Nazaudy, a spark in your curious mind

Mars in House 3

Mind and Intellect

With Mars in House 3 you have an incredible strong intellectual energy that continuously seeks expansion of your knowledge. You are always attracted to new ideas and you explosive mental energy gives you a rapid thinking which is great for debates and discussions. You seems to be always on a rush, and are unable to sit still or wait in patience. You have a burning desire to continue progressing through your educational studies for as far as you can, and are always engage studying or learning something new, and you always have the need to know all the answers to your spontaneous questions right on the spot. You tend to be both emotional and enthusiastic in your conversations, lively, warm and vibrant, being provocative and direct in your communication style.

You engage with your direct environment in a direct manner and have no fear of exploring that which you find interesting. You seek to challenge yourself mentally and enjoy puzzles or learning new languages and concepts. This position of Mars gives you a dynamic rapport with your siblings, cousins and neighbours, and you will always support them, being normal having agitated discussions with them but always healthy and in search of solutions. When travelling short distances, be mindful always of your speed and exercise always prudence, avoid at all costs to show off because it can lead to minor accidents.

 Vivacious, stubborn. In MA blindness, causticity