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Mars in House 4

Mars in House 4 stimulates a desire to build a strong home base and protect everything within it. People with Mars in house 4 like to operate mostly from their home empire but are motivated to venture out into the world to embark on conquests and adventures that serve the interests of their kingdom. They are defenders and recalcitrant homebodies. Owning real estate is likely one of the most appealing or important sources of security for them. Those who have Mars in House 4 of their natal chart, bound to be territorial and very protective of what’s theirs. This can make them a bit selfish, but for them it is important to draw hard lines between what belongs to them and what belongs to others. They absolutely hate being stolen from or finding out that someone has cheated them out of what they are entitled. For this reason, they can become highly vigilant especially after they’ve been burned once or twice in their lives by someone they trusted. Mars in House 4 denotes an emphasis on defence and self-protection especially with regards to home security. People with Mars in the 4th house can sometimes be naive, but eventually learn how important it is to take necessary measures to secure and protect their belongings. They often think defensively and ponder how they can best prepare for potential threats and disasters. To this end, they can be very good tacticians in their ability to anticipate scenarios and situations that can occur however unlikely.

Mars in House 4

You are fiercely protective of your close friends and family. Anger may be deeply felt and possibly deeply buried, and it can be very hard for others to uncover your true motives. You might be passive-aggressive in your approach, which could lead to resentments if you are not careful or confident enough to take a more direct approach to getting what you want. Family dynamics are lively and often intense. Regarding family members, you may frequently have arguments with them, about them, or on their behalf! You’re likely to possess much energy for domestic projects or activities. Your actions are often governed by your instincts, and you don’t appreciate being manipulated or forced into doing something that doesn’t come from your gut. You might attempt to rule the roost on the home front, or you often take on a leadership role at home and with family. Sample from the Merlin Report: “It is not easy for you to show the world at large your angry or competitive side, but your family sees this side of you more often. Temper tantrums, tumultuous family relationships, or a great deal of competition between you and one or more of your relations is likely. You like to be the one in charge in your home and you put a lot of energy into making it the way you want it.”

Mars in House 4 also suggests someone who is especially protective of family and loved ones. Being in a position where they are unable to help secure the safety of their beloveds can be highly distressing and frustrating for them. They want to feel in control over their lives and will devote considerable energy and resources to ensure they have done everything in their power to meet that end. Mars in the 4th house can make an individual a bit of a shut in. They may be inclined to outfit their domain with everything they need like a bunker so that they would rarely need to leave it. Unless Venus is occupying the 4th house as well or in conjunct with Mars, there will be little interest or focus on decorating or beautifying the home. Rather, Mars in House 4 men and women are more interested in making their homes safe and protected with security cameras to deter theft and break-ins. Their living space is likely to be adorned with electronics, entertainment systems, games, a stocked pantry and little else. Those who have Mars in House 4 are likely to be staunch defenders of their home turf and highly resistant to people trying to invade their personal space or intrude uninvited. By extension, people with this placement may have strong sense of nationalism or pride in the country they call home. They may display a patriotic attitude about their country and the importance of defending the motherland. In other cases, this devotion to home may limited to that of their actual address of residence and that of their childhood. They can be possessive of the family members they admire and look up to. They take special offense to anyone who tries to do them harm or insults them. Mars in the 4th house can take attacks on their loved ones very personally as though it were directed at them specifically. They are inclined to defend their honour and can be very courageous in their willingness to stand up for them. Furthermore, with this placement, individuals may often enter the military at some point either as a career or stepping stone to their ultimate goals.

