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Mars transit sextile Midheaven

When Mars transit sextile Midheaven, you will be very confident and courageous at this time. What would normally make you wilt will now be that which motivates you and drives you forward. You will want to pursue your objectives with great vigour and excitement. Your eyes will be on the prize and you will do what you can to get your hands on it. Obstacles will bother you less than normal. You will begin to see them as opportunities for learning, and as ways to stress test your ideas. You will be more independent and self-reliant than usual, but also willing to help others and serve society. Goals that help others are far easier to achieve than those that just help yourself. Your confidence level and altruistic energy will make others feel good about working with you. If they can trust in your motives then they are far more likely to help you along on your journey. At this time, taking direct and forthright action to achieve your goals will be the path to success. However, that is not a reason to be impulsive or impatient. Make sure you ponder your goals long and hard. Then plan out the steps you need to take to achieve them clearly and thoroughly. Then you will be stride forward into the world and make things happen.

Mars transit sextile Midheaven

Mars transit sextile Midheaven is a time when you relate well to authority figures during this time, convincing them that you have the necessary courage and confidence to support their goals. You compromise when necessary if it will help you further your own agenda, which is usually compatible with their needs. You may have an important conversation with someone in power, and agreements made now will tend to work out well for you. Your body is strong and you may enjoy competitive activities, and even though you have a great desire to win, you will be a good sport in victory or defeat. With Mars transit sextile Midheaven, you're as willing to help others achieve their goals as you're willing to reach out to be helped. There's a natural reciprocity of mutual benefit that makes it a delight for you and others to work toward your respective career aims. Yet, you're also able to do your part and bring your A-game to the table. One temptation is to feign that you don't have as much ambition and drive as you do. Perhaps you fear you will be denied, so you attempt to conceal your true intentions to move ahead. This will likely backfire spectacularly. Not only won't you get what you want and likely deserve, but you'll also blemish your reputation and trash any trust in you. Your sincerity and clarity of purpose are perhaps all the currency you need to cooperate with others, whether co-workers or superiors, and advance. Your goodwill will inspire others to put more in the pot to everyone's delight and benefit.

Mars transit sextile Midheaven helps you plan your actions and make favourable decisions

The Mars transit sextile Midheaven gives a lot of confidence and courage to achieve your own goals. It also means a possibility to define in what way you can link your individuality with that of others. Because of this, there can be a reconciliation between the interests of others and yours. It is a very favourable time to work in a team or in a joint project. There are no apparent contradictions with other people. You can work together while still feeling independent. Others help you, even materially. Mars transit sextile Midheaven helps you plan your actions and make favourable decisions not only for present projects, but also future ones. Do not let fear of failure or insecurity take over you. You now manage to correct or overcome mistakes and conflicts from the past, whether they are related to work, family, or the authorities. You are now willing to accept risks and it is highly likely that you will obtain favourable results.

When Mars transit sextile Midheaven, you are confident and ambitious, and have a strong focus on what you need and want. You follow your desires with minimal distraction and you may overlook the needs of others. In spite of this, you have the support and admiration of friends and loved ones who believe in your ambitions as much as you do. Now is a great time to act assertively and pursue your goals, challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone.


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