Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Mars sextile Uranus

Mars sextile Uranus makes you the adventurous type that inspires others through your actions. You seek excitement and attract a lot of activity around you. Although strongly independent with a fighting spirit, you can work well in groups and take the lead. Risk-taking is your strong point, and you should always trust your instincts. You will win and succeed by following your gut instincts and not overthinking things. You may need to live life on the edge to satisfy your intense desire for excitement. Your high energy levels and spontaneity may unnerve people around you. You are also very independent and need freedom in relationships and your career. Even though the sextile is helpful, it is expressive and energetic like these two planets, so you may have to deal with some tension in your relationships. You are not shy about expressing your unique style, either. This eccentric or kinky appearance or behaviour will attract similar people but will also make you some enemies. Just by being yourself, you can unintentionally irritate others. This is a helpful aspect overall, and this can be seen by the extraordinary life you lead and the positive impression you make on others. You are the one that gets things moving; you have the initiative, motivation, and inspiration to start bold new projects. People can count on you to liven up a party with your presence. When people meet celebrities with Mars sextile Uranus, they often mention their presence or aura that fills the room. Then there is your electric magnetism, which is physically, sexually, and intellectually attractive. Once attracted, you entertain and excite them beyond their wildest fantasies. No wonder there are so many sex symbols with this aspect.


With Mars sextile Uranus, you perhaps hate the thought of ever being bored or boring. You relish excitement and the unusual. You seek it out, so you have a talent for sensing when or where you'll find something interesting. This will likely bring some unusual partnerships for you, whether as collaborators, romantic partners, or associates and friends. You also will likely have a unique and very creative spin on whatever you do. Yet, you might not have the patience to keep up with a habit or action long enough to master it fully. You're too fast to be content with discovering your own spin on things rather than diving deeper into the pleasure of knowing something thoroughly. Put differently, you can be lured too easily by the quick fix for the unpredictable and strange. Yet, you might see, with time and persistence, that there are stranger and more wondrous aspects of a subject or interest if you endure beyond the racier parts.

With Mars sextile Uranus, the more positive use of the Mars-Uranus energy is displayed through activities designed to be of social benefit. Whilst you will intellectually challenge the established patterns of social thought and behaviour which you believe inhibit individual freedom, your intent is to provoke new thinking which can offer the potential of new horizons to explore. All new directions and spheres of progress that humanity has taken have emerged from someone questioning the current state of affairs and then seeing new alternatives. Mentally, you will have a restless, curious nature, which can find an effective outlet through applied research and study in whichever areas of enquiry attract you. You are not an intellectual dilettante, and prefer to delve deeply enough to gain a real comprehension of any subject; this can also free that ability for more original independent thinking, and it is possible that you will receive insights that enable you to make a significant contribution to that subject. You will prefer a futuristic dimension to your enquiries, thus satisfying the Uranian impulse and providing an opportunity to benefit others too. Even though you have this ability for specific focusing, you will also expand into exploring a wide variety of interests and topics. At times you may move rapidly between disparate spheres of knowledge, but you will eventually settle down to focus upon one area in particular. You may find some difficulty in perseverance and applying your energy consistently to achieve your aims. Sometimes a sudden diminution of your interest and energy may occur, which brings to a halt any progress you are making. When the energy flows again, you may be interested in something new; this is the erratic Uranian influence. Communication is important to you. There may be an attraction to teaching in some way, both for the satisfaction you can receive in sharing knowledge with people, and in the platform offered for you to express your opinions. These are likely to be radical and unorthodox, but you have enough intellectual confidence in your knowledge to feel quite prepared to stand by your arguments against any opponents. Discussions of ideas can fascinate you; and you enjoy such encounters, seeing them as intellectual combat, where your more aggressive Mars energy can be used. Your approach is often based on strategy and skill; and even in friendly discussions you dislike being intellectually defeated. You enjoy stirring dissent and proposing disturbing concepts and ideas to attack the power of the status quo, both in society and in individuals. In relationships, you need a strong intellectual and physical bond. An area of weakness can lie in a disregard and lack of sympathetic understanding of the emotions. These are often relegated in your sense of priorities; and the more subtle dimensions of them are ignored in favour of the more basic emotional / physical passions and the interests of the mind. Restrictions are rejected in intimate relationships; and a self-preoccupation can dominate and cause later problems. However, you tend to commit yourself to seeing through those decisions that you do take, so a marriage commitment can help to modify these tendencies, provided that your partner is strong enough to encourage you to modify any selfish behaviour in the interests of mutual harmony.