Mars in House 4 also suggests involvement in real estate where action or violence takes place such as gymnasiums, stadiums, fitness centers, butcher shops, farms, warehouses and construction sites. Mars may also engender a taste in architecture that is strong-looking, dark and militaristic. They are attracted to things that convey power and sexual potency. People who have Mars in house 4 may take special pride in their roots especially if they are related to a great general or athlete. In their childhood, they may have been unruly, stubborn and difficult to rein in by their parents. It is likely they were exceedingly wilful and prone to throwing tantrums and conscriptions whenever they failed to get their way. At home, men and women with Mars in the 4th house tend to do what they want and are not especially conscientious about keeping up with the house chores. It is likely necessary for the other people who they share their home with to remind them and stay on top of them about performing regular upkeep around the home. Mars in House 4 makes you creative, enthusiastic & charming, which attracts the opposite sex. A positive Mars in the fourth house will make you determined & will empower you to rise again, when you fall in life, through your hard work & strength. Mars in this position can form Ruchak Yoga that will make you wealthy, prosperous & famous. You will be concerned about domestic affairs and ongoing ups and downs. You will forgive others easily and never dwell in the past. You tend to develop unwanted desires, being short-tempered and because of a lack of sufficient knowledge. You do not adapt to the situation and become furious if you are in an uncomfortable zone.

Mars in House 4 are protective of their family

Mars brings a lot of energy and fire to the house where it is placed in the birth chart. A fire can break out at any time. Where you find this planet, you can expect adversities and challenges. The fourth house is the house of home and family. If you have your natal Mars here, your house is not a peaceful place. This placement suggests that there were often quarrels in your childhood home or in some cases, even violence. Being at home was often a painful experience. You couldn’t display emotions safely, even though you were a sensitive child. If you have your Mars in House 4, one of your parents was probably very dominant. You perceived this parent from time to time as threatening and aggressive, someone who endangered your integrity. Their figure stayed with you for a long time. If you don’t work on replacing these patterns, you might become like this parent or choose a partner who is like them. People who have their natal Mars in House 4 usually don’t like the place where they grew up. As adults, they often move to a different city or country where they can be who they really are.

Mars in House 4 emphasizes the importance of independence. You strive to become independent from your family and culture. You work on building up your own personality and value system, replacing what you absorbed as a child. If you have your Mars in the fourth house, you want to make decisions on your own and you rarely let others interfere with your life. There is a strive for freedom with this placement. However, sometimes you don’t hear out some useful advice either. When you grow up, there are often quarrels in your own family, too. If you didn’t work on embracing your childhood challenges, these patterns follow you as an adult. You are often afraid expressing your emotions in a genuine way even when you grow up and raise your own family. Mars in House 4 people don’t like compromises. This can make your family life challenging. Your partner wants to participate in decision making, too, and they feel left out if you do everything on your own. Did you know that many people who have this placement like to build? It’s interesting that a lot of people with this placement build their own house or get involved with real estate. In astrology, the fourth rules your homeland besides your own home. People who have Mars in the fourth house are in some cases very patriotic, willing to fight for their country. When talking about Mars, you can’t neglect its dangerous side. This planet is fiery and ready to explode at any moment. The house of Mars in your natal chart tells where you can expect to face to danger. If you have your Mars in House 4, your home and family can be a source of adversities. There is violence in the family in some cases, and it’s the best to leave your home when you can. But Mars in the fourth house suggests some other kinds of danger, too. Depending on its sign, Mars can strike your home. If it is in a water sign (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), you can have problems related to water in some form, for example, flood. If Mars is in a fire sign (Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius), be careful around fire because this position of Mars can literally set your house on fire. Of course, these bad things don’t happen to everyone who has this placement, but better be safe than sorry.

Individuals having Mars in House 4 are very protective of their loved ones. They can feel anger very deeply and sometimes hide their feelings, making it difficult for others to know their real motives. They’re the passive-aggressive type, which can make them feel resentment, because they’re not expressing themselves directly when wanting something. They want an active family and can have many arguments with their spouse or children, because they’re very pretentious with them out of too much love. Their energy should be invested in domestic activities as this would relax them more. Relying on instincts, they can recognize manipulators, so no one can lie to them. They will want to be the leaders at home, so their family should allow for this to happen. What people with Mars in the 4th House should learn is to no longer wait for their negative feelings to pile up. It’s very likely they didn’t get along with their father if he has been too strict, aggressive and especially abusive. Mars will inspire action in them when they’ll be at a mature age, having them doing things slowly but steadily.

It is possible that there were some tragedies happening in your family before you were born.


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