’s totally different from yours. Stick to your convictions when it’s necessary, but open your mind every once in a while to a new and different perspective, too, it’s the only way to grow.

Common sense prevails, calm, total absence of precipitation, simple, it cannot be described as twisted at all since deep down it is too innocent to harbour evil. Courtesy, good sense, sharpness, concrete and realistic spirit, with a sense of judgement. In MA obstinacy


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