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Mercury conjunction Venus

Mercury conjunction Venus gives you a talent for bringing people together through your communication skills. You may have a gift for mediation, conflict resolution, or a variety of therapeutic practices. Your writing or speech bears the stamp of your distinct style, and you are able to integrate your artistic sensibilities into the way you express meaning. There is a poetic quality to the way you express yourself that encapsulates deeper meaning through a symbolic choice of words, tone, and rhythm. You have a talent for synthesizing diverse ideas and aesthetics together. When your curiosity leads you to explore a diverse range of perspectives and concepts within your field of interest, you’re able to find interconnections that unify an underlying meaning. You may be attuned to trends in artistic fields such as music or fashion that enable you to blend different influences together into your own style. You may also be talented in some sort of creative expression utilizing your hands, such as textiles or carpentry, or using technology in an artistic manner such as in graphic design. You may even be especially adept at mercantile activities, such as brokering business deals and negotiations. This conjunction is more likely to produce the right-brain dominant creative mind and often confers a lifelong interest in, and love of the arts. Whether or not you ever become an artist, you will nonetheless likely have something of an artistic sensibility and temperament. Even if other aspects bring more of a rational, scientific mindset, this conjunction demands that be balanced with the kind of rich imaginative faculties fostered by the humanities. In an extroverted personality, the powers of persuasion, charm, and penchant for social activity can be enormous. In a more introverted expression, this conjunction demands a reverential attitude towards and active participation with the inner life. This can be achieved through spiritual, artistic, or psychological means but the resulting inner voyage(s) will become a defining feature of the individual consciousness.

Mercury conjunction Venus

Mercury is all about the mind while Venus is all about beauty and pleasure. The Mercury conjunction Venus aspect quite literally means mental pleasure, so it’s an aspect that many people appreciate! A conjunction means that two planets sit about 5 degrees or less (sometimes 8 degrees or less, depending on the type of software you use) from each other. The energy of the two planets works together so it can be very hard to separate them. Typically, a conjunction is the strongest aspect in the natal chart. Mercury and Venus are both personal planets, so this conjunction will show up quite a bit in your everyday life. Mercury rules Gemini and Virgo; Venus rules Taurus and Libra. These signs are an interesting mix of air and earth elements together. With this aspect in your astral chart, you are charming, poetic, refined, and polite. This is a true “Libran” aspect that makes you intellectual yet warm. You might have an appreciation for the arts with this aspect. I find that many of these natives enjoy painting, writing, screenplays, music, or any other form of art. Sometimes, they do this as a career, while other times it’s a hobby or outlet for self-expression. If you have this aspect in your chart, you are extremely diplomatic but you still appear warm. You really have the perfect temperament to appeal to others. This is a natural gift bestowed in your birth chart. Oddly enough, you might come off as a bit delicate somehow. Even though Mercury conjunct Venus people are typically strong and are smart, cunning, and gregarious, they also have a delicate air that’s hard to explain. It endears people to you so it definitely isn’t a bad thing! You are attracted (romantically) to people who use their minds; intelligence is extremely interesting to you. You need to connect mentally on some level. You also tend to attract these intellectual types to you. You probably value everyone’s opinions. You never think in black and white colouring; you’re willing to hear people out and give others the chance to speak or offer suggestions before you make a decision. This placement means that you tend to intellectualize or rationalize your feelings. Even though you love all things beautiful, it can be hard for you to really process your emotions on a deeper level than simply intellectual processing. You have a talent for diplomacy with Mercury conjunct Venus. You choose your words carefully, often because you know what the other person wants to hear, but this can make people feel that you’re not genuine. If you want to lie, you’re probably pretty good at it. You may also be talented at writing, speaking, or other forms of communication, but this will depend mainly on the sign and the house the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect sits in. To others, you seem like you have good judgment, whether or not this is true. It’s typically easy for people to trust you, at least at first, because you come off as graceful and fair. You might be very creative and can sometimes use your ingenuity and intellectual graces to come up with new ways to earn money. Your tactfulness can help you exceed as a diplomat or political if you should choose that career path. These people are never rude and do extremely well around strangers! Alternatively, these folks can be great salespeople. They also excel in any forward people-facing position, but sometimes Mercury conjunct Venus folks appreciate the arts and would rather stay home and create. You’ll find that this conjunction doesn’t necessarily dictate your life’s career path, but it can shed some light on the qualities that can assist you in achieving your dreams. In bed, you might especially enjoy verbal communication. You need to verbally know how your lover is feeling. Again, it can be hard for you to drop down into your feelings and let your mind go, so you need to find a way to bridge the gap. As always, look at the sign and the house that the conjunction sits in. Mercury conjunct Venus in the 7th house will show up mainly in relationships, but this aspect in the 2nd house means that you can easily use this conjunct to acquire money and wealth.

