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Mars sextile Jupiter

Mars sextile Jupiter gives strength, courage, honesty, and generosity. You are the person who gets things done. While others procrastinate and make excuses, you use your initiative to tackle any task with energy, enthusiasm, and optimism. This is an aspect of successful actions. You should be physically strong with excellent recuperative powers. You love to compete and are a good team player, whether in sport or business. You can be assertive while maintaining harmony and would make a good leader. Good timing and instincts make risk-taking one of your many strong points. This is the main reason that this aspect is considered to be one of the luckiest of all. Mars sextile Jupiter can lead to fame or notoriety. While being bold and strong, you will usually only turn aggressive when threatened. You should be victorious in any fight and would rise quickly up the ranks in the military. A wish to help others and be useful gives you a good reputation. You have noble traits and should be popular. There is nothing fake at all about your generous nature or bravado. You should find it easy to form relationships and love to experience all you can. This adventurous nature is just one reason others find you very attractive. Your strong sex appeal should be matched by an equally strong sex drive.

Mars sextile Jupiter

You possess a steady confidence paired with a unique talent to sniff out opportunities that others might call lucky. You're mostly optimistic, so you tend to expect better outcomes, even when others have experienced worse in similar conditions as yours. The challenge, though, for you is to know when to push your "luck" and to embrace more restraint. You might bristle at anything that seems to diminish your possibilities for success. You fundamentally believe that you should be able to try anything at least once. But it's just not possible to attempt everything. So, you'll have to become better at figuring out your priorities, and it just can't be for the adventure of it all. Life itself is an adventure and each wise decision you make becomes a way to expand your experience of its wonders. But that can only happen a day at a time.

Mars sextile Jupiter have a strong sexual drive

You tend to be restless and prone to boredom. You need a partner who can keep up with your lightning responses to your environment— and one who truly understands your love of intellectual competition and sparring. You have tremendous personal resources with which to achieve your goals. Although the goals you set for yourself are likely to be somewhat ambitious, you are willing to work hard to see that they are achieved. Ever since you were a child and learned to invent indoor games to amuse yourself, you have steadily worked at developing your intellectual skills. This prepared you to deal well with competitive situations in your adult life.


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