Mars in House 7

Those who have Mars in the 7th house of their natal charts are bound to be dominant in their relationships. They are inclined to be the pursuer rather than the pursuer and the one who makes most of the decisions in the relationship. Naturally, they are likely to mesh better with partners who are more passive and willing to let them have control and steer the ship. People with Mars in house 7 can be very passionate and heavily invested in their relationships. Mars emphasizes the sexual aspects of the relationship and so there will likely be a lot of passion and a strong appetite for sensual expression. Prudish partners who are too inhibited and reluctant to reciprocate are likely to get abandoned or cheated on. Mars in the 7th house fosters a highly wilful and sometimes self-centred desire for gratification from their partners. Conflicts can arise due to the combative energy of Mars undermining harmony and sufficient consideration for its partners. When it comes to business relations and collaborations with others, Mars in the 7th house engenders a desire to maintain an upper hand over their cohorts. They tend to expect people to bend to their will and let them take the lead or exercise more control in making important decisions. They tend to dictate the terms of their agreements with others and have a strong compelling manner when it comes to negotiations and striking deals. Mars in the 7th house likely to foster a person who is very persuasive as a salesperson able to put just enough pressure on people to make them fold. They tend to be frank and candid with other people most of the time. Most of the offences they cause are unintended and simply a consequence of their overzealous passion and perhaps a lack of self-awareness. They can be somewhat pushy and have a propensity for sometimes being ruthless. They are keen on getting what is entitled to them and can be very perceptive readers of people and assessing their character. They have a certain type of ethics that places trustworthiness and loyalty as a primary virtue. Mars in the 7th house may suggest a strong capacity for careers as a lawyer, counsellor or judge. People with Mars in house 7 are able to make decisions that are fair and incisive rather quickly. They trust their instincts and display considerable insight into human behaviour and the dynamics of relationships. Furthermore, others may seek them for advice and perspective because people know they will give their honest opinions. Mars in the 7th house can engender someone who is a formidable litigator able to formulate strong arguments to justify their positions. They can be uncouth and unapologetic about their tactics. Diplomacy is not one of their strong suits but they can be hard to dispute when they know what they are talking about. They can be clever and effective when it comes to finding loopholes and workarounds for getting what they want within the terms of a contract or obligation to others. Individuals with this placement can become quickly impatient with others who refuse to cooperate with them. Mars in the 7th house may also point to the existence of a strong rival or adversarial relationship with others. There can be a number of relationships they have that are contentious and fraught with tension and conflict. This may especially be the case with regards to romantic rivals and competition for other people’s affection. With Mars in the 7th house, this may also indicate that you have a more aggressive and passionate side to you that is in contrast to the persona you normally display as indicated by the 1st house. Mars in house 7 suggests that your passion and energy is primarily visible within the realm of your personal relationships and to the people who know you more intimately. Moreover, Mars can engender powerful feelings and emotions around matters of love and romantic partnerships. Such people are more susceptible to impulsiveness and volatility in response to their partner’s improprieties. On the other hand, they can be very fun and spontaneous and bring a lot of dynamism and excitement to their partner’s lives


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