Mercury in House 8

With Mercury in house 8 you speak with a lot of authority and others listen. You have strong persuasive powers, a penetrating mind and you are excellent at developing strategies as well as communicating them to others. You have an inquisitive nature and want to get to the deep of the matter and unravel mysteries and secrets. Your mind works in a rather mysterious way, and topics that are not normally talked about at the dinner table fascinate you, such as mystery, finance and power. Your mind is very good for finances, medicine and other subjects that require research and investigation. This placement of Mercury suggests a reserved, somewhat shy person who is fascinated by the mysteries of life. However, you often keep your thought secret. You need a lot of privacy. Trust is essential for you. You only open up to a person after they earned your respect and trust. With Mercury in the eighth house, you have good researching skills, and you have been gifted with a very deep focus. You love to get to the heart of the matter, a superficial answer won’t satisfy a Mercury here. Neither do small talks and social mannerisms. A Mercury in the eighth house wants deep conversations, and when you are studying something you are able to get to the meaning of things. Just like Scorpio, you want to understand and know the subject inside out. This placement is very good for scientists or any profession that includes a lot of research, as you want to understand the world on a very deep level. This thirst for knowledge leads you to an understanding that most never people can never achieve. You search for the truth all your life.



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