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Mars sextile Ascendant

Mars sextile Ascendant makes you strong, sexy, assertive and independent. You can be direct in getting what you want without upsetting others. However, making compromises may be difficult for you. Working in groups may also pose difficulties. You earn respect and popularity for your directness, courage and positive energy. Competitive but fair and honest, you like to win. You may prefer to hang around others who are also strong and sexy like yourself. As the Ascendant rules the physical body you should have strong muscles and be sexually attractive. You would do well in the military or sports but also any competitive area such as business and politics. You have a fighting spirit and should be successful in general. You will not back down from a fight but usually, do not seek conflict. You are courageous and will defend your loved ones without hesitation. You have leadership qualities and probably get along better with men or assertive, sporty women.

Mars sextile Ascendant

Mars sextile Ascendant makes you more impulsive in your actions. You may appear to others as a little edgy or nervous, but you tend to have good relationships and are a great talker. You also are quite independent and have a solid ego. Your personality should be well developed, and you will have an abundance of energy. You enjoy sports, either as a participant or as a spectator, especially when your side wins. You find it difficult to relax and be still, always needing to be on the go or doing something, but often not quite sure what. As a result, you can waste a lot of time and useful energy just fiddling around and getting nowhere. You are not afraid to speak your own mind. While this can at times be a positive quality, you tend to speak without giving thought to the effects of your words on other people, you can say hurtful or annoying things without even realizing it. It would also help for you to learn the art of compromise. You usually state your opinions forcefully and then expect others to go along with you. Developing a little self-discipline in asserting yourself can enhance your tremendous creativity. Your physical vitality may be strong, and you may feel that you have a good energy reserve which can be further enhanced by staying physically fit and active. 

Mars sextile Ascendant are impulsive in their actions

You love the buzz of activity, and have a strong need to be part of that. But you're not one just to go along to get along. You can lead or follow, as long as any objectives are clear, require action, and your own autonomy is respected. You don't mind talking things through, but once ideas have been tossed around well enough to be understood and agreed upon, you enjoy the rush of seeing ideas implemented into practice. Yet, if there's too much talk and not enough follow-through, then you can become irritable and the irritant in the smooth functioning of the group. Likewise, your need for buzz might make it hard to discern whether you want the hum of a well-orchestrated team of individuals or the thrill of controversy because you're so frustrated. Fight to make your need to belong to something thrilling and meaningful work than surrender to cynicism and powerlessness.


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