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Mercury in Aries

Mercury in Aries communicators make quick decisions–so quick that you might think they don’t much like thinking things over. The truth is, Aries communicators don’t have a lot of patience for mulling. Their decisions are often driven by the need for instant gratification. Mercury in Aries men and women are generally quick and to the point in their communications. They are direct and candid, and some may even think their style is crude at times. At times, they can come across as downright aggressive, but that usually happens when they encounter opposition to their opinions and ideas. It is generally a result of frustration, because Mercury in Aries almost childishly assumes that others will accept their opinions smoothly. There is a sensitivity and defensiveness to Aries, and when Mercury is placed in the sign, natives tend to be quite personally attached to their ideas. These people have a tendency towards streamlined learning. They prefer not to get bogged down in details, and are adept at dismissing what they feel are irrelevant details. There’s a certain innocent charm to Aries communicators. Many will appreciate this sign’s utilitarian approach. You can pretty much count on them being straight with you, even if their Sun Sign is the more indirect Pisces. This Mercury position favours starting new things. Aries is not attached to outdated ideas, and generally adopts an enthusiastic style. Criticism or negative feedback can be taken personally. Still, they are not afraid of a fight or a challenge, on a mental level. They have a visionary intelligence that is sometimes on the idealistic side.New projects and ideas are taken on with an unmatched enthusiasm with this position of Mercury. However, because there is no shortage of new ideas in life, Mercury in Aries natives can be quick to dump one mental pursuit, way of thinking, or opinion for something fresher and more exciting. Mercury in Aries people are often excellent at promoting their new ideas. When they’re excited about something, their style of communication can be so motivating and fun, the enthusiasm is downright infectious. Aries is a leader, quick to adopt absolutely new and innovative methods–they get a rise out of leading too.

Born with Mercury in Aries you are not one to mince your words! A strong and direct communication style is a tell-tale sign for those of you born with your Mercury in Aries. Your mouth fires as rapidly as your mind -- you simply don’t have the time or energy to beat around the bush. This can rub some people the wrong way, but others will appreciate that you’ll always be straightforward with them. If anyone needs a decision to be made, you’re the person they call, Aries. While other people may get caught up in an endless cycle of mulling over every possibility, you focus on the bigger picture. To you, getting hung up on trivial details only slows you down on the trail you’re blazing. Because your Mercury is in Aries, you’re a pioneer, someone who is often coming up with new ideas and innovative ways of thinking about things. If your perspective is met with resistance, you have an animated communication style that often encourages people to adopt your point of view. Procrastination? You don’t know the meaning of that word! You embody a "full steam ahead" mentality, quickly ploughing through anything you’re working on. A take-charge attitude and ability to inspire others with your words is why you may eventually land a leadership role of some kind.

Mercury in Aries

People with Mercury in Aries tend to be fast-thinking, quick-witted and very mentally agile. However, they lack the capacity for considered, thorough, in-depth intellectual analysis and possess a much shorter than average concentration span. Their thought processes are spontaneous and highly subjective, giving them a talent for original, inspired, and sometimes ingenious thinking. But because they’re so single-minded and only see things from their own standpoint, they have difficulty appreciating alternative perspectives. This is an intellectually competitive mind that requires constant stimulation and enjoys vigorously challenging – and arguing against – others’ ideas and opinions. Mercury in Aries individuals quickly become impatient with dull-witted types who are unable to keep up with their own speed of thought. They are known for their ability to make quick, firm decisions, but because they rarely take the time to think things through properly, many of their judgments can be rash and ill advised. The Mercury in Aries communicative style is forthright, direct and assertive. These types can be relied upon for their verbal honesty and willingness to ‘tell it like it is’, no matter who they might upset or offend. Fearless advocates of truth, they simply aren’t interested in telling others only what they want to hear. Mercury in Aries people excel at quick-fire, spontaneous responses and clever come-backs and always want to be first in coming up with a new idea or expressing a controversial opinion. They’re very good at striking up conversations, but due to their tendency to flit from one topic to another are poor at sustaining a line of thought. They talk in a heated, impassioned and excitable manner that inspires enthusiasm – but sometimes also irritation – in listeners. Fierce opponents in arguments and debates, they can be very verbally aggressive, and perhaps quite crude, at times. They also have a troublesome tendency to blurt out the very first thing that comes into their heads without reflecting on the likely consequences. 

