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Mars square Ascendant

With Mars square Ascendant you have an extraordinary amount of energy at your disposal, which makes you a drive person, highly motivated and passionate. You can also motivate and inspire others and may have good leadership qualities. However, the raw and abrasive nature of this dynamic energy verges on aggression that can intimidate and scare other people. Many people with this aspect are drawn to fighting against injustice and standing up for the underdog. You can have a very positive influence and help many people by channelling your aggression into fighting for worthy causes. It could be in feminism, equal rights, workers’ rights, or some other social cause that fires you up. But that same radical activism and aggressive fighting spirit that can make such a big difference to the world can also cause serious relationship problems. It is very important for you to realize that the same behaviour can hurt your loved ones. Partners, in particular, can find you arrogant, domineering, selfish, egotistical, and demanding, yet also defensive and thin-skinned. You may have a tendency to lose your temper and attack people. It takes a strong, devoted, and understanding partner to stay in such a tumultuous relationship. Feminist writer and activist Betty Friedan, who was born with this aspect too, gave a clue on how to channel the dynamic energy of Mars square Ascendant: “The only way for a woman, as for a man, to find herself, to know herself as a person, is by creative work of her own.

Mars square Ascendant

Somehow you frequently end up at odds with others about your status in the world. Perhaps you had to tangle with folks at home or in your neighbourhood early in life to prove you belonged. Or you must contend with co-workers or bosses to show that you have what it takes to get ahead. Yet, you feel as if it's an ongoing challenge to define yourself without the spectre of your past or your fretful aspirations for the future haunting you. What's important to know is that you're a human being, not a human doing—defined by how you prove yourself, please others, or achieve along anyone else's proscribed paths to success. Allow yourself to be without apology, anger, or animosity. As you accept yourself, you'll likely see it’s easier for others to accept you, regardless of what you do or where you come from.

Mars is in a square aspect to your Ascendant, indicating a strong tendency to do or say things which put others on the defensive. In a debate or an athletic event this can be useful, but in relationship with others the same energy can be devastating unless you are aware of it. You may project anger more readily than you show tenderness, although other factors in your chart may offset this somewhat. Asserting yourself in a positive manner is quite different from boisterous or crude behaviour, and you’ve probably seen the evidence of these differences in various circumstances. Your need to be seen as powerful drives many of your actions, and finding positive ways to achieve this aim can help you redirect your desires.

Mars square Ascendant are individuals with lots of energy

With Mars square Ascendant, you are naturally combative. You tend to say or do things that make others feel like you’re actively opposing them. Your natural instinct is to project anger and frustration. When you try to assert yourself, you go overboard and can come off as nasty or crude. Mars square Ascendant means that you might always feel like you’re coming off too strong or simply wrong. You put others on the defensive without meaning to. Although you have a very powerful energy and drive, you also rub people the wrong way. You project anger when you just meant to state the facts, and you tend to offend others when you think you’re being yourself with Mars square Ascendant. In any situation, you can be impatient and irritable, even if there’s no rush. It’s as though there’s always a sense of urgency surrounding your life. You tend to get excited about things very quickly, but you have trouble waiting for other people to catch up. Unfortunately, you literally can’t hide your anger from others with Mars square Ascendant. However, you’re very adventurous, which can be attractive to certain types of folks.

Sexually, you may struggle a bit, too. Mars square Ascendant means that you’re either too aggressive and pushy sexually, or you ignore your physical needs altogether. It’s very hard for you to find balance. You appear angry and aggressive or bland. It’s hard for you to find a middle ground with Mars square Ascendant, but a middle ground certainly exists. The squares aspects are meant to challenge us, yet they also help us grow. You must learn to communicate what you need (instead of ignoring it) in a way that is constructive and kind. You don’t often know how to speak to others with empathy, especially those you aren’t close with, but this is a skill that you can learn. Learn to assert yourself sexually while simultaneously taking into account what your partner wants. Be careful of steam rolling the other person, and figure out how to explain what you need without forcing it on the other person.

You have a black and white way of thinking around others, but your goal is to find shades of grey with Mars square Ascendant, find a way to think of both yourself and the other person. Ultimately, you want to express (not suppress) your Mars sign in a way that is more gentle and positive. This is how you can portray your truest inner self with the Mars square Ascendant aspect. You will need to be much more with your words than others. People tend to take your words to heart because they come off more strongly, so keep in mind that you can very quickly hurt others. Learn how to speak your mind in a way that is both kind and compassionate.

Quickness, inconstancy, impulsiveness, irritable, aggressive, brutal, violent, excessive haste and agitation, very careless and reckless in everything, moral malevolence; in severe cases cold cruelty and criminal tendencies


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