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Mars in House 9

Mars in House 9 natives will be more creative and open to share their ideas when people think of them as important. This can be a good thing if they influence others positively and not reveal their aggressiveness when it comes to expressing their points of view or their attempts to make people change their minds. They identify themselves by what ideas they may have, so the best thing for them would be to be as open-minded as possible. New views on the world and a wider way of thinking can make them clearer in what they’re trying to express. Mars here means there’s always space for more openness of the mind. The natives of this placement simply love talking about different subjects and even contradicting others. They’re the type who wants to travel for knowledge and for discovering new cultures. When not able to go places themselves, they keep asking people who’ve been there how it’s been or study materials on the destination. They just love to be in foreign countries and interact with people who speak a different language. What’s great about them is that they’re aware life has many frontiers when it comes to achieving goals, too, so they don’t hesitate to make their dreams come true. If someone wanted to take them in a trip to space, they wouldn’t hesitate to accept and make the best of it. However, even if enthusiastic about new cultures, people from other countries may struggle to understand their ways. Almost all of their energy is spent on learning and they are very enthusiastic about heated discussions. Every new place is an opportunity for them to learn and to develop as human beings. The job of explorers suits them very well, because it’s their life’s pleasure to just study how things work when in a completely different location than the one they’re used to. When it comes to the way they give advice, it can be said they’re more the type that orders and doesn’t spend too much time listening or understanding. If their siblings are opinionated, they will have many problems in their parents’ home because of all the fights with them. Because they’re strongly anchored in their own beliefs and courageous in expressing themselves, many will see them as real winners. When it comes to their education and career development, they’re rather aggressive and adamant, which means they’ll have success at what they do for a living. You have a strong inclination for adventure both mentally and physically, bold.

Mars in House 9

Mars in House 9 makes individuals with this placement want to spread their wings. Always moving around and doing something, they are the type who forgets about meetings or that they have to go out. Discipline is not at all their main strength, so they need to take a break and organize their schedule every day. There are many apps to help them do just this. The fact that they’re light-headed means they also have many ideas in a minute, their energy being endless and very useful if they’d do something constructive with it. If they were more organized, they would also make their friends and colleagues happier while not affecting in any way the joyful way in which they live their life. Mars in House 9 indicates a passion for higher wisdom, knowledge and understanding. People with this placement are inclined to push hard academically and can be unorthodox intellectuals but very bright and driven to succeed. They are apt to accrue a wealth of information and insight from their efforts. They can be intellectually arrogant and overconfident in their mental prowess. At the same time, they are highly original and inclined to be very independent in their thinking. People who have Mars in House 9 have a zealous nature and are exceedingly curious. They have the capacity to become almost obsessive in their interests desiring to know everything possible about a subject and get their hands on all the books they can get their hands on. They are often confident in their ability to grasp new concepts especially the loftier and more abstract ones. They enjoy learning and the exercising of their brains with academically challenging problems and theories.

Mars in House 9 love foreign countries

The placement of Mars in House 9 could make you open-minded and more creative. You will love to share your thoughts with others. The presence of Mars in House 9 would make you aggressive, but, on the other hand, it supports you in getting your opinions and views into consideration. It is possible that others may ultimately judge you by your ideas. And so it is advised that you should express your genuine feelings to others. The 9th house offers its natives the pleasure of long-distance travelling. You may indulge in a risky adventure journey, and you may have foreign trips. White colour professionals associated with foreign companies may make international business trips. Moreover, if Mars is in conjunction with Moon, Jupiter and Sun, it would make you fearless and brave. It may also support you to get a promotion at your workplace. But this achievement won’t be possible without facing hurdles. Individuals with Mars in House 9 are fun-loving, flirtatious and spirited. Mars in House 9 makes you an ever-ready to prove your point in a serious conversation. Also, you are likely to turn down new challenges. This combination will give you more energy and freedom to follow your passion.

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