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Mercury in Capricorn

With Mercury in Capricorn you are straightforward, methodical and strategic, with a strong desire to compartmentalize the impressions you get from the world. You often speak and write in a slow and methodical manner, appreciating structure an order, breaking down ideas into manageable parts before arriving at a decision. Although you are a very resourceful person, you easily get frustrated when too much information is thrown at once to you, and you much prefer to take on projects and tasks that present tangible and practical results. You tend to be a little strict and judgmental with others, and can quickly become impatient with people who don't fulfil their word, getting easily bothered when others don’t seem to get things and concepts that seem extraordinarily obvious to you. Mercury in Capricorn can have seemingly crystal-clear judgment, and although your thought processes can be skewed to the practical world, you too easily reject whatever it is that you deem to be a frivolous way of thinking; your mind is really oriented toward practical tasks.

Mercury in Capricorn

Your style of communication is conservative, practical, serious and penetrative in your speech, concise in your presentation and hating wasting valuable time, even though you do take your time when making plans for the future. You choose your words carefully for fear of coming across as inept. With Mercury in Capricorn your spontaneity is being reduced, and you tend to experiment an early process of maturity in your younger years. Since early age you are perfectionist and consider your duties and personal tasks as something highly sacred for you. On your bad aspects you tend to be cold and lack sensibility, irradiating a contagious pessimism. Instead of fomenting cunning and personal ambition, this position of Mercury asks you to be less selfish and trust more in others around you.

Mercury in Capricorn are methodical individuals

If you were born while Mercury was in Capricorn, you are blessed with a strong work ethic and a reliable reputation. Your calm and collected style of interacting makes others feel they can trust you and depend on you. When you say you’ll do something, you do it. You have high standards for yourself. While you’re working toward one goal, you’re already planning your next. But while you like the view from the top, don’t let it go to your head -- if you speak down to others or come across as too direct and controlling, you could end up all alone up there. Though some may see you as pessimistic, you see yourself as efficient. If something doesn’t have a purpose, then you have no use for it in your life. It’s as simple as that! By regularly eliminating thoughts, people, and situations that don’t do you any good, you are able to focus on what’s left: the things that will help you the most and take you the furthest. One of the best lessons you can learn with your Mercury in Capricorn is that you don’t have all the answers, at least not as much as you think you do. There is value in others’ opinions and knowledge, and a benefit to seeing all the shades of grey between black and white. If you keep your mind closed to any thoughts or ideas that aren’t your own, you’ll limit your amazing potential.


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