Mercury in Aries are quick thinkers


Intellectually fearless; original thinkers; lively conversationalists; open and direct; fast, confident decision makers. 

Headstrong and impulsive; tactless and blunt; quick-tempered; too intellectually subjective – can't admit they're wrong. 

Attributes of Mercury: Command of reason (at least the wish of that to happen) over feelings and sensations of little that, despite your exquisite sensitivity, you show yourself very little sensual and sentimental. In MA your morality leaves a lot to be desired and matters of interest predominate without much concern for what is true or fair. Restrained sensuality with moody, dark undertones

Originality, liveliness, faithful, honest, he always acts rashly without stopping to mediate about the possible consequences of his actions. In MA systematic contradiction, agitation, impulsiveness and somewhat reckless

Eloquence, writing, liveliness, ease of speech. Persuasive words, fluid and full of meaning. He gladly assumes the role of narrator although he often gets carried away by exaggerations, fantasies or even errors and capital inaccuracies. Your gestures are usually lively, multiple and fast. In MA lie

Rather few spiritual concerns compared to scientific or commercial concerns

Diplomat par excellence, with great arbitration capacity and gifted to minimize social difficulties and resolve external differences. A gift of being appreciated, even appearing to be indispensable in the most diverse environments. Esteemed thanks to his spirit, subtlety, mental ability and youthful character, but criticized for his tendency to slander, as direct as dangerous, with which he can cause great disasters by putting stronger and more powerful enemies out of action. In MA your personality becomes disturbing and you can persuade, seduce, lie or slander with equal skill. You are unrivaled in your ability to get help from others or to get others to work for you.

Some degree of scientific intuition, linguistic gifts

Ability to understand quickly and can excel in all disciplines and obtains extensive knowledge, although of a rather superficial nature. Reasoning, deduction, ingenuity, mental curiosity in all fields. It is preferable that Mercury has MA than that it has no aspects at all, since without aspects the intellectual faculties are diminished

His physical action is characterized by speed and dexterity. Physical exertion is unpleasant. An excessive curiosity leads him to scatter his efforts and incur in several things at the same time so that he will not be able to carry out any of them in depth. Success is due to his ingenuity and practical sense

In the field of everyday life, it will stand out where ingenuity becomes more important than brute force; always try to go around obstacles, attenuate them or eliminate them without going directly to them

You must be careful above all of your tendency to mental fatigue

Lungs, nervous system, intestine and mental imbalances, rheumatism, bronchitis, pleurisy, pneumonia, cerebral congestion, pulmonary tuberculosis, intestinal paralysis, neuralgic pains, sensorineural problems, sensory paralysis and even madness

The sentimental destiny does not occupy a very important place in his life. Reason and curiosity predominate rather than deep attachment in terms of feelings, which are usually quite superficial, often multiple, doubtful and unstable, especially if Mercury is in a mutable or poorly placed sign.

Frequently, the interest factor is mixed with his affective life, giving rise to multiple love experiences but without leaving too deep traces.

Little inclination to marriage (single) and if it is celebrated, it is often carried out out of interest, with the risk that by accepting a shallow union there will be disagreements and possible extra-marital affections

Regarding friendships, it is generally easy for him to make friends who will almost always have a higher social position than his. He does not usually attack his enemies directly, but he has the ability and attitude to sow discord among them.

In financial matters, Mercury in BA ensures a minimum of security. Does not indicate large gains except in BA of Jupiter. With MA you can try to obtain benefits through reprehensible or unrecommended systems

You will have the opportunity to earn a living in the most diverse occupations thanks to your skill and practical sense

He always knows how to make himself appreciated and although he does not reach the highest positions, he is usually a skilful collaborator since his aptitudes for managing large companies are very high. He performs the function of craftsman or ingenious "fixes everything" much better than the role of patron. In addition to the intellectual field (literate, journalist, printer, bookseller, scholar, statesman, diplomat, office worker, librarian), he stands out notably in matters related to commerce (under the modality of representative or seller), organization of advertising campaigns, railway employee or of transport companies

Lover of changes and travel. Mercury in BA greatly facilitates social ascent. Quite frequent changes of fate and possibilities to rebuild your life almost inexhaustible


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