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Mars in Libra

When born with Mars in Libra, it makes the native overly compromising but in this case, natives tend to keep a balanced temperament. Sometimes, they can be aggressive and at others quite calm and peaceful. Mars in Libra also gives a strong penchant for arts and beauty. Such people however are more inclined towards emotional satisfaction than physical passions. They are romantic but their sexual drive is low. In fact, these are spiritually inclined god-fearing people. They do well in business and wish to spend a luxurious lifestyle. They spend excessively. They are quite cooperative in relationships and are more interested in making friends than foes. The Mars in Libra can be a paradox because the Libra wants nothing else but peace, while Mars is the planet or war. So, you might be inclined to think that Mars in Libra are nothing else than peaceful warriors. It can be challenging for a person to handle these two opposing forces, especially since the Libra is positioned opposite from the Mars-ruled Aries on the zodiac wheel. They are diplomats and very resilient.

Mars in Libra

Mars in Libra will manage to keep balance in any kind of relationship they may be having. They know how to channel their respect and their love without making differences or being unfair. Everyone will get the same amount of affection from them. They will lead by example in any group. Not to mention they will fight for justice wherever they will get a chance. If something can annoy or upset them, that’s the disrespect of people towards any other living creature. In case they won’t express their anger, they’ll end up with stress-related diseases. That’s why Mars in Libra need to unleash themselves from time to time. Things are not as beautiful and balanced as they want them to, so escape is absolutely necessary if they are to keep happy. Having fun with friends could be also very helpful. If they’ll go out as often as possible, they will forget all about stress and the fact that the world is not the perfect place they are dreaming of. Because they have an expensive taste, it’s possible they will spend all their salary at once in one shopping session. It’s advisable someone else handles their money. Because of Mars, these natives will enjoy a debate from time to time. They usually run away from confrontation, but Mars can change that in them. People with this planet in Libra are classy and hate vulgarity in any form. When they’ll have to make a decision, they will weigh all the pros and cons. People will think of them as slow because they take so much time thinking.

Those with Mars in Libra have an extremely passive nature, which can often mean that their drive to get things done and achieve their goals is not as great as Mars in other signs. They tend to let things decide themselves instead of exerting their will. The biggest drive for Mars in Libra is usually to have others around them. While this will depend on the house and aspects, those with Mars in Libra typically feel that they need a partner, group, or family in order to put forward their best selves. They will generally have less drive in traditional areas (such as work, school, etc.) and will have a bigger drive for social interactions. Those with Mars in Libra don’t have much of an outward temper. When they are angry (an emotion they definitely feel), they might become passive-aggressive. In some cases, Mars in Libra can be extremely polite and fair, even to their own detriment. These folks can be very world justice-oriented, and this is one of the few times that they’ll show outward anger. Only when standing up for a cause that both looks good and is actually moral are Mars in Libra willing to show rage.

Mars in Libra is all about search of balance

You know the key to life is not just "who you know" ... it’s the relationship you have with each person that you know. While others feel it’s better to ask for forgiveness instead of permission, you’re not interested in ruffling anyone’s feathers. Thanks to your Mars in Libra, you put great effort into maintaining a sense of balance, care, and understanding in your partnerships, and this comes back to you tenfold. You get more with sugar than you do with salt, and your Mars in Libra can be oh so sweet. Your life feels stable when your relationships feel stable, so you’ll go to great lengths to ensure everyone is happy. But this isn’t just about keeping the peace, it’s about strategy. When people are upset or their minds are somewhere else, they cannot be there to support you. By approaching your relationships with a sense of care and equality, you generate feelings in others that make them want to be there for you, in turn. People with their Mars in Libra are lovers, not fighters. Mars’ typical aggression is no match for the love of Libra, and this is evident in your intimate relationships. You show love through your actions. While you may not be the most passionate person out there, the devotion and light-heartedness you emit makes others want to be closer to you. Love and partnerships usually come easily to you, but if a relationship doesn’t feel calm or equal, you’ll put in considerable effort to make it so. In the end, however, if you can’t find a balance with the one you’re with, you’re willing to walk away in order to find a situation that better satisfies your needs.

Mars in Libra is a unique area for our red planet to stand, as his fiery energy is out of its comfort zone and considered to be in a place called its “detriment.” This isn’t a problem; it just means that Mars’s usual feisty and direct nature ends up being expressed more passively and with balance. People with this tend to favour harmony, peace, fairness and justice over personal victory. They may also be especially passionate about partnerships and always have a key person they’re working with or aligned with. In conflict, these people are very passive-aggressive and will unleash their fury when they are pushed far past their comfort zones. When it comes to sex, they like it to be light-hearted, romantic and sweet and often prefer others to take the lead.

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