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Mercury in Pisces

Mercury in Pisces are gentle communicators with a soft touch that is pleasing and warm. Some of them come across in an almost poetic way. Not given to bother too much with details, these individuals tend to sponge up the feelings and moods of their environment. The information they extract from their surroundings can be unusual and certainly unique. For some, it is heavily skewed in the direction of emotion and feeling. They’re generally lovely listeners and, when you get them talking, warm conversationalists. When it comes to communicating, they’re moody, and this extends to their letters and emails too. It’s a kind of odd thing — you never know when they’ll be in a quiet mood or a yakking state. These individuals don’t compete for air time, but they can talk up a storm when they’re in the right frame of mind. Predicting when that will be can be difficult, though. Mercury in Pisces is tactful because they don’t want to offend others in any way. They feel out their audience and sometimes search for what they think others want to hear. Yes, Mercury in Pisces can fib. It’s not that they are malicious–they simply want others to be comfortable. These people come across as dreamy and indirect. It can be hard to pin them down to any one belief or decision. It’s not that they want to drive you crazy or anything–it’s just that Mercury in Pisces takes in so much information from the world and their open-mindedness prevents them from taking a stance for too long. They have an unusual aversion to cold facts and hard decisions. Driven more by intuition than facts, these people avoid list-making and the like. Others might think them disorganized but they have an uncanny knack of finding things nonetheless. There is a tendency to avoid detail work or tying up loose ends, not to mention the mind drifting off to Never-Never Land. Mercury in Pisces is tuned in to all the nuances of subjects and environments. They pick up on subtleties of all kinds, so what they lack in organization they make up for with insight. When the Sun Sign is Aries, much of the brashness and directness of Aries is considerably toned down with Mercury in Pisces. Aquarius Sun people with this position are artistic and humane. Mercury in Pisces people are often vague and indirect in their communications with others. If they learn to express themselves with more clarity, they’ll find that a lot of the problems they can encounter with misunderstandings will lessen. Their impressionable nature can make them an easy target at times. Their plans may seem too dreamy and unrealistic to more practical sorts, lacking the details that make them seem more attainable. But Mercury in Pisces’ vision is extraordinary, and their leaps of faith are admirable.

Mercury in Pisces

People born while Mercury was in Pisces are soulful, intuitive, and compassionate. Mercury in most other signs is about the brain and the conscious mind. In Pisces, though, it’s about the subconscious. Having your Mercury in Pisces amplifies your inner voice and helps you "feel" things that other people only think. It’s a very sensitive placement that regularly reminds you to think further and accept that not everything on Earth can be explained by facts and figures. Your Mercury in Pisces is an extremely creative influence. You are driven by your inspirations and tuned in to your dreams. While you move through your everyday life, you process the world through this softer filter, helping you see the world in an idealistic light. You don’t deny the tragedies of the world, but you also don’t lose sight of all the magic and positivity that’s still out there -- you know there’s something much bigger happening. Because Pisces is such a spiritual sign, you thrive when pondering questions like: What is the meaning of life? What is my ultimate purpose? Is there a God? You’re not deterred by the fact that there aren’t any answers ... you’re rejuvenated by the infinite amount of answers available. When you find a friend or lover who is happy to delve into these extraordinary concepts with you, you’re sure to see stars in your eyes.

Mercury in Pisces are intuitive

Mercury in Pisces natives are nice, pleasant spirits who care about other people. Their overconfidence might sometimes backfire, leaving them exposed to deception and treachery in important areas of life, including business partnerships and romantic relationships. From paintings to music, there is a great desire for the arts and all things beautiful. People born under the sign of Pisces are dreamers who are constantly lost in their thoughts. These people can communicate telepathically but not verbally. They would prefer to express themselves through poetry or fine arts than through spoken communication. Mercury is known as the planet of communication, wisdom, reasoning, and judgment. This indicates that for Mercury in Pisces, it is essential to make everyone comfortable with the outcome. Other people can see the warmth and kindness in their words and mannerisms. They have the memory of a past experience, and they might use those to guide their decision-making. However, conversing with someone who is a Mercury in Pisces is usually a pleasant experience. They are good listeners who make others feel needed and valued. They want everyone to feel at ease and free to express themselves without fear of being judged. When discovering new knowledge, Mercury in Pisces has a tendency to filter through little details in order to get to the big picture. They frequently overlook the tiniest of facts. While this makes it easier for them to comprehend information, it can also make them forgetful or disorganised, but in order to avoid being fixed in their views, they have a low degree of set opinions of their own. Their openness to new ideas is beneficial, but it can also be a barrier to progress. They invite people from all walks of life to join their inner circle, but they also have very rigid standards. It suggests that people frequently attempt to exploit them and their idealistic view of how the world works. Despite having a greater awareness than other people, they are still likely to miss critical details, resulting in frustration. In order for Mercury in Pisces to succeed, they must devote time to applying solid, fundamental strategies rather than ignoring the boring details. In order to be more effective communicators, they have to escape their dream state and stay on point in reality. They should be mindful of keeping their distinct vision, but they need to be careful not to lose it. When they feel peaceful and prosperous, then they can achieve these things. The world would have been a boring place if it weren’t for them.

Mercury in Pisces has a naturally artistic outlook and is often drawn to music, theatre, visual arts, film-making or photography. It's a mind able to dwell fully in the imagination and bring those visions to life in their work. There's a healing aspect to what you share, and it strikes others as divinely inspired. This Mercury has a gentle touch socially, as well, and is often a bridge between people. You have an innate trust and readily accept what others say, and therefore can be led astray by manipulators and con artists. A key word here is discrimination, and being aware of the dark arts, too. Such an emotionally-driven Mercury has to guard against being pulled by the heartstrings to dark places. Developing the ability to discern truth from illusion, and to add logic to decision-making is sometimes a lifelong task. Mercury in Pisces has gifts to share that elevate the experience of life to something transcendent. Yours is a vulnerable sensitive mind, one that often seeks refuge in fantasy and "checking out" somehow (like television or drugs). When lost, this Mercury struggles with fuzzy thinking, unable to handle the details of life. They gain confidence when they find creative self-expression, and release all that are absorbed back into the world. You might lament being so sensitive, and I've known many who wish they weren't such feelers. You also sense the undercurrents, as if there's a running narrative of what's not being said. That's confusing, but over time, you can turn it into a gift, instead of a curse. One of the best ways to do this is through the arts since that's a pursuit of finding meaning in the vast ocean of experience and ideas.  


Extraordinarily receptive and impressionable, he is almost always in the clouds and very prone to forgetfulness, confusion and forgetfulness so that he quickly gets excited and excited but can also be restless, fearful or skittish. Very resigned, not very aggressive, practically zero fighting spirit, sensitive, kind, gentle, soft, natural, soft and quite helpful. In MA indecision, illusion, avoidable confusion if you pay attention to detail. Fear of spells and curses if there are bad aspects of Uranus or Neptune


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