Mercury conjunction Venus have a poetic mind

Mercury conjunction Venus makes you a lovable, handsome, neat, refined, idealistic, and courteous person. You may tend to be passive and submissive, but this is a means by which you achieve peace in your life. Diplomacy is a strong point; you may often be called to sort out problems between friends. Communication is another strong point. This aspect brings intelligence, a quick mind, and psychic ability. It does not particularly point to any field of study or topic of debate. It is your actual style of communication that is important. You can lovingly communicate things. This is often helped by a melodic, poetic, and relaxing voice. This communication talent means you should be at ease in social situations unless Mercury conjunct Venus receives challenging aspects from Saturn or another harsh planet in your chart. People will find you to be refined, elegant, and even mesmerizing. You have a good appreciation of art and creativity with strong pattern recognition. This aspect also gives a talent for reading music, playing musical instruments, poetry, singing, and painting. You were probably a visual learner and an avid reader at school. You can see pictures in words and words in pictures. You are charming and gracious, poetic in your self-expression, and usually very polite. This position brings refinement to the nature and an appreciation for the arts. You aim to balance and bring harmony to your world. You can be, at times, quite indecisive, as you tend to see everyone’s point of view, and can see value in almost any perspective or opinion. You have a strong sense of fairness. You are very agreeable and enjoy socializing. Some with this aspect are a little on the lazy side, preferring to socialize than work. You might intellectualize or rationalize your feelings, perhaps thinking a little too much about love and relationship to the point that you lose touch with how you truly feel. You might be attracted to, or attract, intellectual sorts as partners. If this conjunction is challenged, you might frequently attract partners who are tricky or conniving. Many of you are talented at writing and/or speaking. You thoroughly enjoy the written and spoken word, literature, wordplay, puns, and enlightening conversations. Many with Mercury conjunct Venus in their charts are downright eloquent. While most people like you, your ability to tune in to the person with whom you are currently speaking to is so strong that you might be accused of being two-faced or superficial. You might also choose your words carefully in order to avoid conflict, and others might not know how you truly feel as a result. Mercury conjunction Venus You get along with most people and are usually willing to make compromises in relationships to maintain harmony. That doesn’t mean you become a doormat for others, but you have a strong sense of fairness and do not offend others without just cause. Others are seldom threatened or intimidated by you, largely because of your affable nature and social grace. You are willing to listen to anyone’s opinions and suggestions before making major decisions. Direct competition may be uncomfortable for you, and you may feel more at ease working with a small group of people. Perhaps you enjoy public speaking or performing in the dramatic arts. Another possible source of satisfaction for you would be writing, because of your natural talent for expressing yourself well. You have an imaginative mind and are clever at cooking up schemes to improve your economic situation. It is not difficult for you to turn your many creative ideas into ready cash. Others will usually support you in what you do because they can see that you exercise good judgment. They can believe in you and are glad to pitch in to help you succeed. Just be sure you don’t ask anyone else to take risks you yourself wouldn’t attempt. Actually, any chances that you take will be well considered and are probably not that risky after all. In love relationships, you have a talent for communicating your needs and desires to your partner. You are attracted to people who share your artistic talents or at least an appreciation of the arts. The worst possible mate for you would be one who is socially uncouth. In sex you have a healthy open attitude and can discuss the subject rather easily with your partner. Verbal expression during sex can be very stimulating for you! A lover who doesn’t communicate or who is quiet in bed may not be very satisfying for you in the long haul.

The Mercury conjunction Venus aspect in birth charts is making people more caring, intelligent and honest. Diplomatic, these people can be all the time called upon to help their friends regarding any problem. People born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect are positive, elegant, nice and relaxed, not to mention they possess an artistic mind and don’t like being rude. Good writers and poets, they can express themselves without any problem. They’re most of the time saying what’s right and when they’re supposed to, so it’s easy for them to make money by communicating. This aspect of their birth chart is not forcing anyone to choose any field of study or to debate about something. It’s the style in which they’re communicating that matters the most, not to mention they know how to be kind, aided by their relaxing tonality and the poetry in their heart. Such talent they’re having when it comes to communication is making things easy when interacting with others if the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect is not receiving challenges from Saturn or another tough planet in their birth chart. They simply love organizing parties because they can express their thoughts most attractively, not to mention they can help others understand different concepts without sounding threatening. More than this, they can see things from more than one point of view. For this reason, they’re good at negotiating and have an inner talent for saying what matters, in the most diplomatic way. More than this, they can understand what protocols are and how people should be approached. These natives tend to see things optimistically because they most of the time enjoy doing what’s best for others. For this reason, others love, appreciate and respect them. More than this, they’re good at teaching and making sales, as well in the diplomatic field or at transmitting any information. When it comes to romance and their friends, they can express their warmth without struggling too much and they can make others feel comfortable. In consequence, people born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect are those whom others are calling on many times when wanting to organize parties or when needing support. They’re elegant, metaphorical and polite in the way they’re expressing themselves. This placement is also making them appreciate art more than anything else. The purpose of natives born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect is to balance things, even if they’re sometimes unable to make decisions because they can see how others are in fact thinking and giving value to any opinion. Fair and sociable, they’re also a little bit lazy and sometimes prefer to just socialize than to work. More than this, they’re important intellectuals and rational with their emotions, meaning they can think too much about what love means to them and lose the connection with it. For this reason, they’re only happy among intellectuals like them. In case the conjunction in their birth chart is being challenged, they may attract only tricky people. Calm from a mental point of view, if the conjunction between Mercury and Venus in their birth chart is being afflicted, they’re the type that others are calling sociable and happy. Creative and good art critics, they’ve most likely been appreciated in school for reading a lot and for having a lot of talent with the visuals. Because Mercury rules over trade and Venus over money among other things, those who were born during the Mercury conjunct Venus aspect can do great as business people and negotiators. They can be great journalists, politicians, artists, musicians, and sociologists, but this doesn’t mean they could not succeed in any career.


Lively, jovial, cheerful, entertaining, flexible nature possessing taste, dexterity and sensitivity, pleasure-loving and somewhat superficial, generally inclined to see life from a positive angle


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