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Mercury conjunction Midheaven

Mercury conjunction Midheaven brings great fluidity and intelligence to the public roles you take. For good or ill, you will be known for your adaptability and cunning. Because of the public nature of this position, there is a great need to learn to consciously control and channel the inherently restless nature of Mercury, as people will not respect someone who seems to go wherever the latest wind blows. At the same time, you have a coveted ability to see, understand, and converse with both sides in any given situation. This will be greatly valued if you learn to foster exchanges that bring win-win compromises. The danger is that short-term gains can be exchanged for a deeper debt in the longer-term. So you must also learn to listen, study, and understand the history and patterns leading up to the present situation, rather than always relying on relatively quick but shallow solutions.

Mercury conjunction Midheaven

Mercury conjunction Midheaven means that you have a very sharp mind, which you will use to get ahead. Very early in your life, you will learn to look at the world clearly and objectively, and you will learn to communicate in ways that are very advanced for your age. You may or may not become an intellectual when you are older, but you will use your mind continually, always searching for stimulating and exciting experiences. Because you cannot stand boredom, you are sometimes very restless. Your most important task is to be more disciplined, so that you stick to a task long enough to get some real benefit from it. There is a real danger that your interest in any subject will be shallow. Another possible problem, which may seem less serious but is actually greater, is that you prefer to deal with the world through your mind rather than your feelings. This will keep you from really being in touch with some experiences in life - such as love and sensitivity to beauty - for which your mind alone is not enough. Also, you cannot really get in touch with other people through your mind alone. Unless you develop your emotions along with your mind, you may feel lonely and cut off from others. With your lively mind, you may enjoy playing practical jokes on people. This is fine if you are careful not to hurt people who are more sensitive than you. 

With Mercury conjunction Midheaven your intellectual efforts are strongly directed to your career and social position. Thoughts, words and actions are aligned in a practical way. Your need to be publicly recognised for your knowledge and communicative abilities, and you might experience changes of profession and a restlessness along the path in your career. As a young person you tend to intellectually isolate and you don't express yourself easily, but you will convey the best of your intellectual and communication style once you are a mature person. Mercury conjunction Midheaven gives a piercing intellect and communication skills that are well above average. You see everything and see it very clearly. You are generally unbiased and like sharing your perception of the world. Making sense of complex ideas and communicating them in an educational or entertaining style is a major part of your role in life. You should also like socializing and the more interaction you have with others the better. You can become restless or anxious with nothing to do, so you are always seeking mental stimulation and exciting experiences. A tendency to become easily distracted could mean you have some difficulty focusing on one particular subject at a time. However, the Internet suits your style of learning and research and you can quickly find the information you need. Perhaps you should bookmark pages where you start so you can remember and come back to your original line of questioning. When communicating with others it is important to use your heart as well as your head. You have the potential to become overly intellectual and less intimate unless you have a well-placed Moon or Venus. Your superior communication skills and quick wit will help you advance in your career. You would excel in the media and entertainment industries as anything from a newsreader to a journalist or comedian. Other roles specific to Mercury include business, commerce, economics, primary and secondary education, transport, administration, secretary or clerical work, analytics, cashier, taxation, negotiator, promotions, telephone sales, and sales work in general.

Mercury conjunction Midheaven have a sharp mind

Mercury conjunction Midheaven addresses self-knowledge through information and thought processes which are immediately available for self-examination. A Midheaven/Mercury conjunction can allow resolution of inner conflicts to occur directly through self-awareness or ego-consciousness. There is a need at this time to have our points of view refined and clarified. The emerging cycle involves clear thinking, ego-conscious action and vocational changes. Generally, we will feel a need for knowledge and education, and may decide to undertake a course or participate in a self-study programme through books in order to deepen our understanding. This is a great day to bring your ideas to people who can help you advance in business or your community. You are clear and articulate, especially with supervisors, and your ideas are compatible with goals that serve the greater whole. Your thinking is structured and practical, and you are concerned with getting results. You should submit your resume or schedule an interview, or arrange meetings that give you a larger audience in which to share your ideas. 

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