Mars sextile Uranus indicates that you are highly original and very enthusiastic about life. You express yourself with creative drama, which leaves a lasting effect on others. In order to explore your numerous creative potentials, you demand a great deal of personal freedom from those who are close to you. You have seemingly unlimited energy with which to pursue your goals and have many projects to occupy your time. You sometimes become impatient because you have so much you want to accomplish and only a limited amount of time to do so. You truly enjoy having limitless options in your life and feel sorry for those who lead a more boring existence. Never bored, you want to surround yourself with others who are exciting and futuristic in their outlook. One lesson of this aspect is to learn to be patient with others who are not similarly inclined. Also, learn to do things in moderation. Take a vacation and unwind from time to time. In your love life, you are impulsive and can become restless if the relationship doesn’t seem to be going somewhere. The idea that you can grow as an individual while maintaining a partnership is important to you.

With Mars sextile Uranus, your sexual needs are strong, and you need a partner who shares this quality. You have inexhaustible reserves of physical energy when it comes to sex, and you find it extremely natural to experiment and to introduce variety into your sex life. You don’t quite understand it when a partner doesn’t have the same need. To you, changing the way you make love is completely natural, and you wouldn’t have a good time with a partner who prefers to keep things status quo in the bedroom. However, you are willing to accept your partner’s limits, and you take things in stride. An exciting and fun lover, you don’t bore a lover or get into the kinds of sexual “ruts” that some people do. You may find marriage rather restrictive and prefer to enter into a more unconventional arrangement, such as a live-in relationship. You have a wide circle of friends, and your mate must be willing and able to not restrict your access to them through possessiveness or jealousy. There is no quicker way to lose you!

People born during Mars sextile Uranus are adventurous and can inspire others with whatever they may be doing. They’ll look only for fame and for this reason, they’ll always be where the action is. Taking chances is making them the strong people they are, so they should trust all of their instincts. They’ll manage to succeed by following them in life and not think twice. As a matter of fact, tend to experience life in a more dangerous and to deal with their own urge for excitement. Having very increased levels of energy and being spontaneous, they can annoy some people they love. They’re also independent and have the need for freedom as far as relationships are going, as well when it comes to their career. Whereas the sextile is helpful, it has a lot of expression and an energy that can bring them a lot of tension in their romantic affairs. They’re never timid when it comes to expressing their originality. This unusual or kinky look, perhaps their strange personality will get many people to be by their side and as well bring them a few friendly opponents who are trying to change their opinions. When themselves, they can irritate others without any intention. You are dynamic, decisive, and somewhat impulsive. You respond quickly and spontaneously to challenges, and you enjoy vigorous physical activities that require fast reflexes and a good sense of rhythm and timing. You have an abundance of energy and vitality, and a restless desire to see progress and change, you hate stagnation. You are individualistic and make a good leader, spearheading new projects and inspiring others to act.

Others can count them to start a party as soon as walking through the door. As soon as people are meeting with celebrities born during the Mars sextile Uranus, they’ll often talk about their apparition and aura is filling any room. Weakness can be in their disregard and they can lack any sympathy when it comes to understanding emotions. These feelings are usually related to how they’re prioritizing things in life, as well the subtle dimensions are being ignored for the more worldly passions they may be interested in knowledgeable subjects. They’re simply refuse to be restricted when it comes to their love life, and being self-absorbed, causing them too many problems. After that, there’s their magnetism that exudes a physical, sexual and intellectual attractiveness. As soon as someone seems attractive to them, they can become entertaining and exciting beyond their imagination. While they can intellectually challenge all the already fixed patterns about their social thoughts and behaviours that may have a chance to inhibit their freedom, their intention is to come up with progressive ideas that can offer them the potential to explore new horizons. All the brand-new paths and progressive spheres of humanity that came up people who are questioning the way they’re dealing with every affair in their life and after seeing new options. When it comes to their mind, it’s agitated and inquisitive, which can help them in an effective way by applying research and their studies in no matter what area may attract them.

Mars sextile Uranus are not the dilettante and adore delving deeply in order to comprehend any subject, which can as well free their mind’s independence and makes significant contributions to the subjects they’re interested in. They prefer thinking in futuristic ways when it comes to their endeavours, meaning satisfying the impulses send by Uranus is offering them many opportunities from which themselves and others can benefit. Whereas they can focus, they may also want to expand too much when exploring wider topics. Sometimes, they can move quickly through all the knowledge presented to them, but they’ll, in the end, settle with one subject and concentrate on it. They may find it difficult to persevere and consume their energy very efficiently in order to achieve their goals. Often, they can experience a diminish in their own interests and energy levels, which can put a stop to the progress they’re experiencing. When their energy is starting to flow through their body again, they can be passionate about new things because the chaotic Uranus is influencing them to be this way. They’re courageous, forceful, optimistic, magnetic, wilful and very nervous, which can stress them more than they’d like to be stressed. They’re very happy when having to work hard and are capable of taking rapid, decisive actions, also when having to accomplish great things in the most original way. Not having something to do can drive them crazy, but it’s a good thing life’s always offering them many opportunities. By accomplishing something unique, they can become famous and achieve a powerful status. They seem to lack common sense because they’re impulsive and know precisely what they want, this being excitement. It’s difficult for them to accept a disciplined lifestyle and they’ll obey rules without objecting.


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